The Penguins’ #AskNeal Twitter Hashtag Went Horribly Wrong

Voila_Capture 2014-03-25_10-54-47_AM

Or spectacularly right, depending on your viewpoint.

Hockey fans – but mostly Flyers fans – took over the Penguins’ little Twitter pow wow yesterday with cheap shot artist James Neal, whom you may remember from the time he nearly took Sean Couturier’s head off:


A simple attempt at a fun get-to-know sesh, #AskNeal quickly turned into hilarious bashing of everyone’s second least favorite Penguin. See the Tweets after the jump.

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145 Responses

  1. The guy who said “if you opened a bar how cheap would your shots be?” Wins the internet

    1. Everyone else should have just quit right there and re-tweeted that one. That was perfection.

      So strange that we no longer think of Matt Cooke as the primary cheap shot artist on the Pens.

    2. “#AskNeal are you the type of guy that plays NHL 14 and skates around after whistles and hits everyone?”

      I died.

    3. Except for the fact that Neal responded to him, and the guy apologized, pretending he thought it was Chris Neil.

  2. This one was my favorite…..Hi, @Penguins. My 10 year old didn’t bring the trash out should I knee her or cross check her face off of her face. #AskNeal

  3. So many good questions. My favorite, “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could cross check someone in the face?” High comedy.

  4. “A train leaves NYC traveling at 97 mph, another train leaves LA traveling at 76 mph, when do you headshot the child riding coach?”

    Fucking Gold hahaha

  5. is it too late to add my own? if not…..why did your wife say yes?!?! did you get down on one knee and knee her with the other? #askneal

  6. the guy who put, How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could cross-check a guy to the face.. wins the internet.

  7. Anyone else tired of all the d Jac talk on sports radio???
    Almost as irrating as josh from Pottstown calls

    1. In a related story: win and losses come and go, but James Neal will always be a douchebag.

      1. No trophy for that. It’s about who’s the only team left at the end, and FIRST PLACE is the easiest path to the cup.

        1. How’d first place in the division work out for you last year?

          And you KNOW you want no parts of the Flyers in the playoffs this year.

          1. How’d the last 39 years of not winning a single Stanley Cup go? 1975 bitch tits

        2. Remember last year? 4 games.. 4 wins.. couldn’t even get a lead.. out scored 12-3 in 4 games.. Strong work there Squid

          1. That’s f’n hilarious!
            Responds to ‘Sidney Crosby’ as ‘Patrice Bergeron’.
            In like a… lamb… out like a lamb.

    2. I remember when the lockout saved my hockey team.

      1. So? How many cups do Pittsburgh and Philly each have since then?

        Then shut up!

        1. Don’t matter how many cups each team has. What matters is your last cup has been in 09 and you won’t be winning another any time soon. Especially under Bylsma. Atleast the Flyers now finally have a team that is solid enough to win a cup. How does a team with all the superstars it had in the 12-13 season only score 3 goals in 4 games?

    3. You know Pittsburgh is a fine sports town when the Jacksonville Jaguars outdraw your football team several years in a row. All hail 30th ranked die hard steeler nation, yo

      1. Jacksonville… Jacksonville… Ohh yes, isn’t that the place where your Eagles bit the big one in the super bowl?

        How many have the Eagles won? I think the Steelers have won more than the Eagles, but I’m not sure, since I don’t follow football that much.

        You philly dopes are just too easy to stir up, what with your jealousies and your low self-esteem.

        1. Jealous is scouting opponents online like a creepy little cock slapper. You play this awesome game online, and not in person because you’re afraid I’ll steal that bag of dicks from the truck of your civic and beat you with it.

          Championships are fun, I know. In fact it’s the best thing for a fan to celebrate.. except we have little to no control over the teams success. What we do have control over is showing up to games, and for that, you have failed in football, baseball, and especially hockey. I can’t imagine arguing with Kansas City Pens fans though. They’d probably enjoy hockey for more than a few years at a time.

