Of course Jesus Cam in Boston was sponsored by Dunkin Donuts!

Of course Jesus Cam in Boston was sponsored by Dunkin Donuts!

Probably not the best day to rip Boston folks, but Bruins fans are, truly, some of the most jackasstic sports fans on Earth. Condom-tossing, glass-throwing, glass-jumpingmascot-tackling, and now, booing Christ the Savior on the day of his resurrection. Or, as Harrison Mooney of Yahoo! put it: “Jesus was escorted out of the Garden in some horrible deja vu.” Tough break for the carpenter from Nazareth.

Here’s the video:


Honestly? I didn’t hear many boos. There were a few, according to the girl filming. Of course, the headline is that Jesus was booed and kicked out of the Garden on Easter, but, like many tales in the Bible (and that one about throwing snowballs at Santa), there’s a much more reasonable and boring explanation for all of this. Faith Today actually spoke with Jesus, who confirms that he was neither kicked out of the Garden nor decried by the faithful. And the sons of the security guard commented on the Instagram video with the following:


Yo @nikkigra6 that usher was actually my dad! He was moving the dude back to his actual seat at the AT&T sports deck. Some cop wanted to kick him out, but my dad vouched for him cuz apparently he was behaving otherwise. Pass the word on to god if you can so my dad doesn’t go to hell. Also we’re not Jewish! Fucking hilarious vid though


Yes I’m so glad you caught this… He’s mine and @smilelikeafriend dad and told me on the phone that he had a great time with Jesus. Apparently the dude had a great sense of humor and my dad said “sorry I’ve gotta do this to you on your day. I know it’s been a rough week for you.” Jesus said it was just fine and when my dad asked if he was going to hell, he said no, he just needs to say 3 Hail Mary’s. The cop wanted him out (the Jesus guy had been in the aisle by the glass gesturing to the crowd), but my dad made sure the guy was able to get back to his seat alright since he wasn’t being bad and also seemed totally sober.

But you know what? Let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good story. Puck Daddy and Bleacher Report are running with it and so shall we. For years we’ve had to endure the throwing snowballs at Santa tale, for which no video exists. Now we have Jesus Christ (a good one at that!) in Irish Catholic Boston on the day of his rising getting booed by (like, two) Bruins fans. And it’s all caught in many thousands of pixels for all the world to see. This should stick with New Englanders for a long time. Remember that time Bruins fans booed Jesus on Easter?