Game 3 Pump Up Video

Tonight, it’s G’s night. Calling it, just like I called the meth lab. My first game of the year he scored his first goal of the year. Going tonight and he’s starting his playoff scoring.

via Fisklingur on YouTube


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  1. Still talking about the “shake and bake” meth lab….yes Kyle, you are a stud!

  2. I think he had an assist on Voraceks goal in Game 2 so he has started his “scoring”

  3. How about a 4-point game (2 G, 2 A)?

    I don’t want to be too greedy & call for a hattie!

    About time Hartnell scores a goal too.

    Let’s go Flyers!

  4. Simmonds and Schenn gotta get going tonite as well. Gonna be a good one tonite, OT is overdue in this series….

  5. I hope your second game of the year is that much better. If anything you owe G for your shitty blogs in the beginning of the year. Hope you didn’t sprain your ankle back peddling. #1 Flyers fan now.

  6. “See that chick covered in scars wearing a jorts skirt sucking that dude’s dick behind a dumpster? Total hooker, bro. Nah, bro. Total. Hooker. I’m blogging this shit all the way to the bank!”

    (the guy behind the dumpster is Sean Brace)

    1. Lol Sean Brace would be the one behind the dumpster,sucking on the little pecker of Chip Kelly.

    1. And once again,Giroux pulls his great houdini disappearing act.

      BTW former Flyer Dan Carcillo has scored more goals in this series than Mr. Overrated himself(Claude Giroux).

  7. My favorite Comcast TV shot of the night was Giroux giving the finger to “Car Bomb” after he scored the goal.

    1. Who cares,Carcillo got the last laugh and his team got the win.

      Now when are the orange kool-aid drinking flyers fans gonna start calling out Claude Giroux for not stepping up and scoring some goals.

      1. Fair to call out Giroux. His back checking and defense haven’t been solid and he has been a no show on the PP so far in this series.

        Needed to have a big series for the Flyers to win this series and so far he has come up empty.

  8. Different year, same sh!tty and inconsistent goaltending in the playoffs for the Flyers. Literally haven’t had a stud in goal during the playoffs since a young Hextall in the mid-80s.

    Emery played 2 good periods in Game 2 and everyone was chirping about how well he had played. Sucked royal tonight and I would be more than happy to never see him again in a Flyers’ uniform. Solid backup but nothing more at this point along with being a super douche.

  9. Giroux is your classic talker. Classy too tonight.

    Lucky he didn’t play in the NHL 20-25 years ago because he doesn’t have the brains/patience to get through the trap the Devils employed nor the balls to stand up and keep playing after taking some big hits & a constant physical presence. Easily intimidate him and he would have been a secondary player at best in a more physical NHL who wasn’t good enough to elicit goon protection.

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