Guy Whips It Out on Septa, Gets Filmed By Seatmate

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There are many things for which Philly gets a bad rap. But for all the unfair stereotypes, there is one domain of which we are truly masters, one title that is rightfully ours, one act in which we beat all comers: public masturbation.

First it was the Swiss Cheese Pervert. Then the Crown Chicken Choker. And now, the Septa Manual Overrider.

A Temple PHD student, who did not want to be identified when she spoke to NBC 10, was seated next to a man on the bus Friday who, apparently, whipped it out (it. out.) to play a little five-on-one. The woman posted following video on Facebook which eventually made its way to the always outstanding People of Septa page:

“You know this is on video right?” the woman asks. “You really wanna do that? I have it on my phone.”

In the video, the man continues to expose himself, ignoring the woman’s questions.

“Are you crazy?!” she then asks. “Do you see how many people are on this bus? Do you see a child behind you?! You are disgusting!”

There are a few things that I’d like to call out:

:07– There’s a brief window where he’s not sure if she’s filming to out him… or because she likes it. It’s right here that he’s wondering, Does she want me to keep doing it? Because damn, that would be hot.

:12– Uh oh. It was the former*:

Voila_Capture 2014-05-04_09-34-54_AM

:54– Michelle, come get this baby, because I’m about to go off:

Voila_Capture 2014-05-04_09-37-03_AM

The man was escorted off the bus without incident. His crime scene is still being investigated. Also, police are looking into it.

*I love the fact that the guy is genuinely perplexed as to why she would rat him out. Like, “Bitch, why wouldn’t you just ask me nicely to put it away?”

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46 Responses

  1. Hey Kyle, must really be slow day to put this dumb shit on. Really? You want to start a conversation about some asshole nigga jerkin’ off? You’re the fuckin’ guy that probably caught me years ago!

  2. Got to give it to the girl, ballsy move confronting the guy. If he’s crazy enough to do that stuff, he’d probably “wile out” and beat a bitch.

    1. Pretty bold of her for sure but I didnt like when she refused to be identified.

      If you are going to videotape someone and make them a part of social media forever then you shouldn’t be allowed to cower in anonymity.

      You want to make a story then you need to be part of the story bitch. Whats your name whats your story.

  3. Who does this outsider hipster pHd student think she is . This is Philly yo. Not the burbs or the sticks. We keep it real here. We are more street smart.

  4. I’m more offended by the fact that some people still haven’t mastered how to take videos in landscape mode

  5. This guy was probably thinking about Kacie…oh, wait, that is who KS thinks about when he pounds one out…..

    Anyway, it was awfully nice of the person taking this video to swallow for this guy so he didn’t make a mess.

  6. It’s baseball season, yet no Phillies post since last Thursday.

    Weak-assed Phillies and their .500 record!


  7. I can’t believe so many guys are still talking about a scum bag nigga’s cock!
    Sorry, I didn’t realize this site had so many fuckin’ gay motherfuckers that love to talk about cock! And then you gay bastards post gay porn? Get me the fuck out of this Blue Oyster Club!

  8. If only she had been wearing one of the cotton-pickin Simmonds shirts; maybe he would have left her alone.

      1. No I didn’t, and I’m wondering if the woman videoing him saw “it” either. Now go try and be funny somewhere else.

  9. What else would you expect from philly all it really is white trash queers running around center city with there dogs and boyfriends on leshes

    1. Ha! Ha! Why the hell would they even get on here if you can’t talk or spell? Maybe to make a bumbling ass out of their selves?

  10. Hey, Kyle, did you see that I gave you a cheap promo for this shitty story on twitter???

    He’s so special….she’s so special…Josepha A. Bank Clothiers are so special…

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