Here’s a Statement from Mike Missanelli

Here’s a statement from Mike Missanelli provided by a representative:

I apologize to anyone I have offended with such a poor choice of words.  I am facing the consequences of those words. The person in question is a serial e-mailer who has been harassing me and threatening violence on me and my family for years, using countless e-mail addresses and computer servers to send his poisonous messages. Inquiries to discover his identity and have the law enforcement authorities deal with him have not thus far been successful. My response to him was a desperate attempt to get him to cease and desist, or at least discover the motivation for his hatred and obsession towards me.  Anyone who knows me or has ever listened to my show knows that I would NEVER cast aspersions on anyone’s culture or lifestyle.

Larry Mendte spoke with Missanelli via email for a story that appeared on Philly Mag’s website earlier today. In it, Missanelli says he has other emails from the listener he called a “homosexual” in which said listener admits to being a homosexual. Missanelli told Mendte he was “trying to be clinical with [the listener].”

But that might not be the most fascinating part of the article. Mendte, a convicted email hacker who leaked the contents of Alycia Lane’s email to gossip sites (!!!), spent multiple paragraphs shredding Deadspin for initially running the emails with only one side of the exchange:

The story was leaked to them by an Internet troll who has reportedly been baiting and heckling Mike Missanelli, a radio talk show host on 97.5 the Fanatic, for years. In the Deadspin story the troll is allowed to remain anonymous. Yet before running the story, Deadspin never reached out to Missanelli to get his side of the story. I know because I did reach out to him. It was easy and he responded immediately. It is a basic tenet of journalism to attempt to get both sides of the story.

So who deserves your condemnation more? The Internet gossip site that ignores the tenets of journalism to launch a personal attack in hopes of attention, an anonymous troll who selectively leaks emails after threatening a man and his family for years, or the man whose only real sin seems to be writing an ill-advised response and clicking the “send” button.

Wherever you stand on the Missanelli thing, I think we can all agree that Mendte’s hypocrisy is delicious.


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  1. Larry Mendte is a slimeball so of course he jumped all over this.

    I’d like to think this incident might humble Mike Miss a little bit, but we all know it won’t. Slap on the wrist and he’ll be back to berating people on Monday.

      1. I hacked your email account and found no such statement. I did however use the spam you got on enlarging your penis size. Thanks, Kyle.

  2. So where are the emails threatening violence on Missanelli and his family? Oh, he doesn’t have them? Oh. Gotcha.

  3. The problem was Mikey Miss’s ego. It got the best of him. Easier to turn the other cheek. I’m sure he is Riley Cooper’s biggest fan right now.

  4. I’d say “fire missanelli”, but that station is so bad it’s like who would they even replace him with?

    97.5 needs to be completely restructured. They should bring in John Kincade for the afternoon drive (he’d destroy “the cuz” in the ratings), have Bruno and Mayes go from 10-2, and bring Tom Byrne back from 6-9pm or 10. Say what you want about what happened with Tom Bryne, but he really was humbled & changed for the better after his incident. I remember he used to always respond when i texted in when they had the fanatic text board (which they should totally bring back by the way). He knew his stuff, and even though Martinez (or whatever the hell his names is) does a lot with the Flyers, Byrne offered a lot more as far as hockey talk than the current guy. Martinez says the same old crap – “gotta play the full 60 minutes” etc. At least Byrne was humble, and deferred when he wasn’t sure about something as opposed to standing his ground even though he knew he wasn’t right like an a-hole. They need a former player on 97.5 as a hockey analyst.

    1. “I’d say “fire missanelli”, but that station is so bad it’s like who would they even replace him with?”

      Big Daddy! He would fit right in at that snooze-fest.


  5. The first 10% of his statement is his apology and the other 90% is him defending his actions. So I think that shows how remorseful he is.

    I can’t stand mike a lot of the time. But I think he should own it and learn from it and not lose his job. After all, I think that is what most people think he should have said about Cooper. I don’t think it’s fair to judge him the way a lot thought he was judging Cooper. It will be very interesting to see how he deals with this on air.