          1. You make no sense dude. Pittsburgh is far superior to Philadelphia in football and hockey. And even with no basketball team, Pittsburgh still comes out ahead of Philly.

            The best you dopes can do is to post the same old tired insults involving cocks and so forth? Probably because it is fresh in your mind.

            As I’ve said earlier,

            1. I make allowances for you jealous flyers fans, since your beloved Eric Lindross never achieved the same status, and that continues to eat at you.

            2. You philly dopes are just too easy to stir up, what with your jealousies and your low self-esteem

            Unless you can up your game intelligently, why do you even bother to continue commenting? You just make yourself look foolish, and contribute to the nationwide impression that Philly fans are dopes.

          2. Only thing you stir is rufilin in your girls crystal lite. While you pat yourself on the back for basically getting replies to remind you why you’re awkward, you dismiss the fact that Pittsburgh has grown so apathetic, they rank 30th in football attendance behind some notable die hard sports towns like Miami, San Diego, and those famous Jags who pack that place with thousands of people dressed like blue seats. It’s a point you’re not even willing to acknowledge because you’re going to talk about rings. Rings other people won for you. Not even for you, they won them for themselves. Only ring you have is likely a worm because you’re busy shitting your pants between hot pocket breaks.

    4. However the Flyers just spanked the penguins 2 games in a row. After the 2nd loss, you asked Neal to elbow you to the head. Apparently he hit Malkin in the face a few times too.

    5. Just like they were in 2012. Now, refresh my memory, how did that work out for the penguins again?

    6. Yep it all starts over in the playoffs and Oh who got swept last weekend? Surprised we didn’t see more cheap Lil slashes to the back of the leg from Cindy too….

    7. Update: The Bruins lead the conference and have a dustpan with “Pittsburgh” written on it… you know, because sweep.

  8. That’s the best thing i’ve seen on twitter yet….plenty of those were gold, but the wood chuck line was great along with the opening bar with cheap shots….well done philly fans (also the best thing they’ve done in a while)…

  9. I think this is my winner:
    What’s your favorite part about playing hockey, and why is it kneeing people in the head? #AskNeal

  10. This was pure gold.

    Couple of winners…

    My friend’s father is in the hospital, can you elbow an unsuspecting opponent tomorrow night? It will mean the world to him. #AskNeal
    2:50 PM – 24 Mar 2014

  11. Crosby you are an over-rates and over paid pussy in whom only stat number of any significance that will live with your legacy is how many refs you blown to win and the only reason why you are making a comment is cause your wife James…. Ops I mean Jammie is sulking from no one liking him except you and brendan shanahan…. I think most of the hockey world knows you guys have 3somes on your off nights.

    1. Face of the league, my man. Face of the league.

      I make allowances for you jealous flyers fans, since your beloved Eric Lindross never achieved the same status, and that continues to eat at you.

      I don’t like you.

      1. Only the face cause you screwed your way to the top.. Play a fair game instead of opening your pussy for the refs …… That’s all I’m saying … Drop the gloves and fight instead of being a pansy ass bitch and hide behind the zebras of the African Safari …

        And it still eats at you that jagr doesn’t wanna some back and play with a pussy like you

        1. What part of:

          “I make allowances for you jealous flyers fans, since your beloved Eric Lindross never achieved the same status, and that continues to eat at you.”

          don’t you get?

          1. Don’t care. He’s a has been. I’ll leave it to you, his disciples, to correct the spelling.

            Very telling that you can’t dispute the CONTENT of my comments.

        2. “Drop the gloves and fight instead of being a pansy ass bitch and hide behind the zebras of the African Safari … ”

          Are you talking about me, or that old-timer Bobby Clarke? Just checking…

      2. @ Sidney Crosby: Is it hard for you to see your computer screen while performing felatio on you boy Sid?

