Dom Brown’s Dog was in Puppy Bowl

Voila_Capture1121 Voila_Capture1122Well, this is adorbs.

Dom Brown’s 12-week-old Pit Bull, Tyga (Cowboys fan?), was in Puppy Bowl last night. No truth to the rumor that little T was yo-yoed up and down between the dog park and puppy bowl seven times and in a way that was detrimental to his development, as a puppy football player. No truth to that rumor.

Video after the jump.

H/T to (@kmattio) with the Sporting News

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9 Responses

  1. Wonder if he’ll be proud if his purpose bred fighting dog’s genetic instincts kick in and the pit bull kills or seriously injures a human being or other normal pet.

    1. Pit Bulls, if they’re not bred to fight or abused, usually quite lovely pets. That’s an unfair comment.

      1. Uh. Okay Kyle. That’s why dogfighters use poodles? Pit bulls have killed 29 people in the US since 1/1/2013.

      2. Every Pit Bull I ever met was a big lovable baby. I think all dogs have the fighting instinct, it just depends on if it’s pushed onto them by their human owners or not. I’ve been bit by chihuahuas at least 6 times, never by a Pit.

        1. Pits bulls are strong and driven. Therefore people breed them to fight and they’re damn good at. And those are the dogs that kill people. But by nature they’re not killing machines. It’s like saying all 6’6, 220 lb strong men are cage fighters. They’re cage fighters because they’re built and trained a certain way.

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