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Penguins fan Cy Clark, also known as Malkamania, the guy who did the Hulk Hogan thing to Scott Hartnell a few years ago, was ejected from the CONSOL Energy Center on Saturday (apparently at the request of NBC) for trolling and possibly harassing Pierre McGuire(!). Yes.

On Facebook, Clark said that the league and NBC kicked him out because of his sign, which displayed McGuire’s real name (why, in the world, would someone opt for Pierre?) on the generous real estate available on McGuire’s penis tip-shaped head. But, our friend Derek from Pensblog and bag-of-hot-air radio host Mark Madden report that there might have been other reasons:

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Derek and Mark are firmly in support of Clark’s removal from the game. Other Yinzers, of course, are less reasonable, 1) because Malkamania is, unfortunately, one of the coolest things in their lives, and 2) because Clark is recovering from cancer. The sympathy is understandable, but that doesn’t excuse someone for being a dick. Just because you had cancer doesn’t mean you can go around dressing up like a wrestler and cursing off TV personalities (however awful they may be) as you see fit. Grow up, Peter Pan, Count Chocula.

God I love this rivalry.