Don’t Worry, Wayne Simmonds is Planning on Dunking Against the Globetrotters

Voila_Capture 2014-03-07_12-05-41_PMI have it at +400 that either Claude Giroux or Wayne Simmonds tears an ACL on Sunday and we have one of the biggest clusterfuck stories in Philly sports history. #dontbeageneral.

They say they’re playing, but only for a few minutes.

Look at the Flyers interns walking by at around the 10 second mark. Always the strictest hiring requirements at 3601 South Broad.

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3 Responses

  1. Is Panaccio seen walking at the end of that video?

    How about Tim Panaccio? What a joke.

    Whenever I catch him on Sportsrise he’s like a deer in headlights. He can barely formulate sentences, looks at and off camera, and has absolutely no confidence. And this is suppose to be CSN’s expert? Christ sakes. This morning he had on a CSN polo shirt and nylon jacket… it looked like Sportsrise was interviewing the cable repair man and not some “Flyers Expert”.

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