  6. This apology is weak. As the commentor above mentions, he quickly gets his apology out of the way just to spend most of the statement defending why he said what he said. If 97.5 brings him back there’s gonna be a huge influx in dumped calls from people trying to bring up the hypocrisy of his words and him not wanting to talk about it or defend his hypocrisy. The sad part however is that I’d rather listen to him berate and insult people with nothing but slurs for 4 hours a day than that idiot Brace. Please, if someone with any connection to that station is reading this, can you ask the directors at 97.5 how the hell this guy seriously has a job as a radio host? He is the absolute worst person in all of media in the history of media! Someone nailed it in an earlier article that the fact that this clown is in his mid 30’s and lives in Manayunk with a roomate pretty much says it all. Just do whatever it takes to get this guy off the radio forever. Also, I’d really like to hear a serious and rational explanation from someone at the station as to how Brace is a good fit for radio….or anything for that matter.

    1. I agree, sean brace is the absolute worst. He should be putting my order together at wendys, not hosting a sports radio show.

    2. It is strange he has a job where good diction is an important skill. He has been tying to talk like a black guy for so long that his speech has become at times incoherent. I’ve also noticed he cannot pronounce the word “that”. He pronounces it “dat”. Yes, please send him back to serving drinks at a dive bar.

  7. I find it funny how every other comment is about how bad 97.5 is. I guess every one likes bad radio because if its so bad why are you listening????

    1. Sometimes 97.5 is the lesser of two bad options. Used to love 97.5 when it first started and actually didn’t mind Mike up until the whole Riley Cooper shit but I found myself turning over to WIP more and more on my lunch breaks simply because 97.5 is too stupid to put on their best during the most listened hours. Used to love Mayes and Bruno and it blows my mind that those guys get the late morning slot while the two idiots who know the least about sports get the lunch slot. As time has gone on I’ve come to despise Gargano just as much but I just can’t bear to listen to Brace whatsoever. I’m starting to think either Bruno refuses to work more than two hours a day at a time that allows him to wake up late and get home super early and it kinda makes me hate him in a way now. How the hell do Brace and Marks always take over for Mike when he’s out? They’ve gotta have dong shots of someone over in the 97.5 front office. Mind boggling.

  8. A lot of people jealous of Sean Brace I see. Hey I dont like certain hosts but what’s my option WIP?

    1. I don’t think its jealous of Brace , I mean the dude is a bald bartender who talks like a teenage white trash douchebag. I can’t imagine ESPN would be calling to bring him up to Bristol…

  9. The Mt. Rushmore of terrible sportstalk radio hosts:

    Phil From Mt Airy
    Sean Brace
    Anthony Gargano
    And last and certainly the least Josh Innes who is pesonally ruining the 6-10 slot at WIP.

    1. i can’t stop listening to Innes. I dont know if I like him or not, but it’s Stern-like entertainment that actually gets people under the age of 40 listening to sports radio instead of looking at twitter. I go out of my way to have it on while watching an evening game just encase some crazy shit starts going on. Everyone else on WIP says the same thing and is essentially the same person who just answers shitty questions asked by the people who have the time to wait on hold for 90 minutes. He is a young Eskin who will piss you off…but Eskin was the last person on sports radio i’d go out of my way to listen too (aka listen to when i am not driving)

      The only person currently with a different style is Ike who isn’t from Philadelphia and openly cheers for other teams (Lakers, Michigan State), doesn’t know that much about sports outside NBA/football…..all the stuff people claim to hate Innes for. Dont get me wrong I love Ike but now that football season is over it goes downhill until the draft.

      Its obvious that ratings are in the shitter if all of these drastic changes such as not giving Macnow anything close to his old salary and bringing in a drastic guy like Innes who got some great ratings in the afternoon slot before falling-out with his co-host.

  10. Mike f’d up ok point blank end of story. He’ll be back on and there’s nothing you or I can do about it. I see poeple keep mentioning Kincade…..who? If he was so great why hasn’t either station went out and grabbed him yet? Crickets…. some of you probably never listen to him before.

