Audio: Mike Missanelli’s Apology, Explanation

Mike returned to the air today – ironically about 18 hours after Michael Sam came out – and addressed the email exchange with a listener that got him suspended last week. Certainly, this provides quite a bit of necessary context to the exchange.


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  1. His mistake was engaging the emailer, not his homophobia. *sigh* I’m not a regular listener but occasionally listen when I’m in town or just jonesing for some Philly sports talk. I knew that Missanelli was, um, retrograde when he once used the phrase “bless her little heart” in response to some writing by Ashley Fox (who now works for a national outlet). Misogyny? Check. Homophobia? Check.

    1. Reading the emails and listening to his claim that he was being clinical when addressing the homosexuality comments is laughable. I wonder If he will take one critical caller during this whole show.

    2. Once I got past “my mistake was engaging” and listened to the rest, I do feel some level of sympathy for him. If what he is saying is 100% accurate, it sounds like a high level of harassment.

      Still, the fact that he uses words like “homosexual,” “lifestyle,” and “tolerance” shows that he’s not totally in tune with LGBT issues.

    3. Agree that did not sound like a sincere apology at all. He blamed the other dude the whole time. What a phony.

  2. Thats what Greater Media gets for hiring a loose cannon that got canned twice before for acting like an asshole. I guess the Anger Management classes didnt work. St. Joes undergrad dean must be proud of his star prof.

  3. I think Mike Miss is an arrogant douche (he basically said he was), but if half of what Mike is saying is the truth, I feel a little bad for him. Getting harassed for years and to the level this was supposedly taken to isn’t really a laughing matter these days. It’s like it’s never happened.

    That being said, Mike’s gotta realize he can’t do what he did. It was the latent homosexual + therapy comment that got him in trouble.

    I think not responding to any emails/tweets because it’s not private is a little bit of a cop out. First off, all tweets are public info for the most part, so not any reason he couldn’t continue to tweet. And Mike should know every conversation he has could potentially become national news, this can’t be a revelation to him. Either he’s dumb or very naive.

  4. If this stuff he is saying is all true why didn’t he show the emails from the guy threatening him? I like how everyone assumes the stuff he is saying is true here.

    1. “I like how everyone assumes the stuff he is saying is true here.”

      Well, if you like it, then what’s the problem? (I like how everyone that uses the “I like how…” phrase means exactly the opposite.) D’oh!


  5. Not only that, but his comments were definitely a lot more than saying “you have a crush on me.” I am willing to assume 95% of this speech is bullshit.

  6. He had an unfortunate slip of the tongue. If you were harassed as much as he is (as many celebrities are), there comes a breaking point. Sure, he should have known that anything he says and does will always be scrutinized- he is a public figure.

    However those that are critical of Mikey Miss, you can’t tell me that you haven’t reached a breaking point and said something that was taken out of context or said in poor taste at any point in your life. We are human. We have emotions.

    I am sure he will learn from this. He isn’t dumb.

    I forgive Mikey Miss and will continue to be a listener of the program and the station.

  7. Mikey makes it almost a complete whitewash. His attempt to play amateur psychologist with the loser emailer is a testament to his colossal ego.

  8. Hahaha oh man this is priceless. He actually says we’re supposed to have fun talking about sports, and not resort to “this.” Yet he has no problem calling everyone who wants him to move on from Riley Cooper racist and telling them to “look within, bro.”

  9. Can we just get over this? I need to find out if Nick Foles is a Franchise quarterback. And I really want to know if Nick Foles is an Elite quarterback. I NEED ANSWERS!

    1. The hell with Nick Foles. When are we going to hear that the Phillies will be contenders this year with Byrd and the other geezers solidifying the lineup?


  10. The lovefest thats going on the radio right now is nauseating. I get youre gonna block the negative callers from getting through but jesus quit acting like Mike is the victim. Oh wow he was getting harassed. How hard is it to just delete an email that you dont want to read. We all get emails we dont want and delete them. If you felt so threatened you shouldve made it public t the police and anyone who would listen instead of replying like that. Besides Mayes and Kayal, noone on that station is listenable anymore. Missanelli defending himself is just wrong no matter how you look at it. He said the guy needed therapy for being gay. Regardless of who youre talking to, that kind of talk is wrong. And the station just gave him a slap on the wrist bc theyre too stupid to hire someone else to take over the most popular hours of the day which are bc its rush hour not bc of the hosts

  11. I’m glad Mikey Miss is back on the air and for the miserable people who bitch and moan about Mike my question to you is why listen to a guy that you losers claim to not like?

    1. i listen bc the alternative is somehow worse. Missanelli can be funny at times too. Jon and Sean were dreadful last week. But my point is that if anyone else did this, they would be fired immediately. Yeah i know were not high profile like him so why would we get that kind of harassment? Doesnt matter bc what he said was wrong no matter what. But instead of a real punishment, he got a slap on the wrist and like he just said on the air got to go on vacation to FL for the week. How horrible

  12. If Missanelli were smart, he would have lined up one of the busty local media babes as a guest, to distract the callers. It certainly always works with Crossing Broad commenters!


