Photo credit: David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Of course, Rollins always comes out swinging. HEYYO.

Jimmy Rollins and Ruben Amaro both responded today to Buster Olney’s report yesterday that the Phillies might try to trade their shortstop. Writers Region one seed has the details:

“Because I can’t be traded,” he said before leaving for Dunedin to play the Blue Jays. “It doesn’t matter. I don’t care which way it is tried to be twisted or said, or if it is exactly how it was said, or even if it was said, I can’t be traded. It doesn’t matter. If I was tradable it may have weight because that means I could be moving soon. But I am not tradable and so it doesn’t matter.”

Amaro repeatedly called any suggestion the Phillies want Rollins out “silly” or “silliness.”

“Absolute silliness,” he said. “Jimmy Rollins is our shortstop. One of the ways we’re going to be able to win is with Jimmy being Jimmy. … We have no intention of moving Jimmy. We need Jimmy to play for us to win. It’s as simple as that.”

This season is so much fun already.

Completely unrelated to anything in this post: I swear to Giroux I’m being attacked. A stink bug just fell between me and my computer. Heart skipped a beat. For real. This happens like once a day in the fall and spring. It’s dead quiet in here until bzzzzzzzz zap right next to me. If I just randomly stop blogging one day, call 911. A stink bug will have scared me to death.

That said, my dog is an absolute SB assassin. Last night, me and Ms. CB are lying in bed and one buzzes its way into the corner. Dog gets up, goes into corner, GETS STUNKED, but never relents and finishes off the thing with a paw-mouth combo the likes of which would frighten Katniss Everdeen. Leaves it for dead and exfiltrates back to her bed. SEAL Team 6 isn’t that efficient. I’m surprised she didn’t dump its body in a puddle in the yard before anyone could ask questions. I’ve never been more proud of her because she’s such a guuud wittle girl.