  11. I dont like Phil from Mt. AIRY so I dont listen to his show if I turn and he’s on. what’s so hard about that? Go buy a Sirius/Xml and listen to some national sports talk and you’ll jump off a bridge.

  12. Nobody cares about flyer talk until the PO If they even make it. That’s why you hate mike. He gives you stepfords ratings numbers that you can’t stand. You take it personal which is embarrassing. I used to go to games back in the spectrum but today’s flyer crowd is scary. Total drones.

    Bottom line: The majority of sports radio listeners are not interested in ANY flyer talk.

    The flyers market is small. It’s maybe 30k. Deal with it.

    1. Such an ignorant statement. The Flyers have a huge following. YOu must of missed the orange and black all over the Staples Center against the King, and in Anaheim as well. I guess the same people go to the games every night bc they sell out every night too. The only reason you think they dont have a big following is bc of Missanelli. He calls Flyers fans stepfords but you Missanelli fans are the stepfords slurping up anything he tells you every day

      1. That’s the problem. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy with you dopes, Selling out the building with drones who keep Ed snider rich and the flyers always looking for that elusive cup. Flyers fans are easily the most embarrassing group in this city. And that’s why you hate mike. All the other radio hosts cater to eagles/phillies talk but you never call them flyer haters. It’s pathetic. delco trash.

        1. Explain to me how going and supporting a Flyers team that is in a 39 year Cup drought is so horrible. But going to a stadium that is ridiculously priced to watch a football team who had never one a Super Bowl isn’t? It’s called being a fan. The Eagles haven’t even come close to winning except for 1 year almost 10 years ago. But there you people are year after year thinking it’s the Eagles time. And I’m an Eagles fan too. But not delusional enough to think they have a shot to beat the top teams now. So supporting a team in a drought isn’t beigna step ford it’s called being a fan

    2. I’d actually love to listen to flyers talk, especially if its from Missanelli since he calls out the stepfords, which is not only factual, but hilarious. the worst is startare. During the carnival, I almost vomited in my mouth with how much he was sucking up to the organization.

  13. Stupid statement from a stupid person. Theres no reason hes not being fired. hes an asshole to everyone, not just this JJ kid. He constantly insults his co workers, his listeners, and his twitter followers. He has no respect for the audience that allows him to have a job. This incident wont change him at all. Hes still going to put down any person that disagrees with him. If anything this will make him worse because if hes not getting fired for this then hes got free reign to do whatever he wants. The 2-6 time slot is the most popular, not bc of the host, but bc its rush hour for people coming back from work. Anyone would succeed especially going up against that fake Philly accent slob at WIP.

    1. Well said. This isn’t going to change him one bit. He probably thinks he’s justified in what he did because this emailer was “harassing” him. If it was such a harassment, then why the fuck did he reply so many times? If the emailer was “threatening” him and his family, then why did Mike tell him when he was having family dinner and where/when he was going away on vacation?

      Some other reporters should look into this claims. I want someone to contact local law enforcement and ask if anyone actually made them aware of these “threatening” emails before the Deadspin story broke.

  14. I wish there was something more to this city than underachieving teams, newspeople gossip and murder. At least we have good weather.

  15. Question for everyone who’s commented…

    How many of you were offended by what was written?
    How many of you will never listen to him again?

    1. I am not offended, but it was wrong. I will still listen to 97.5 because i can’t stand the cuz anymore. I listened for years and finally can’t take him anymore. The constant talking about his kid and his stupid ads were borderline retarded. Brace is awful, and Marks doesn’t deserve the afternoon slot. Bruno and Mays aren’t the best, but they should get the afternoon drive for now until a better replacement, or Mikey Miss comes back.

  16. I was a fan of Mike, but now that is gone. How can he try and defend that. If 97.5 brings him back it will ruin the station. They need to cut and run. If the emails do not make it to the big news he will be back. What a shame.

  17. I just love that he has been bumped off his high horse. He spent months dumping all over Riley Cooper like his sh*t don’t stink. Now look who is the arrogant moron now. LOL. Choke on it Mikey Mis.

  18. I can only forgive Mike MIss if he sucks Riley Cooper’s dick, and he has to swallow to show he is really sorry. I think that would be fair for using him as the whipping boy for intolerance the last 6 months when he is no better.