  13. I literally just heard Mike Miss say this, when referring to his “clinical” diagnosis of the serial emailer:

    “Do you have a sexual identity PROBLEM?”
    [3:49PM, when talking to a caller.]

    … he kinda said “problem” under his breath, probably knowing he just said something unbelievably insensitive. This dude doesn’t get it.

  14. as someone who is an active supporter of gay rights, and a proud friend to many “homosexuals,” I AM NEVER LISTENING TO THIS STATION AGAIN.

    This is coming from someone who would regularly listen to 97.5 for atleast 6 hours daily.

    What an nonprofessional douche.

  15. This guy is a super slow mo train wreck, he doesn’t get it cause he’s so outta touch with reality it’s unreal, Cocks are fuckin delish.

  16. Enough of this talk. I waiting for Mike to review this new movie that came out with John Cameron Swayze. It’s called Roundhouse. I heard it’s suppose to be pretty good. It’s about this guy that was killed,comes back as a ghost and haunts his wife.

  17. I like how mike just hung up on the last guy that called him a hypocrite after saying he would take both negative and positive calls. Interesting.I don’t mind Mike but these people who call in praising him like last week was the worst week of their life without him on the air are embarrassing.

    1. ^^^ That was the guy who was drawing a parallel between Missanelli’s inabilty to cut Riley Cooper any slack and him writing that latent homosexuality was something that required counseling.
      As soon as he called him a hypocrite he hung up on him!

  18. Serial emailer: “i’m a proud homosexual”
    Mike Miss: “well i hope this brings you some clarity”


    Are you serious?!

  19. The only think Mike Miss did that was wrong is he staked his name and reputation on being tolerant and open minded and talked down to anyone who appeared to be anything to the contrary. Now it turns out he likes to pick and choose when to be open minded and tolerant but don’t you dare call him a hypocrite. The guy is outside of his mind, time to shut him down.

  20. So pretty much he’s saying you people know what I say in public about homosexuals, so just disregard what I say in private b/c those emails were not intended for people to see. He was calling the guy a homosexual as if it were an insult. What he says in private contradicts what he says in public. Also, he tries to blame the guy (who is obviously a huge troll), but he didn’t produce any emails that he’s referencing that the guy sent him. He says on one hand the guy e-mails him that he’s a huge ladies man, but then in another e-mail the guy claimed to be homosexual so Mike was just being “clinical”. He just doesn’t seem very remorseful to me. I don’t think Mike did anything that was deserving of a suspension, but he is coming off as being disingenuous & I don’t really care for that.

    I will say that it would be awesome radio if the email troll called into the show today.

  21. thanks alot Kyle, now i get to listen to people bitch and moan about how they are like MIke instead of hearing people bitch and moan about Philly sports. Mikey Mush is gonna be back to normal tomorrow so hit the hotline and get one of those Stephen Singer roses for your wife for V Day. Riley Cooper is scum compared to me!!!!!!!!!

  22. So now Mikey can’t get into any email dialogues with listeners. That is a real shame.

    It stinks that some knucklehead out there had to ruin it. Just stupid.

  23. Enough of this crap. Where is the talk about a sitcom that has now been off the air for a longer period of time than it was on? After that an NCAA tournament style bracket of dead languages.

  24. Missanelli is a middle-aged man with the maturity of a teenager. On the radio, he appeals to grown men with the maturity levels of teenagers. I doubt he truly *hates* homosexuals, he’s just an idiot who appeals to the lowest common denominator of listeners. To people like him, calling someone gay is the ultimate insult. That’s what hurts someone-introducing the possibility that they might not be into chicks, bro! I don’t know how people are surprised by this, let alone outraged. We should just be embarrassed for him.

  25. I was also hoping that he would get rid of that god awful intro. I mean come on how old is that thing now. It wasnt good 2 years ago, its worse now.

  26. To me mike deleting his twitter b/c “now anything he says can be put into a public blog” is a bad move. He is pretty much admitting he has no self control and could fly off the handle again if someone pokes him. He preaches how we can’t always be “joe cool” and I get that but when you are a public figure just press the freaking delete button. Is it really that hard to do?


    1. Dude you seriously need to lay off the alcohol.

      Typing in all caps doesn’t make your unreadable gibberish any more understandable.

      My advice to you is to sleep off your obvious drunken state,and come back to CB when your hangover has subsided and no you drunk im not Mikey Miss.

  28. Mike Miss needs Jeffy Lurie to draft the fag out of Missouri.
    An hour with those two per week would draw as many flies
    as Druggy Dutchie.

  29. I was curious as to why Kyle haven’t reported more on this story after his first, and only blog on it. Word on the street is Mikey miss got ahold of him after the first blog and threatened Kyle within an inch of his life. Guess lil Kyle decided to let this story go!

  30. got into mikey miss when he was going against eskin, after a while, he became stale-the whole siefield act…64 candy bars, tuned over to cous, just laugh at his whole fake act, , glad i am working midshift, listen to music most of the time-is g-cobb really baba booey?

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