As expected, 97.5 (Greater Media) has released a statement about the email exchange Mike Missanelli had with a listener. He has been suspended for an unspecified period of time:

“We are aware of the email communications between Mike and one of his listeners.  This individual has been harassing Mike by email for several years, which is cause for concern, and we are working with Mike to try to identify this person and stop the abuse.   However, that does not excuse Mike’s conduct.  The content of his emails is unacceptable and does not reflect our values as a company.  Mike has been suspended and understands that future similar conduct will not be tolerated.”

I can confirm, from corresponding with the listener, that he has been emailing Missanelli for some time. The nature of his emails to Missanelli isn’t clear, but judging by the tone of the ones we’ve seen, it wouldn’t be surprising if they were of a baiting, trolling or harassing nature.

Jon Marks and Sean Brace are in for Mike today.