  19. Just wanna second the opinion Sean Brace is the most unlistenable douche bag I’ve ever heard on a radio dial. Talks like a wigger, knows absolutely nothing about sports, and can’t even understand the pop culture references thrown out by Marks. Seriously what is he supposed to be good at?

    1. Unfortunately Sean Brace will be on for the week so its either fake South Philly toughguy Anthony Gargano on WIP or Marks and Brace on 97.5 so basically you have to pick your poison.

      1. I cannot take the Cuz and, like most people, find Brace annoying. Guess, I will see if 660 am works on my way home.

        1. Its called Google Play All Access. Time to catch up on some music backlog. I think its Elvis Costello from the 70’s to start…

  20. Brace is on air because they weren’t sure Marks could handle the slot on his own. Mike Miss will be back after a few days because, in the end, this is not that big a deal. Sorry. Plus, he gets the ratings and they have no one who can even come close right now. It will be funny to hear people troll him constantly on the gay thing.

  21. Wow. Missanelli apologetic to keep his job. When you are at the bottom of the job totem pole and realize you are one step away from Hugh Douglasville, you will do or say anything to stay employed.

    A disingenuous phony who real persona was in those emails. What about the email as to.the hatchet and the guy. When I think about what detests me about Philly, Missanelli is in the Rogue’s Gallery of reprobates of Cataldi, Morganti and others.

    1. You can add the new guy on WIP Josh Innes to the mix,he is a young Howard Eskin in the making.

  22. I used to like Mike MIss but his show has lost its way as his ego has grown. He has spent less time on real sports topics and now it turns out he is a bigoted hypocrite (wasn’t he attacking Riley Cooper for something similar?). Even worse is now Sean Brace is polluting the airwaves for 4 hours a day with his bad black guy imitation speech and next to no knowledge of sports. Sorry Fanatic, I’m tuning out after Harry Mayes’ show is over.

  23. Is he actually trying to say that he was simply calling him a homosexual as a diagnosis? That’s actually fairly funny. I mean, i think calling him a homosexual is a little funny because it reads to me like, “If you’re harassing me it must be because you wanna fuck me.” Not sure if he is rationalizing or if he literally thinks so much of himself that he thinks he’s irresistible to this guy but the dudes only backpedaling because PR.

    1. And you sir, don’t know when to use an apostrophe!


  24. It’s funny about Mikey Miss, he calls everyone a racist who was upset that Chink’s Steaks changed their name meanwhile he takes his homophobic rant over the top in those e-mails. Why is he responding to the e-mails in the first place. That was his public e-mail address. I’m sure he has private e-mail addresses for his friends and business acquaintances. If I give out my e-mail address I can expect crazy e-mails from wackos. Mike just has to engage his listeners with his e-mail and twitter accounts. His pompous ass attitude brings him what he deserves. 97.5 knows without him the station goes down the tubes so he isn’t getting fired. If anything he forced WIP to dump Glen Macnow as they were clutching straws anyway they could to try to get higher ratings by promoting Rob Ellis. They must be doing dances over there with the Mikey Miss suspension.

  25. agree with foot-love bruno/mayes, go to cous to listen to his bad south philly act, kiss all ass, the whole sports radio is bad, go to francesser-thats how he pronounces it, every now and then-wip stale-97.5 not much better-they are trolling for things to talk about-g-cobb most likely the worst of everyone except for big plug daddy

  26. Kyle,

    Does the mother ship in Bristol have enough affiliate pull to give Missanelli a pink slip ? I would think that when something like this comes across a top execs desk in Bristol, and he finds out about Mikes past history of bad behavior, he’s history ??

    Tony Kornheiser got a suspension to commenting on Hannah Storms legs.

    1. Kornheiser is on national TV and is well known. Mike Miss outside of Philly is a complete unknown and so the damage to ESPN is very minor. Hell, I would be suprised if they called up to Bristol to report this and they even knew who Mike Miss was.

    2. Bill B-
      From what I understand…ESPN corporate or anything in Bristol (, etc), has absolutely zero to do with keeping or dropping Mike Miss.

