Boston Sucks

Future Flyers ambassador Danny Briere, Photo credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports
Future Flyers ambassador Danny Briere, Photo credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Penguins on Tuesday? The Bruins on Wednesday?! Do it again, hockey league! Do it again!

I can’t tell you how happy I am that the Bruins lost and we won’t have to watch yet another finals series containing a team from Boston and the insufferable, somehow-better-than-you fan base that comes with them. And it’s even sweeter that it was Danny Briere who broke the B’s’ backs with his goal to put the Canadiens ahead 3-1 with under three minutes to play.

Of course, Boston wouldn’t go quietly and sans their typical douchebaggery. Godforfuckingbid they don’t win a championship every six months. Links are to video.

Voila_Capture 2014-05-15_08-43-17_AM

Here’s Brad Marchand punching Tomas Plekanec for no apparent reason.

Voila_Capture 2014-05-15_08-45-33_AM

Here’s Milan Lucic being a douchebag in the post-game handshake line. UPDATE: Lucic actually threatened to kill someone.

And in the post-game media scrum.

Voila_Capture 2014-05-15_08-58-30_AM

And then there were the Bruins fans who littered the ice with rally towels and trash before the game was over, with 2:22 remaining. They of course did it again after the game.

And then there were the obligatory Subban-monkey Tweets.

Go screw, Boston.


52 Responses

  1. Lets play a game…

    Please complete the Statement

    Sean Brace is a ___________________________________.

    1. barely closeted homosexual who thinks people won’t notice if he covers himself in enough Fubu gear and P. Diddy’s Unforgivable cologne

    2. Oooh, i’ll play. Is a.. bald, middle-age clown with the brain development of a 15 year old who thinks the word “that” is pronouned “dat” (listen to 5 minutes of his show, im serious). Sean, when you read this, please practice this word. The word “that” does not start with a “d” sound.

    3. ….an obnoxious little jerk off with about a 45 IQ who spent 2 hours calling every a homophobe the other day.


      ..and untalented little fuck who was Missanelli’s worst producer by miles and must have pictures of someone blowing a mule to have an on air job. he should be cleaning toilets somewhere.

    4. Drunken piece of $hit,who is ruining Philly sports talk radio.

      BTW that drunken wigger from Scranton reads all the comments so keep them coming.

      And lastly isn’t it about time that downlow homo admit that he is a flaming penis sucking fag.

  2. We’re all ignoring the elephant in the room: the New York Rangers are closer to a Cup. That cannot happen.

    1. It won’t happen, Montreal is playing out of there skull right now. There defense is stifling, Price has been close to hot, and they are scoring. Rangers are going to get rolled in 5.

      Battle for the West Conf is going to be interesting though.

    2. My guy feeling says it’s a Blackhawks-Rangers final, and either the rags win it, or Chicago pretty much becomes a dynasty. Pick the lesser of two evils I guess.

    3. Hi putzes! Now you have something in common with Pittsburgh Penguin fans. YOUR TEAM GOT SPANKED BY THE RANGERS!

      Why don’t your 2 teams get together with teams from penn state, Harrisburg, and Scranton in the off-season. Maybe one of them can win something in an all-Pennsylvania league, and get some confidence back before tangling with the big boys again!


  3. Never thought Lucic was so classless

    Apparently in the handshake he told Weise and Weaver he’s going to kill them next year then called them “babies” for not leaving it on the ice………ok.

    You mad bro?

    1. Lucic is a scumbag. He’s Scott Hartnell with more offense talent but more of a bad attitude, but for some reason no one calls him out for it.

      1. He doesn’t get called out for it because he plays for Boston. They’re the same team the Flyers are (or used to be), only they’re respected and the Flyers are reviled. Go figure.

  4. TBT:

    That time Kyle deleted the K-C comments.

    *Using TBT is a violation but felt it was appropriate to use today.

  5. What’s the point of hating on other teams when the local team isn’t in the same class as these guys? Focus your hate on the management who can’t produce a winning team anymore.


    1. Are you referring to the management who has taken its team to the playoffs 17 times out of the last 19 seasons? Or the management that put teams together to make 7 Stanley Cup appearances in the last 40 years?

      1. TFF – Typical Flyers Fan. So tired of the “Flyers make the playoffs every year so they always have a chance to win a Cup” argument. If you all could remove yourselves from Snider’s pubic hair for two seconds you’d see that this team/franchise is average at best. The 7 Finals in 40 years point is null because there isn’t one Stanley Cup to show for it.

