I don’t have anything to add. I’ll just refer you to my piece from yesterday. I spent most of the day in the fetal position on the couch, rotating between football and Netflix documentaries. Oh, and it was throw out the tree day. So I mourned the loss and threw my Christmas cheer on the curb.

Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:

The latest Philly fans are horrible beings story. Deadspin posted video of a Saints fan – gasp – getting spit on:

Not gonna condone spitting. But not sure the results would’ve been much different in any city had a screaming lunatic jammed his camera in losing fans’ faces and yelled let’s go to Seattle, who dat?! after a crushing loss.

Overzealous Eagles security guards?

Mike Vick still thinks he’s an NFL starter.

Here’s Tony Romo watching the Eagles game.

I continue to be disappointed by the Phillies’ new TV contract. Ryan Lawrence of the Daily News writes:

So the Phillies are on the cusp of going on a Los Angeles Dodgers-sized spending spree, right?

Not necessarily. The Dodgers’ deal with Time Warner, which came with the creation of a Dodgers-centric regional sports network, nets the team an average annual rights fee of an astronomical $320 million.

Other recent local TV rights deals include the Texas Rangers and FOXSports Southwest (average annual rights fee of $150 million), the Los Angeles Angels and FOXSports West (also $150 million annually) and the Houston Astros with CSN Houston ($80 million annually).

It might not represent quite a significant change as what has occurred in other markets,” Montgomery said of the affect the TV contract windfall would have on team spending. “But we continue to believe, thanks to the tremendous fan support, that we’ll continue to be one of the top five clubs in payroll each year . . . But, as we proved last year, payroll alone doesn’t guarantee success. We want to focus on making the best player decisions possible.”

It might not represent quite a significant change as what has occurred in other markets. No kidding. All of those teams got more guaranteed money (the Phillies will average $100 million per year over 25 years), some also received equity stakes (the Phillies’ in CSN is said to be 25%), and the Phillies deal, which kicks in in 2016, is backloaded. This is disappointing.

Villanova destroyed Providence.

Al Golden said he’s not a candidate for the Penn State job.

Eagles fans in a hot tub on Saturday:


pic via NBC

This is the most Philly thing ever. Also the most unsexy thing ever. Whose idea was it? “It was my sperm.” [Video]

The authority on complete nonsense:


Nick Foles: “We fight and we’re going to keep fighting.”

Erin Andrews talks about her tongue.

Craig Carton rips her.

Our favorite photographer, Kyle Grantham, describes what it’s like to photograph an NFL playoff game.


Our last episode of Crossing Streams was a good one. Phillies beat writer Kevin Cooney talked about the Phillies’ new TV deal (before we knew complete terms) and what they’re going to do, or not do, with all that money. Also, I’m pretty sure I predicted a 28-24 Eagles loss. Subscribe in iTunes.

Andy Reid’s post-game press conference from Saturday should make you feel better.