        1. Yo sid…. Do you realize that the past is the past for a reason? Eric is gone and onto the next …. Just like you when someone James Neal’s you into the boards and for your information “face of the league” isn’t decided by fans…. Which show you you brown nose upto you lil pussy… Wake up and grow some balls and learn to me a man before your career is ended. You make me laugh cause you seriously think the world doesn’t think what a f^{%ing little bitch you are.

  12. I love all of the James Neal bashing. Remember that time that Hartnell bit Letang’s ear, or that time that Pronger high stocked Christ’s teeth out, or when Schenn full out cross checked Sid in the back well behind the play? Filthy is nothing but a team of James Neals.

      1. Your fans are so fair weather that you almost lost your team. And I bet you’ve been a die hard since 2006, so don’t talk about history to us Philly fans. Sorry, but I live in Pittsburgh but was born in Philly, and Philly is a much better sports town. Please stop embarrassing yourself.

    1. Letang’s career ending thumb bruise is nothing compared to James Neal flying around like a Tornado. And that time Schenn cross check? He was sticking up for that guy on the Trashers from a few years before when Sid decided to fight him from behind, with his gloves on, pounding away at his grundle. Believe me, no one gets all shocked when sid is pounding grundle. He calls that tuesday.

    2. I was at that game first-hand, and let me tell you now that the rumor was that Hartnell bit his finger not his ear. The ear biting would be Mike Tyson you twat. At least give the proper bullshit unconfirmed story to back up your argument.

      Uh oh, looks like Pierre is giving Sid another blowie, I am about to get a facefull of bellybutton.

    3. HAHAHAHAHA that schenn “cross check” was barely even a push. And as soon as Crosby felt it he went to the ice and IMMEDIATELY looked up to the ref looking for the penalty call. If you think that was more of a cheap shot then when Asham cross checked schenn in the mouth or when Neal tried to take Couturiers head off with that leaping check, then you’re a moron. That’s laughable that you would consider that love tap on Crosby to be a cheap shot

  13. I think we can all agree that, that “Sidney Crosby” twat has no idea that he BY FAR lost every single argument he’s been in. Doesn’t relocation ring any bells, bud? It’s rung mine twice now

  14. this might be the best thing that’s ever happened to the internet. Nice work by you Kyle.

  15. “youre gay”
    “no, youre gay”

    this thread is as hilarious as the same joke retweeted ad naseum. the fact that a reworking of the classic “how much wood for a woodchuck” was a favorite for many of you is even more ridiculous. nothing wins an argument better than alleging your opponent “sucks on dicks”. however, many of your wives, mothers, sisters, uncles, etc., suck on dicks; do you not continue to love them as you would a non-dicksucker? i expected better from philly.

  16. Memo to the stooge author with the pic on this page: You look like a nimrod, Donna Summer. But your hands down and get a more appropriate pic, douchebag.

  17. Kudos to Flyers fans for keeping their tweets homophobic and unoriginal. #CupFreeSince1975

    1. Complains about being unoriginal.

      Uses same insult as every other Penguin fan.

    2. And kudos to your originality for using the same insult that every other Pens fan uses.

      I guess only in Pittsburgh do you find such a laughable display of hypocrisy and intelligence.

  18. I’m a huge pens fan who stumbled on this from reddit and I must say, this made my day. Some of these are fucking hilarious.

    1. HHammer…. you win the internet with that comment. From this point forward, all Penguins Fans’ comments are null and void thanks to this special fan.

  19. even though sidney isn’t currently the best player in the league, i only watch pens games so i can confirm he’s the best player ever.

    he also didn’t choke against the bruins last year, nor the flyers the year before.

