Voila_Capture 2014-03-05_11-48-35_AMI can’t imagine that anyone under 45 still watches David Letterman. Just seeing this clip after two weeks of watching Fallon makes me cringe. But here’s Letterman’s Top Ten last night, which was all about Steve Keeley and his snow plow incident:

Top Ten Thoughts Going Through This Reporter’s Mind at This Moment

10. Hey that snow almost hit me.

9.  I blame Obama.

8. Usually snow plow drivers are a little more courteous.

7. My outfit is ruined.

6. Get my consultant to tell that snow plow driver he is a jerk.

5. Well it was worth it to show our viewers what a snow plow look like.

4.  I must have pissed off Governor Christie.

3.  This is still better than working for Letterman.

2. Snowblow me.

1. Help me Winter Jesus!

I laughed at number 3, maybe 4. That’s it.

Terribly unfunny video after the jump.

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