This is the Video Shoot that Almost Killed Angelo Cataldi

This is the spoof Angelo Cataldi and the WIP team were filming when Angelo choked on a piece of steak and had to be saved by Spike Eskin.

That cheesesteak actually looks really good.



9 Responses

  1. The fuck? Id let him choke if i knew this was the outcome…. This is why we cant have nice things Philly

  2. He and his big mouth are a real blight on the city. I wish we had a really good professional sports radio team on in the morning instead of this group of clowns. They should just organize Wing Bowl and other “events” and leave the sports talk to experts.

  3. three no talents, rhea, al, angelo wtf how are these people making money?, was that supposed to be funny?

    1. Totally agree and then he portrays himself as this ladies man, when in reality he is a minimum wage making bald a-hole who kisses Angelo’s ass for a living.

  4. really wish that floor below those homosexuals collapsed so we dont have to look at or hear from those people ever again.

    but seriously, every person in that video sucks.

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