  20. @Sydney crybaby.
    remember that time the flyers were beating you so bad, you got butthurt and pulled Hartnell’s hair like a Bitch, and Giroux beat the fuck out of you until all of Lemiux’s cum came pouring out of you onto the Ice, and you got so upset you cried to ref on national television, and he felt so bad he didn’t give you an unsportsmanlike. then shannahan was just glad it wasn’t his cum seeping out of your butthole for all of the hockey viewing world to see so he decided not to fine or suspend you and just pretended the whole thing never happened? yea, I remember that. good luck getting beat by the flyers AGAIN this year. oh and good luck catching up to Giroux i’m points the last couple of months.

    forever haiting your ratface

    1. As predicted over 6 hours ago:

      “The best you dopes can do is to post the same old tired insults involving cocks and so forth? Probably because it is fresh in your mind.”

      “Unless you can up your game intelligently, why do you even bother to continue commenting? You just make yourself look foolish, and contribute to the nationwide impression that Philly fans are dopes.”

      If that’s the best you got, I gotta go refill my Stanley Cup with Koolade. What are yinz flyers fans gonna do? Maybe get out your Doobie Brothers 8-tracks, Saturday Night Fever Betamax tape, and pretend it’s the 1970s all over again?

      Later, losers!

      1. atleast we didn’t cry our way to our two Stanley cups in a row. and let’s not forget that we dominated an entire sport so bad they had to add half an inch to the rule book to stop us. (incase you don’t know what half of an inch looks like, its a little bigger than your penis) so go ahead and repeat yourself over and over again. keep referring to Lord Stanley’s Cup as your only defense. I’ll keep laughing cause I know you filled it with tears because you’ll never be better than Gretzky. you’re a skilled player, overrated, but skilled. I’ll admit that. but you’ll never have the same heart and respect for the game as even half of the people that lace up the skates.professional or not. you’re a dirty, cheap, overprivoledged, suck up, and it’s an insult to the great one to even think about calling you the greatest to ever play. that’s not coming from a flyers fan, that’s coming from a hockey fan.

      2. what a cheap shot bitch… who jumps someone in a fight like this? (Atlanta) .. just pathetic and a true disgrace to the game. stop talking… SID THE COWARD!

      3. “If that’s the best you got, I gotta go refill my Stanley Cup with Koolade”. That’s literally the base of all your arguments. The fact that you have, literally, ONE MORE cup than we do. Goddam, your shitty fandom is what bothers me the most. You can’t even effectively protect your team in shit talking let alone show them support by having people in your city actually attend your games other than when they’re in the playoffs. Think that’s a stab in the dark? Check attendance in Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia over the last years after the Pens won their last cup. You and the rest of your city will forever lack the support for your team and it pales in comparison to Philadelphia. Sorry, but the jokes on you and the attendance stats are there to show it. You might have 3 cups but your city doesn’t actually give a rats ass. They just like the bragging rights.

      4. Complains about the same old tired insults involving cocks and so forth.

        Uses the same old tired response of more recent Stanley Cups and 1970s references.

  21. Hey Pot,

    I love how you guys laud the Broad Street Bullies in this town but but when it comes to someone elbowing one of your guys, they are soooooo cheap!!

    1991, 1992, 2009 >>> 1975

    1. The Flyers can’t win Stanley Cups when there are more than 15 teams to compete against. (Look it up!)

      1. you can win all the games u want Cindy, but what it comes down to is u are a disgrace to all the kids who watch you because you jump people off the face-offs (Atlanta) and punch them where you want your mouth…you really just need to stop complaining …and EVERYONE else knows that you CAN’T back it up (toughness)when it comes to being an ALL AROUND HOCKEY PLAYER… U just keep on that downhill spiral buddy…. I mean bitch.

  22. I am a penguins fan..watching the video… clearly illustrated neal’s tricep/ shoulder hitting the filthadepian’s head. is it clean?.. ehh questionable.. him leaving the ice definately not clean.. should anyone care? fuck no. they play a game for a living… especially a living they don’t deserve. If they did not want to get hurt , whether on purpose or accident, fucking work in an office. Seriously “athlete’s” are the biggest babies there are. Most people would go to work … coal miners, scrap metal dealers,(who risk death/ amputation on a daily basis) and anything on dirty jobs, single parents who work God knows how long…. I mean seriously whining about a “penalty” is pathetic.

