Randy Miller, who’s back on the Flyers beat for the playoffs after covering the Devils and a stint as the sideline reporter for AFL China, walked into the Flyers’ locker room yesterday, saw Wayne Simmonds, and thought, “Oh, hey, look, a black guy, let me get a quote about Donald Sterling!”

He walked into the Flyers’ locker room today, saw Ray Emery, and thought, “Oh, hey, look, a black guy, let me get a quote about Donald Sterling!”

Miller is going to be real disappointed when he shows up to work tomorrow and realizes that he’s out of options.*

Hockey writers have felt the need to ask Emery and Simmonds for their thoughts on Sterling because, after all, it’s not every day they see a real, live black person, and this was their perfect opportunity to get a quote and inject their tale into the endless flood of Sterling stories.

But Miller has gone the extra mile, writing two full-length articles on the matter.

Miller, yesterday:

Flyers right wing Wayne Simmonds, no stranger to racist attacks, is disgusted with Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, whose NBA team uses the same arena he did when he played for the L.A. Kings.

“It sucks when (Sterling) says he doesn’t want any black people at his games,” Simmonds told on Monday after the Flyers’ practice. “I wouldn’t go to his games.”

One of two black players on the Flyers — goalie Ray Emery is the other — Simmonds heard part of an audio recording posted last Saturday by TMZ of Sterling telling his girlfriend, who is black and Mexican, that he doesn’t want her bringing black people to his games.

Miller, today:

A day after right wingWayne Simmonds vented to on Los Angeles Clippers racist owner Donald Sterling, the Flyers’ other black player chimed in.

Not surprisingly, goalie Ray Emery’s views are similar with Simmonds, who thinks the NBA should force Sterling to sell.

“I don’t think a person like that has a place in sports, but it’s not my decision,” Emery said Tuesday after the Flyers’ morning skate at Wells Fargo Center.

Look, I know we all couldn’t help ourselves from asking every Penn State student or alumni we knew about Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno circa 2011 (I know I couldn’t), but can we white folks please abstain from asking every black person we come across for their thoughts on a rich jackass who views them as an inferior species? What answer do you expect to get other than than the answer every person – white, black or blue – would give to a reporter asking them a question about America’s greatest white supremacist? Uh, yeah, I never really liked Magic anyway, so I see where’s he coming from. No. That’s the wrong answer, and no one is going to give it.

God forbid someone like Miller gets tapped to cover the NBA playoffs. He’ll run out of steam before the end of his first week!

*And yes, I’m totally aware that there might not be a tomorrow in Flyerland. Just go with my lede.