Photo credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

That was the first playoff win in Philadelphia since May 23, 2012, when the Sixers beat the Celtics in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. That was before the London Olympics, before Obama was reelected, before Hurricane Sandy, and before Facebook was a publicly traded company. It’s been a while, and it felt good. More of that, please.

Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:

Wayne Simmonds’ effort on the empty-netter was a thing of beauty and the perfect example why desire can make all the difference in a game.

Voila_Capture 2014-04-21_08-42-17_AM

Ryan Howard nearly hit for the cycle, and would have if this was ruled a double. The ball was misplayed – though never touched – by Brandon Barnes. It was ruled a single and an error. The Phillies will probably appeal just for the heck of it. I mean, really, what sort of power-tripping road official scorer won’t rule that a double when it makes no impact whatsoever on the outcome? Video here. And did it remind anyone else of another famous Ryan Howard two-bagger at Coors Field?

A 16-year-old kid ran away from his parents, jumped a fence at the San Jose airport, and rode in the wheel well of a flight to Maui. He survived even though he was unconscious for most of the flight, presumably due to the lack of oxygen in said wheel well. Impressive.

Please add yet another Bleacher Report draft expert to your shit list:

Voila_Capture 2014-04-21_08-52-58_AM

I enjoyed Mike Sielski’s early rants about Ed Snider and the Flyers, but man is he getting annoying:

Voila_Capture 2014-04-21_08-53-46_AM


Bobby Abreu is expected to join the Mets today (he’s hitting .412 in the minors). He’ll likely take better swings than his new teammate, Jabba The Hutt:

Photo credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s the Vine of that swing.

BASEBALL PLAYER BALLS TO THE WALLER PLAYING THE GAME THE RIGHT WAY BRYCE HARPER was benched for not hustling. The Nat’s current program?

Voila_Capture 2014-04-21_08-59-48_AM

Voila_Capture 2014-04-21_09-00-22_AM

[I should note that Rob’s Twitter background is a badass picture of Barack Obama. So D.C.]

Riley Cooper and Jason Kelce continue their everyman tour:

Voila_Capture 2014-04-21_09-02-00_AM

[I should note that Devin’s Twitter background is an eagle over the American flag. So everyman.]

Bernard Hopkins is a toolbox:

pic via (@ferkdigga21)

pic via (@ferkdigga21)

A must-click link. A senator giving a press conference about commuter safety almost gets hit by an Acela train. Like, the train actually knocked his poster board off its stand.


Joshua Harris really gets Sixers fans, explains that the doorman at his Park Ave. condo is getting anxious to see some wins:

Billions of dollars couldn’t console Philadelphia 76ers owner Joshua Harris this season. Ok, maybe just a little.

Being the potential heirs of a franchise that matched an NBA-record losing streak comes with a few hardships as well not usually found in the luxury suites.

“When we lose, even in New York, kids come up to my family’s kids and say, “Hey, the Sixers lost 26 in a row. How do you like that?'” Harris said. “We don’t like that. This is my doorman, he says to me, ‘Hey, can’t you get those players going?”

All Sixers fans are nodding their heads in agreement– Ah yes, my doorman is equally as impatient. Rebuilding isn’t an open and shut deal… it’s a process. Frigging doormen!

Well played, Jay Onrait.

Gregg Popovich did something to warm your heart. You’ll never guess what it was:

Voila_Capture 2014-04-21_09-18-24_AM

Boston Marathon today. Love the tribute the Flyers gave the Bruins last year:

Johnny Manziel’s newest girlfriend in a lingerie bunny costume.

Bunny takes out all four Presidents in race at Nats Park.

Finally, Blackbeards:

Voila_Capture 2014-04-21_09-30-31_AM Voila_Capture 2014-04-21_09-30-20_AM

I can’t imagine what poor sap would’ve asked this guy to be the best man at his wedding………….



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