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The Phillies posted their lineup card to Twitter today (something that I’m sure would enrage Flyers beat writers) and, well, it’s pretty simple to understand. There are nine batters and one pitcher because they’re playing at an American League ballpark. Domonic Brown is the DH, which means he won’t play the field. That “7” next to Tony Gywnn Jr.’s name (yes, we’ve already reached that point of the season) means he’s playing left field. Jimmy Rollins, who made it to Dallas, will bat second because Ryne Sandberg has the balls to put him where he belongs. All standard fare. Unless you’re Howard Eskin, who engaged in one of the weirdest Twitter exchanges I’ve seen.

Eskin misread the card and thought Gwynn was the DH, not Brown. He was corrected by Dennis Deitch of the Delco Times. Confusion ensued:

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You’ll notice at the end Eskin tweeted a link to an obscure Phillies’ private media-only Twitter account (because for some reason it makes sense to have a private account that gives public information to only a select few). They never accept my request to follow, since giving Philly’s biggest sports blog news and other information would be a real detriment to business. They must get annoyed when I keep requesting. Wouldn’t it be a shame if a bunch of people requested all at once (@PhilsMediaInfo)?