Watch as Reporters Scurry to Defend DeSean, Eagles

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This is amazing to me, watching old school reporters get bent out of shape and try to poke holes in’s report. Take, for example, Les Bowen, who himself admitted that his sources (people close to DeSean) were wrong when they said DeSean and Chip Kelly had spoken and DeSean was given assurances that he was in good standing with the team. Today Les wrote a mostly perfunctory story about DeSean’s release and the report while at the same time going on Twitter and crusading for DeSean against allegations that he has gang friends.

How does one do that?

Retweet denials and skepticism of DeSean’s alleged gang associates:

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Retweet a criminal NFL player who doesn’t understand the difference between being guilty and getting fired because an organization doesn’t want to pay millions to someone who could be a liability:

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Retweet unfounded skepticism about what the owner knows:

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Go after organization because they don’t spoon feed you a canned response when it’s very possible that there’s a lot more to this story that is not known by the public:

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Retweet people telling DeSean’s mom that she’s nice:

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And if that wasn’t enough, front office pen sniffer Sal Paolantonio (via Matt Lombardo) does his best to make it look like the Eagles weren’t trying to trade DeSean all along because they knew about the concerns raised in the report:

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Such bullshit. Couldn’t in good conscious [sic] dump this on another team? Haha. No, they can’t dump it on another team because now other teams know about it. That sucks, but it is what it is. As Jimmy Kempski and others have been pointing out, the Eagles have wanted to get rid of DeSean for upwards of two months, which coincidentally (or not) dates back to the burglary at his house. But here comes Sal Pal to make it seem like the Eagles were just blindsided(!) by these accusations* and wouldn’t dare try to pass this problem off on another team. The report made the decision to release DeSean easy for them, but it also probably forced their hand to do so now. Do you really fucking think they made the decision to release him in less than half an hour today? Absolutely ridiculous.

All signs point to the contrary– that the Eagles had concerns about DeSean’s off-the-field behavior for some time. He may not be guilty of any crimes, but obviously they view him as a risk. They’ve been poking around about the burglary. If something were to happen, all the signs would’ve been there. Hell, they probably know more than we do at this point. But that doesn’t stop people like Les Bowen from trumpeting DeSean’s PR statements and niceties tweeted to his mom. And while Les was talking to “close associates” of DeSean,’s Eliot Shorr-Parks was talking to the LAPD about gang murders. You tell me who the real reporter is here.

*No fucking joke. Sal Pal is on ESPN making it seem like this was all news to the Eagles.


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  1. you need to do another media bracket, but this time feature the worst reporters in Philly. Think Les might get a high seed.

    1. Fuck the bracket idea. All that does is drag it out, wasting OUR time. Make a 1-time list of all the lazy, douchebag reporters, and have everyone comment to their heart’s content. Then rank the lazy bastards accordingly.

  2. You’ve hit the nail on the head, Kyle, Les and Sal are two of the most bull shit reporters I have ever read, and been around. Both are completely fucking pompous and stuck up. Shorr-Parks over the past couple of months has become one of my favorite Eagles beat reports, no bull shit, just reports whats going on. Les and Sal, you old fucks don’t know ANYTHING. People in the Eagles organization laugh at people like them. Thank you for calling them out on this piss poor shit they call “reporting”, Sal Pal is a joke in the media and everyone knows it.

  3. One time I walked in on Les Bowen in a Subway bathroom. He was screaming the N-word and smashing his dick against the sink with what looked like a wooden mallet. I just backed out of there but I heard him ask me if I’ve ever seen Danzig in concert as the door swung shut.

  4. Does anyone else have a problem with that article saying that D Jax is a Crip, when in the pictures the use, they show him in Red colored outfits? One thing I know about the Bloods & the Crips, is that they don’t wear each others colors.

  5. I never understood why sports media people take it so personal when an athlete gets cut.

  6. Never thought that Gargano would sound more intelligent than the print guys.

    Mass stupidity.

  7. Eskin said DJax is broke. When you bankroll a criminal organization you’re supposed to be making big dollaz. Can’t tell if Numma10 is more stupid as a player or a playa

  8. Sal Pal also said “No way, not a chance” when 97.5 asked him if the Eagles had any foreknowledge of the article or cooperated with it at all.

    Meaning he thinks that the Eagles read and digested the article, scheduled and held a meeting, decided to cut DeSean, informed him of that, then created a PR release in about 15 minutes.

    The man has a brain for scripted television. It’s easy to sound smart when you’re talking to Chris Berman.

  9. Playing “Taps” for the Eagles 2014 season. It’s been nice knowing you. Looking forward to Sixers draft and 2014 season. We have a winner in town, boyz!

  10. He’s broke bc he throwing money away into a record label….think about that, it may have been an investment in the 80′

  11. I remember 20 years ago when I left the Cowboys, Sal Pal said Jeff Lurie and I were in a Cape Cod restaurant talking about the Eagles’ job. Pure bull. Then the fans got mad at me when I said, “No” Gee, they had just let Reggie White leave and their best lineman killed himself in a car. I could never correct what Rich Kotite had done, and Eagles’s management chose that baffoon over Jeff Fisher.

    1. Jimmy,

      Let me get this right. You said “no” to the Eagles, but “yes” to those bogus Entenzz infomercials?

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