      97.5 is owned by Greater Media corp, not ESPN or Disney. 97.5 either pays $ to air Mike and Mike (to fill space) or ESPNRadio buys their timeslot from Greater Media so they can say “we have Philadelphia…please give us more money Subway.” (Not really sure who pays who, but it is simply as a 3rd party business partnership….as one does not own the other.)

      Now…if ESPN was afraid of some negative affiliation (being on the same channel as a guy on the station), maybe they would threaten to end the partnership, but that would have to be a real extreme situation.

      So, if LGBT orgs started protesting outside of Greater Media’s offices, or out in front of its largest advertisers, nothing will change.

      [Sending an email to Nahagian or whoever runs that station will do nothing. It would take open protests in front of 97.5’s biggest sponsors to make changes in the lineup. If you are a business or property owner who spends money to advertise, but it only brings you protestors ticking off your residents (IE- Dockside) or your customers (IE- Smith’s Bar)…well only that will create change. That, and/or crazy changes in ratings.]

  27. Look, I don’t give a rats ass what either of these incredible douche nozzles has to say. At all. Fuck them, the horse they rode in on, and the gay guy who most likely deserved everything he got.

  28. For you guys who thinks ESPN can do something about Mike, THEY DONT OWN THAT STATION!!! Do your research. And while you’re at it can someone explain to how Sean Brace tries to talk “Black”??

  29. I have the perct solution to all this, here it is…. DONT LISTEN TO EITHER STATION AND YOU WON’T HAVE ANYHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT!!! There will always be someone on both statins that you won’t like. There are no perfect radio/tv stations.

    BTW Kacie Mcdonald or Brittney Shipp who ya got???

  30. Stupid statement from a stupid person. Theres no reason hes not being fired. hes an asshole to everyone, not just this JJ kid. He constantly insults his co workers, his listeners, and his twitter followers. He has no respect for the audience that allows him to have a job. This incident wont change him at all. Hes still going to put down any person that disagrees with him. If anything this will make him worse because if hes not getting fired for this then hes 


  31. Got fired from All American Burger, now they are making me wear this pirate hat. Riley Cooper, Pot calling Kettle.

  32. I too have a bunch of derogatory email he sent me, put on my KKK ROBE, come to his radio show and he will KICK MY ASS, he called me a faggot, etc.All because I disagree with him being so liberal ! He wanted Riley Cooper fired and ran that for a MONTH STRAIGHT !


    1. Gonna call bull on this unless you can produce the e-mails. If he was going to drop the “f” word then he probably would have done it in his emails with the other guy. You’re full of it.

      1. I think he did drop F-bombs on the JJ guy. I believe there were a couple in those exchanges….

        1. FIRE MISSINELLI NOW February 5, 2014 at 1:18 pm
          “he will KICK MY ASS, he called me a faggot, etc.”

          That’s the “f-bomb” I was alluding to. The “FIRE MISSINELLI NOW” guy’s above post.

          I didn’t see Mike Miss call the guy a “f**got” in any of the e-mails posted on here or on deadspin, so I doubt he used that word emailing anybody else. If this guy who had been trolling him for so long didn’t get him to use it, than I doubt he threw it around in emails to this guy.

          I think this guy is full of bull & has no such e-mails from Mike Miss. If he is gonna make claims like this then he should send the e-mails to Kyle, otherwise he’s full of shit. Produce the e-mails or GTFO

  33. Ok…I was thinking the other “f bomb”…my bad. What were your thoughts on the “ax into your head” email? Do you believe that happened, or giving MikeMiss the benefit of the doubt on that one?

    Top 10 Worst on the air right now (god this is tough):
    1) The Cuz. How did this guy ever get put on air in a major market. Should be working construction somewhere.
    2) Missanelli Has gone from one of my favorites (5 yrs ago) to the absolute worst. I don’t even think he follows/watches/listens to sports anymore. Too jaded.
    3) Cataldi Speaks for itself. Terrible. Annoying.
    4) Bruno. Same as Missanelli, but with ridiculous soundbites to fill time.
    5) Innes Compelling, and have had a hard time turning him off when he is, but why all the yelling. I hope this guy is replaced soon.
    6) Brace. Liked him more a year ago….least I laughed more (at him, not with him). Now its painful.

