Photo credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

And I now take back my complaint that Nick Foles wasn’t interesting to blog about.

Connor Barwin did a Reddit AMA today (Ask Me Anything, for our older readers). It was entertaining and filled with interesting anecdotes. As we’ve learned before, Barwin is sort of a renaissance man (or if you prefer– hipster), so it’s no surprise that his AMA contained candid answers. But, there were a few that stood out more than others.

Evan Mathis, who was with Barwin, asked the first question:

EvanMathis69 166 points 3 hours ago

Connor, big fan. You’re definitely in my top 5 for white guys on the Eagles defense.
My question: What is the fastest you’ve seen someone drink five beers? And what kind of legend would be able to do something like that?

[–]PhiladelphiaEagles[S] 110 points 2 hours ago

I saw Evan Mathis drink five beers in 1:42 last summer, and he has video proof. Annoy him until he posts.


Who’s the toughest guy on the team? We can only assume this was sarcastic, because Alex Henery sucks:

[–]SuPeRfLyKiD3 54 points 2 hours ago

If a 53 man battle royal breaks out in the locker room, who’s the last man standing and why is it Alex Henery?

[–]PhiladelphiaEagles[S] 53 points 2 hours ago
Everybody knows it’s going to be Alex Fucking Henery. He’s a god among men.


On Richie Incognito ruining all the locker room fun:

[–]slumslum 54 points 3 hours ago

Hey Connor, thanks for stopping by and answering questions for us! The guys over at /r/eagles really appreciate it.
I have two questions.
In the article you wrote a few months ago about NFL Locker Room Culture. You briefly talked about a few systems (linebacker dinners) that were put into place to increase cohesion on the Eagles defense. Is there anything else you can share about the Eagles locker room? Any things the players or coaching staff implemented to help foster chemistry on defense or the team in general?
Would it be possible to set up a competitive scooter race between you and /u/EvanMathis69?
[–]PhiladelphiaEagles[S] 48 points 2 hours ago

Well, I can tell you we no longer can have any type of fine system, even for fun in our individual locker rooms, which I was sad to hear about because it was fun for team bonding since we never took it too far and we would use the money on team dinners and parties.
If I had the same tricycle that Evan has, I would clearly win since he’s 50 pounds heavier than me.


On Fletcher Cox’s… arm size:

[–]filladellfea 18 points 3 hours ago*
Connor, huge Eagles fan here – two questions:
1) Over in /r/NFL, the consensus is you have the best guns on the team – what do you think? Jason Peter’s pregame Instagram pictures of you/Trent Cole/etc., flexing are awesome.
2) Outside of Eagles/football – what do you think of Philly? I believe I saw you in Rittenhouse a couple weeks back – do you get out to other neighborhoods? Fishtown, East Passyunk, etc.?
Thanks for doing this AMA.

[–]PhiladelphiaEagles[S] 27 points 2 hours ago
We all just measured biceps last week as a team. Fletcher Cox is the biggest … around. But mine’s still the best, just not the biggest.
And yeah, I love Philly. I live near Rittenhouse so I’m there and in Graduate Hospital the most. I also go to Northern Liberties to see shows at Union Transfer and Johnny Brenda’s a lot.


And on Nick Foles’ MASSIVE DICK GOSH!

[–]jonnnnnnnnnn 13 points 3 hours ago
Lifelong Eagles fan here to the point of being able to rattle off strength and conditioning coaches, practice squad lineman, etc.
One factoid I’ll never have access to: Biggest weiner in the locker room? My sleeper picks are Alex ‘Moose Knuckle’ Henery and Nasty Nate Allen. Your astute clarification would be appreciated.

[–]PhiladelphiaEagles[S] 26 points 2 hours ago
Doesn’t the internet know it’s Nick Foles?
“I do not condone this reply.” — Evan Mathis


You can read the full AMA here. But it doesn’t get any better than that last one.

Barwin is promoting this (sorry, I can’t form complete sentences – even more so than usual – after that Foles line):

Voila_Capture 2014-05-19_05-09-38_PM