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I refuse to make the joke that this isn’t the first time Pizza Hut has cut a check to someone from West Chester University. But I’m sure some asshole will.

Pizza Hut, who was in no way involved in the $10k challenge during halftime of a West Chester basketball game on Saturday, has offered to pay Jack Lavery the $10k he won but didn’t really win.

Lavery tweeted the direct message response from the pizza giant:

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And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you do social media. Best $10k ad buy ever. From Book It in grade school to $10k giveaways in college, Pizza Hut has you covered. You don’t see Papa John doing this shit.

I truly can’t believe West Chester doubled down on their stance. It’s not that much money. Plus I’m sure there was a sponsor or insurer who would’ve covered it. And even if not, bite the bullet not to take the PR backlash. Silly. Instead, Pizza Hut has won hearts and minds.

In related news, Pizza Hut, I had a $10k advertiser back out of a signed contract with me. It’s very sad. Want some more pub??

via NJ.com, (@Hinderererererer)