    1. Really? Whining about a penalty is pathetic? That’s funny..your team is really good at that.

      1. Eugene, I would agree.. especially during crosbys rookie year he was the biggest panzy and whined over everything….he still does that but has gotten a bit, not much but a bit better. as for the pens complaining over penalties, every freaking team does that. Thats what i find pathetic. I will revert back to my initial argument. These people do nothing that will ever benefit society. Like right now. there will be another housing crisis, … they dont care nor do they try to warn people about the looming hell hole…. for they are too wrapped up in thinking they are gods…. The proof i offer for another crisis would be the Home Affordable Act… I know several individuals who were struggling with their current rent at 750 a month but accepted their pre approval of 275,000. their mortgage will be 1300 a month…. more and more people are doing this again, we will have another and worse crises than ever… but people are very concerned about a game or sport….. than something that will actually affect them

  23. Are you chasing Sandusky’s record for most illegal face shots in PA history? #AskNeal

    My #AskNeal tweet may be a little late for you “Sidney Crosby,” but that’s because I actually have a job; I can’t monitor discussion boards all day hoping to land a real zinger about how much “Lindross” sucked. But if I WAS that much of a loser, I would probably at least edit the stupid shit I typed to make sure I didn’t seem ignorant…then again, you are from Pittsburgh, so the fact that you can even read is pretty amazing. As much as I’d love to hear your feedback “Sidney Crosby”…oh wait, I actually don’t give a fuck what your opinion is. I’m gonna go have sex with pretty hot girl now, if you want me to explain what that feels like, it’s probably similar to how you feel when you cream your pants for the ACTUAL Sidney Crosby.

  24. have sex with pretty hot girl? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    i like claude. ; P and I LOVE LIVING IN PHILLY!!!!

  25. its funny that the pens get called whiners and dirty players. but then i read a bunch of crying and hypocricy from flyer fans of all fans. lmao, yeah neil is so dirty right? quit being proud of your bullies if thats not how u want hockey to be played

  26. Bahahahahahahahahaha! You flyer dopes couldn’t be further from the mark. I’m no fan of the Penguins or of Crosby. This entire episode was an experiment in “poke the big, dumb flyers fan with a stick, then sit back and watch them struggle to form coherent sentences”.

    And YOU didn’t disappoint! As could be predicted, the responses were filled with lame insults regarding cocks, cum, and other gems that exposed the 27 IQ of these mental midgets. Even the intentional misspelling of Lindros’s name (yeah!) became a main focal point of at least 2 of you, as you grasped at ANYTHING to ease your butthurt, since the content of my comments could not be disputed.

    Yah, yah…. someone is now going to respond with tired old phrases like “wow, get a life” or “don’t you have anything better to do”. But you dopes buzzing around like so many disturbed hornets was a great source of amusement, not only for me, but other readers of this blog. So yes, it was worth it, YOU GOT PLAYED, DOPES!

    I’ll be back another day, maybe with another handle, to do the same thing. Smart money says I will get the same dumb responses, because you dopes never learn, and are incapable of devising anything new or intelligent.

    See ya, dopes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ha ha. Brilliant!

    2. I don’t think anyone believes me. I spent a whole day repeating myself (again), only to try to hide the humiliation by saying that I made a fool out of myself on purpose. My life sucks. Being 60 and unemployable leaves with too much time to make a fool out of myself. I will be back soon to see how I am doing.

    3. HAHAHAHA. I love it, tries to cover all bases so he doesn’t look like the sad one, while making the same remarks over and over… You win the internet buddy, you’re so much funnier and smarter. Yayyyyyyyy.

