Voila_Capture1078 Voila_Capture1079Delco Times reporter Dennis Deitch is reporting that it is a done deal– both Matt Stairs and Jamie Moyer will join Phils broadcast booth:


Awesome. I like it. Stairs is the everyman, Moyer is your dad.

Todd Zolecki adds some detail:

It is unclear how the Moyer-Stairs combination will work alongside play-by-play announcerTom McCarthy. They could share time in the booth like Wheeler and Matthews (Wheeler broadcast six innings, while Matthews broadcast three), they could split games, or they could both be in the booth at the same time with McCarthy.

We spoke to Stairs two weeks ago about working in the media.

UPDATE: Matt Gelb reports each will do 100 games, with 30 games consisting of a three-man booth. Cool. My guess is if that goes well, we see more three-man booth next season.