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This is a paper that was written by an UNC athlete. It was released yesterday by Bryan Armen Graham. He is from Philadelphia. He writes for Sports Illustrated two. The paper was the only required paper for this class. It shows that UNC athletes don’t take real classes. It has no paragraph breaks. Here is part of a article written by a former UNC student in 2012. She took this same class at UNC in 2002. She claims it was hard:

In the Spring of 2001, I enrolled in what was then called AFAM40 (The Black Experience Until 1865) and in the Fall of 2002 (The Black Experience After 1865). I made A’s in both classes, and I will say that comparatively they were easier than most of my other classes. My AFAM 40 professor, Dr. Barbara Anderson is still on staff in Chapel Hill.

I remember our exams being similar to other liberal arts major exams. There were a few multiple choice questions, a few IDs and then an essay. It was in this class that I first learned about Denmark Vesey and his rebellion in Charleston, SC. It was your pretty standard introductory course for African American history. However, I believe I found it easier than most not because of the course material and difficulty but because of my gifted high school history teachers as well as my innate love for American History.

After having success in AFAM 40, I decided to take the subsequent course AFAM 41. I know for a fact that there were football players in this class because they were in attendance. I can also say that they paid attention. They made comments in class and countered some of the arguments that I made. We were assigned a 10-15 page paper at the end of the course, and it was one of the most enjoyable classes I took at UNC. I even had my AFAM 41 professor, Dr. Gerald Horne, write one of my graduate school recommendations. Dr. Gerald Horne is a renowned and prolific author who is currently chair of the African American studies program at the University of Houston. I was very active in his class discussions, and he countered my sometimes outlandish comments with, “Oh C’mon Miss Biddix.”

At some point between 2002 and now, the class became not hard. It became an easy way for athletes to become edumacated. The UNC athlete received an A- on this paper. The end.

UPDATE: People are emailing and tweeting me pointing out my errors in the post. They were… intentional. You know, making fun of the paper. Never mind. Here’s a picture of a cat:

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