    Need more of:
    Macnow actually watched and talked sports.
    Byrne was a good listen (and of course, gone now)
    Marks and Mayes
    Rob Ellis
    Spike Eskin has shown potential (to be entertaining), and is definitely on top of his sports knowledge and nothing like his dad (thank god.)

    1. Hey Mr “than what about”(whatever that means). Good thing you’r not programming a sports station or you’d be on Obama’s unemployment list and trolling people waiting for welfare checks.
      The list of guys you think would make a good radio station is pretty much guys have had already had solo time slots and been part of a team and have failed. Macnow is a failure and a douchenozzle(from what I hear), Spike Eskin is even worse than his dad. Agree on “Cuz”. This guy should be selling produce in the Italian Market in front of a barrel burning pallets. WIP has a dozen fill in guys who only get to host weekends or in obscure shifts and none would ever carry a legit timeslot. Innes is a failed Houston schlockjock and proof WIP has tried to compete against Flyers/Sixers with garbage and thinks this will get buzz. 97.5 has wasted a talent like Bruno on a meaningless 2 hour slot. Don’t know if it’s his call or what appears to be an obvious attempt to force Marks and Brace down the throats of the brain dead Philly radio slug that they are the “new” fresher hipper sound Philly needs in the future? With 2 sports stations to split the sports pie, it appears 97.5 is content to take almost half of it and be happy since Greater Media already dominates with MMR and MGK demos. It also appears they think hanging their hat on a troubled soul like Missanelli will work, until he physically assaults someone again and finally becomes impossible to hire anywhere.

  34. Do any of you people use TuneIn to bounce around between other shows, whether it be National or other cites? Every since the Fanatic went do far downhill, I use TuneIn to bounce over to SVP & Russillo, Gottlieb, Rome, or what the hosts in other cities are talking about? Now, I’m probably listening to non-Philly shows 80 percent of the time, 15% The Fanatic, and 5% WIP.

    Kind of shocked so many of you seem to spend so much time listening to stuff you hate.

    1. I hate NY teams and couldn’t care less about any team outside of Philly and I listen to more Francesca and Rome than any of these asswipes.

  35. I don’t understand folks making a comparison to Riley Cooper and Mikey Miss. Riley went over the top using insulting language, whereas Mike used the term to actually identify the sexual nature of an individual. Sad, but Mikey doesn’t realize he was baited into his reaction, and he must now pay the piper. In this PC society folks must be ever careful as to how they speak and treat others not like themselves, particularly in a public work place.
    As for Josh Innes, he is a breath of fresh air on the Philly airwaves. Most callers are very provential, and are only willing to discuss all things Philadelphia. WIP and 97.5 is for sports fans in general and not just a forum to discuss the constant malaise our sports teams fall into. If it’s Super Bowl week, I don’t want to hear about the sorry Sixers or Flyers. Outside of the Phillies the other three sports teams haven’t won a CHIP since 1960 (Eagles) 1975 (Flyers) and 1983 (Sixers). Get over it and stopped deluding yourselves that you’re NY, Dallas, LA, Miami, Boston or Chicago. I hope Josh stays in Philly and teach you faux fans what talking real sports is all about.

  36. Hey ” B “, I mean Mikey, nice try defending youself under the B name but, guess what, I have emails too. Pretty much same thing, im a bitch, he/you will kick my ass, im a queer, etc.

    I wont send them to Kyle, I WILL WALK THEM IN TO 975 AND HAND THEM TO THE BOSS – B

  37. Misanelli is an arrogant asswipe who loves to snicker at comments made by callers, making him feel good about himself. I blame anybody who sucks up to this asshole during their call. They’re either cowering to a self absorbed loudmouth, or half no self respect. Missanelli is a no class slime ball, who makes a living batting in self righteous hypocrisy. This nitwit has become a small time big shot that the national people laugh at after they Google the idiot

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