  27. Hey @cindycrosby , I will have as many cups as you when our careers will be over. You do it your way; complaining, acting like a child and forcing refs to make decisions in your favor because you are ‘the face of hockey’. And I will do it my way, the Flyers way. By fighting through bullshit calls, shrugging off cheapshot hits from your boytoy Neal and snipping beauties after putting you on your ass. It’s a disgrace to Canada that they had a female captain on the men’s team. Especially since she was the reason he didnt make the team. “I don’t like Giroux. He’s the best player in the world and I want to be that guy. I wont play if he does” like a real girl you fuckin pathetic excuse of a man. Go back to eastern Canada where your only friends growing up were the cows and dogs. All in all I wouldnt blame you tho, I’d be super rattled if I was still a virgin too..

  28. I’m from Pittsburgh. I have lived in Philly and now live in Pittsburgh again. Both cities have die hard fans. Every city has die hard fans. James Neal has made dirty plays and so have other Penguins. Hartnell has made dirty plays and so have other Flyers. So have other players on every other NHL team. It exists.

    I’m going to let you all in on a secret, though. Pittsburgh fans are never going to get Philly fans to admit Sid is the most talented player in the league. They’ll just call him a crybaby and make homophobic remarks. Philly fans are never going to convice Pittsburgh fans that he’s a crybaby, even though he might be. They’re just going to point to Cup totals. Well gentlemen, the only thing that matters is how the current postseason turns out. So let’s just wait and see.

    All of that being said, a lot of the tweets on Neal were really funny and creative, and I’m at least glad I read that part.

    1. I am a Flyer fan, and Sid Crosby is NOT the most talented player in the league. If we’re looking at pure talent and not who is around them, Alexandre Ovechkin wins that HANDS DOWN. Sid is Prima Donna who has had stand up players around him. He has NEVER had to carry his team on his back. Ovechkin, on the other hand, has, at times, been the SOLE source of consistent scoring on his team. I believe it was the 2008 or 2009 season where Ovie single handedly carried his team into the playoffs. Name me one time that the fate of the Pittsburgh Penguins as rested on Sid’s back? It hasn’t. In fact, I’ve noticed that Pittsburgh seems to play much better hockey when Sid is recouping his latest injury.

      If I had to choose a player to pick, it would be Ovie everyday of the week and twice on Sunday. Crosby is NOTHING without Evgeni Malkin.

      1. Ummm Im a Canucks fan myself. I don’t know why everyone assumes it was only Flyer fans harping on Neil. Its a league wide feeling. Yes Crosby’s a Pussy, But Ovi cant play D. Id probably say Datsyuk or Stamkos are the Best players in the league. Both are generally smart enough not to put themselves into stupid situations. But out of OVI and Crosby i think id take the guy with More points and is an actual + player. Whats the point of scoring 48 goals when your on the ice and you take and extra 32 against

        1. Not assuming just Flyers harping on Neal, just mostly Flyers fans harping on Crosby (on here anyways). I’m a Pens fan and I don’t think Neal is a smart or clean player. He’s just a hell of a sniper. You read my mind apparently, by the way, on the +/-.

      2. Crosby and Malkin aren’t on the ice together for the vast majority of their minutes. And Crosby draws the best opposing line anyways, not Malkin. If we look at numbers, Sid has 95 points (34G, 61A) and is a +10. Ovie is killing it in goals–72 points (48G, 24A), but he’s a -31. That’s 854th out of 855 in the NHL folks, and that’s WITH all those goals he scores. One more time, 854/855…Make up any excuse that you want, but that’s pretty telling. I’d bet if you asked every GM in the league who they would take between Crosby and Ovechkin to build a team around, every single answer is Crosby. You’d take Ovie 8 times a week, and that’s one of many reasons you’re not an NHL GM. It’s just the Philly bias.

  29. Im also sick of people saying Sid lives in Marios basement. He does not! He just visits for long periods of time. 10 years to be exact.

