Voila_Capture 2014-02-20_08-30-24_AMThe Phillies released a terse statement about their involvement in ratting out draft pick Ben Wetzler to the NCAA. Wetzler will be suspended for 20% of his team’s games.

The statement, via Matt Gelb:

“The Phillies did participate in the NCAA investigation and a ruling has been issued. We believe it is inappropriate to comment further on either the negotiation with the player or the action taken by the NCAA.”

The Phillies have the worst PR department of any sports team in the city. Not even close. Can you think of another local team that has continually tried to fuck a buttery beach ball the way the Phillies have the last couple of years? They’re always behind the story and trying to cover up silly little missteps. Like the 24-7 news cycle doesn’t exist. Like it’s 19 fucking 92. All of the information used to come from us and was leaked to cooperative reporters in dimly lit hotel bars on long road trips! How are people getting all this news now?!?!?! WHY DO THEY KNOW THINGS?