BULLETIN: 1980 Losing Men’s Olympic Hockey Goalie Lights Torch

The pose is a little something he picked up from the Americans

So Puuts didn’t have his girlfriend light the torch… he had her carry it around the stadium. The lighting duties went to Soviet goalie Vladislav Tretiak, a three-time Gold Medal winner. And one-time Silver Medal winner.


Is this how propaganda works? I could do this shit errrrday. I assume this will be the tone of NBC’s coverage, too. But for real, just buy a shirt.


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  1. He was taken out the game against the US after the first period. Vladimir Myshkin played the 2nd and 3rd periods and gave up the game winning goal.

  2. that was propaganda? what’s that make the flyers? who use every game to set up a cringe fest of clapping for vets

      1. it isn’t propaganda?

        noun – information, esp. of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

        1. I was lampooning American propaganda and the way we cover Olympics, not the Russians. Maybe it was a little too obscure

          1. Besides Kyle. the lack of coverage by NBC about the VAST multitude of problems revolving around these olympics is nothing but irresponsible reporting/propaganda FAVORING Russia by NBC, IMO. I have not heard them mention anything about the rampant corruption by Russian officials which led to them spending 50 billion on preparing (poorly for these Olympics), wherein the hotels are unfinished, there is a serious lack of basic amenities and furnishings, and where the cruel russian assholes have been inhumanely killing the friendly strays roaming the streets of sochi. Once NBC starts covering even some of these problems, I will respect them a fraction more. But as of now, I have absolutely no respect for NBC, and almost feel like they have received money from the Russian government to gloss over Sochi’s numerous problems (effectively acting as a Russian propaganda mouthpiece).

      1. No you re right aren’t you? Sweden or Finland was silver after losing to us in final I think.

      2. No, you’re correct. Kyle is wrong. USA beat Finland for the gold. USSR won bronze.

        1. Kyle is correct. Russia did win the silver medal. The tournament didn’t have the same format as it does now. The US needed to beat Finland to win the gold because they needed to have more points in the final group than Russia. Russia came in second and Sweden was third. Finland ended up fourth.

          Read a fucking book for once.

  3. In addition to shining in international championship play, Tretiak also habitually inspired himself to play his very best during exhibition games against NHL teams. In a game against the Montreal Canadiens on New Year’s Eve, 1975 – one that many hockey fans still consider the greatest goaltending performance of all time – Tretiak held the Habs to a 3-3 tie despite being widely outshot, 38-13. He was the MVP of the 1981 Canada Cup, leading the vaunted USSR to their first victory, and the following year turned in another standout series of games on the Soviet All-Stars tour of North America, the highlight of which was his 5-0 shutout of those same Canadiens in the Forum.

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