  30. Thank you, Philly!
    This blog hasbeen passed around Boston and its the funniest thing since Chara made Crosby cry in the playoffs last year. HILARIOUS! !

  31. Penguins fan here…these are all awesome! Never thought id say it, good job flyers fans!

  32. Patrice bergeron is the most solid complete player I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t need to put up 35+ goals for everyone to know he is a superstar. Ovi is better than Crosby and tbh if we are talking “best player” that goes to goalies first. I.e tuuka, miller, Lundquist, price etc. You can’t win without a goalie so you are all incredibly incorrect of the importance of one player. Also defense is second most important, “defense wins championships”. I’d say chara, Sutter, piertaangelo, shattenkirk, and weber. Are all better than Crosby. What did sid do in the playoffs against the b’s with chara butt fucking his ego every shift, nothing. Too my point of why bobby orr was the best player to ever live. 5 orrs would dominate 5 gretzys any day of the week. Same goes for 5 bergerons against 5 Crosby’s. Now let’s rememeber ladies hockey is a team sport

    1. Ovi is better than Crosby? You are truly an idiot. That’s laughable in every sense. Crosby is better in every facet of the game. Has won more. Hasn’t choked nearly as bad. Cool, Ovi scores a bunch of goals. He takes 300 shots more than the next person, loafs near the red line, etc.

      I get it, you don’t like Crosby. But to say that? Clearly you have never watched hockey before. Crosby is the best player in the world. He had one bad series in his life, against Boston last year.

      1. Not that I disagree with you – Crosby is way better than Ovechkin – but isn’t goal scoring a facet of the game? Crosby isn’t better in every facet of the game, but probably 95% of them

        1. Crosby has 150 less shots than Ovi. Don’t you think (as I do) that if Crosby really wanted to put 100 more shots on net he’d probably have a bit closer to the 48 goals Ovi has? His shooting % is better. So you could make the argument he would actually surpass Ovi with the same amount of shots.

      2. You know, you would think people would love and respect Sid more because of his unreal talent. He should get more respect from fans. However he doesn’t and that is because he is a whining little brat. No respects that, no matter how good you are. So deal with the hate!

  33. hilarious – though I find it funny the dirty reputation Neal is getting while Malkin somehow continues to evade one. Sure, Malkin is only dirty when he’s mad because the Penguins are losing, but he’s almost decapitated a few people in his life too


    The icing on the cake is watching all the butt~hurt Pens fans crying about it, here in the comment section!!!!!!!!


  35. “B” your opinion is quite intrusive. I know you Dont watch Sidney and ovi by the way your speaking. Ovi needs to be the dude every single night because he does not have the talent crosbitch has. Calling people retarded is really cool BTW over an opinion of who’s a better hockey player. Crosby is good at setting shit up and scoring and plays decent defnese . He is by no means better than bergeron, Berg is literally the best in every single facet of the game except scoring. But when your plus minus is +30year in year out always in the selke race as well as 60+ points a year. You have no hockey on ice experience if you think otherwise. Think of a more acceptable way to insult someone’s opinion because I’d rather hangout with any mentally challenged person any day if the week then your ignorant cunt ego. Burn in hell cock monger

  36. Crosby makes the players around him better. Ovechkin does not. They are both HOF players, albeit different.

  37. I agree with Sidney. He is right, all of the responses are hollow thoughtless banter. Hockey is a contact sport, and if the flyers can’t handle that, they should take up basketball, the 76ers could use the help. Sid, you are a consistent performer, have 2 Olympic golds as Stanley cup, and are a beauty leader, fuck em dude!

  38. The irony and hypocrisy of Flyer fans complaining about dirty play is hysterical. Then again, if any team’s fans would know about dirty play it would be the Flyers’.

  39. Fucking GEMS! All of ’em.
    What favorite memory have you robbed….?
    Brutally hilarious. If eastern conference hockey mattered at all, I would have known to ask a question l of my own at the time.

    Thanks, S&S. Brilliance!

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