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You gotta love Philly area politics!

As you may know, G Cobb is running for congress, because obviously a former football player with no political experience using his pseudo-celebrity from sports talk radio and car cam vids is what this country needs.* Cobb, a former Eagle, is wrapped up in a, apparently fierce, Republican primary race in South Jersey, and that’s where his opposition, Flyers defenseman Claire Gustafson, resorted to the lowest of low blows against her rival.

From Jonathan Tamari:

Things are getting real in a South Jersey House race.

Ex-Eagle Garry Cobb is being called out … for being a former Dallas Cowboy.

The swipe, from fellow Republican Claire Gustafson, came in a press release otherwise focused on some of Cobb’s comments about how he was affected by concussions from his playing days.

But it opens with perhaps the most damaging (yet accurate) charge of all: “Responding to statements made by former Dallas Cowboy Garry Cobb …”


Shit… just got real in the South Jersey congressional primary.

*Nothing against G. He’s a nice man. Just not a fan of people running for office based solely on their name. Then again, that’s most people in office.