You know how this story ends. Classless Flyers fans give (that giant douchebag) Dan Carcillo the finger after playoff goal. This, on the same day that a Bulls fan threatened to bomb the Wizards and kill Joey Crawford’s family. Philly fans are, obviously, the worst:

Voila_Capture 2014-04-23_01-17-37_PM Voila_Capture 2014-04-23_01-20-32_PM

Here’s the thing about the Carcillo, um, thing: He deserved it. Yeah, I know that’s sour grapes. But he did his job last night– and that was to get under the Flyers’ (and fans’) skin. The goal was just the FU cherry on top.

I’m generally not a finger-giver, but if I was in that same rinkside seat, I probably would’ve broken my hand by punching the glass in an attempt to get at Carcillo’s face. Because I’m a big tough guy, obviously.

Let’s recap Car Bomb’s explosion:

Starts off the night by joking with his friend Giroux on the ice.

Quickly turns and tries to bait Giroux after Jakub Voracek broke Carl Hagelin in half.

Appears, to those in attendance at least, to take a dive on this hit by Matt Read:

Upon further inspection, yeah, Read caught him with a shoulder. But that wasn’t apparent in the building and, quite frankly, the boos of the “injured” Carcillo were deserved. It looked like he was faking, and he probably was to some degree.

Takes a stupid penalty. 

Comes out of the box and scores the dagger to end all daggers:


That’s the backstory. That’s why the fingers flew. Carcillo deserved them. He earned them. He wanted them. I hate Carcillo, but a part of me still wishes he was on the Flyers. He’s Zac Rinaldo, only dirtier. And his sniveling face makes it easier for him to draw penalties. You just want to catch him with a rogue shoulder. Want to punch him in the face. Want to… give him the double bird.

UPDATE: Forgot to include this for some reason [via the Flyers’ city-leading PR department]:

Were you surprised that the fans were that hostile towards you when you were down on the ice with an injury?

“No. Nothing surprises me about this city and the way people act.”

Is there any special satisfaction doing it against this team and in this building?

“Yeah for sure, I played here, I know people on that other side. When you don’t get qualified by a team it basically means that don’t want you so to come back and score a big goal… two points is huge we needed to get home ice back and that’s what we did.”

Everyone with the two points.