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Photo via Laura Goldman

On this day, the day we learned that CSN is raising their rates to cover their $2.5 billion deal with the Phillies, I thought I’d take a moment to share with you the progress on co-owner John Middleton’s and Ryan Howard’s Florida mansions.



This comes to us via Laura Goldman, who has obtained some photos of construction on Middleton’s absurd Palm Beach house. From Goldman:

The Middletons have been building a mansion on the northern end of the island of Palm Beach, Florida for the last 3 years. Much to the chagrin of neighbors, who including the Duponts, the construction noise at the house might continue into 2015. Progress on the mega mansion is proceeding slowly because Palm Beach enforces strictly, especially during the season, the time each day that the contractors are allowed to work

The oceanfront property boasts a large main house, two guest houses, servant quarters, and 10 car garage to store Middleton’s antique car collections. As one neighbor noted, “The house is so big that the guest house has a guest house.”

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Photo via Laura Goldman

You can see more pics here.


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Pic via reader Greg

Pic via reader Greg

Meanwhile, The Big Piece’s mansion— coming along nicely.