        1. Actually you’re right, there isn’t one Stanley Cup to show for it. There’s two. It must be hard to argue the facts…

          And say what you will about Synder, but at least he’s willing to spend the money to make a run at the championship year after year after year. You can’t say that about Braman or Lurie (although Lurie has been an improvement), not Giles or Montgomery.

          1. Fucking moron. The last season they won the Cup was the 74-75 season which was… how many fingers years ago??? Try to do the math when the big people say numbers.

        2. The Flyers have been to the Finals eight, not seven, times.

          The only team to reach the Finals more than the Flyers since 1967 is the Montreal Canadiens.

          1. And their record is 2 and 6, going 0 for 6 in the last six Final appearances.

      2. You’re the fucking problem. Stop thinking good enough to make the playoffs and winning the Cup is the same thing, dipshit, and stop giving Ed your money every fucking season like a dope. And anyone over 14 who refers to himself T-Bone is an indefensible douchewagon.

        1. That is a very mature and well thought out counter argument. You could run for President with those debate skills!

          1. T-Bone is fighting a losing battle, and even other diehard flyers fans can see that says:

            T-bone, your pro-Flyers arguments are laughable. “They haven’t won 1 cup in the last 40 years, they’ve won 2”. Wow, they won 2 cups, 39 and 40 years ago! That’s something to be very proud of.

            Why don;t you just accept your lumps, and stop making yourself look foolish by defending the Snider regime? Many other Flyers fans here are fed up, and not afraid to speak out against the team. Because they are realists, not koolade drinkers like yourself.

            (You should really re-name yourself to “Meathead”.)

        2. dude…i so agree with you. flyers fans are like, “I got an orange towel. Mr. Snider gave it to me.” fuck the flyers brass. losers all. sell the team and get real winners in here. stop giving them your money until they actually win something. idiots. i got blasted last week on twitter for this.

  6. I thught we had to shoe solidarity with Boston bc of the bomber

    wasnt this a boston bomber blog for a cupple of days last yr

    1. Those facking caucksuckahs are nawt worth the gahbage country they come from. The only reason those facks won is becawse they let a dahkie on the ice. BAWSTON IS BETTAH AT AWLL SPARTS. NO ONE DENIES THIS.

  7. Lucic is a disgrace. He was born to be a Penguin.

    So glad the B-ruins lost.

    And Briere comes through in the playoffs again. Good thing we have Vinny, eh?

  8. When I was in Boston I saw a BMW Z3 (gay enough) with a license plate “GOKAHT.”

  9. is there anyone available who can take whorish selfies at major intersections so I can peer through her cavernous mouth and gaping meat curtains to assess the status of the region’s roadways?

  10. haha… censored. let’s try again:

    Live from K@yCe3 style B8Q, home of the two-foot-long saus@ge… wait… no… now it’s 18 inches long… 12.. 4… well, uh, it’s damn near disappeared! I wonder how she does that.

    let’s interview one of the onlookers, Ly1e, proprietor of Cru$ty Br0@ds:

    “nothing gets me excited like f@ke tan, fake ti+s, and artificially whitened t3e+h. why, if she got mad about people paying attention to her attention wh0ring, I would prevent people from saying her name. I’ve got a chubby right now thinking of how she’ll now remember me for like 4 more hours after going to K@ns@s C!tee <– that one isn't even intentional. never mind that I'm running out of the back of the friend-zone like some rookie punter."

    OH I BET IT WAS T33+h! what's worse? us saying it, or its being so bad you have to censor the very word. ch0pp3rs. en@m3l hammers. INC1SOR M0+HERFUCK3RS

  11. Speaking of Marchand, you’d think that a guy who got kneed in the head while on his hands and knees trying to stand up would have a little more respect.

  12. So this is the new CB page view strategy? Bait Boston trolls to find this piece, post it all over their social media fans and spur other Boston fans to come on here and defend their city?

    Well played Laskowski, well played.

  13. Kyle, why don’t you carry on about Briere, Maroon, Sharp, Handzus, Versteeg, Williams, and Carcillo still alive in the Playoffs they way you do with Richards and Carter?

  14. Yeah, “Boston Sucks”. They suck so bad that they have won multiple championships in all 4 sports within the last decade or so.

    I’m so glad Philly doesn’t suck like that!

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