Here’s the Phillies (First?) Stars and Stripes Hat for 2014


If you were wondering if there were any more possible combinations of camouflage and MLB hats, there are. Above is the 2014 Stars and Stripes hat. The “first?” in the title is based on there being two Stars and Stripes hats in 2013, one with camouflage, one with, well, stars, though only one has been shown so far for this year. They’ve already made camo logos (2012), so that leaves normal “crown,” camo brim for next year. (New Era offers camouflaged brims on their “fashion cap” line, so this is both fully possible and fully plausible as they run out of places on a relatively small article of clothing on which they can support the troops.)

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Looking through the history of the product line (the picture omits the years that a flag was just placed above the ear), they certainly haven’t gotten better; looking through them, it’d make just as much sense if the Phillies used the 2009- or 2012-style hats each year as a “special occasion” that fans would recognize, but new product every year (or twice a year) is much more, well, American.

Me saying it’s ugly won’t really change, anything, but in the interest of pure design, it’s nice that they’re keeping the team colors (instead of red or blue) for non-red or -blue teams. This has never been an issue for the Phillies, but even with the more subdued designs (’08, ’09, ’12), there’s a lot of non-team color for teams like the Pirates. In the interest of marketing, it’s nice that the “P” is red fill with white stroke on the 2014 hat but white fill with red stroke on the 2013 so you can buy the 2014 hat without being concerned about people thinking you didn’t buy the new one.

#5 Brandon Lee Gowton vs. #12 Seth Joyner

Lead image via New Era.


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  1. Wow, more Phillies’ bullshit.

    Fuller, you ought to be embarrassed to have this tripe be your first post on this blog.

      1. Nah, it’s just a screen name for that Phillies joy-boy John Brazier.

        They have to pull out all the marketing stops to generate interest in this horseshit team.

  2. They get worse and worse each year since 2008…. just like the Phillies!

  3. When are the flat-brimmed “Johnny Douchebag” hats going on sale?

  4. Amazing that 199 lemmings have already participated in this useless poll for these garbage hats.

    1. Or maybe it’s just Kyle’s new minion banging away on his keyboard.

  5. I always thought Kaley Cuoco was kind of a chub, what with her fat arms and all, but that picture of her in that black bikini in those click link stories above makes me want to smush my junk against her face while calling her a dirty whore.

    1. Those have to be old because she has chubbed up for sure. Although chub or not she’s still pretty damn hot. Even with that annoying Drew Barrymore lisp.

  6. Anyone wearing this type of hat is an idiot. It’s great that they bought it so that the rest of us can stay away from them.

  7. See one up close and personal….but it will be worn backwards…the next time Sean Brace is at Pitcher’s Pub, hitting on under age drunk snatch and acting like an ass.

  8. Child stars gone bad ad has Stephanie Tanner’s big fucking titties hanging out. Way more hot then Kacie. Speaking of Kacie, no article about her and Blake Bortles girlfriend taking selfies together?! Who’s hotter poll? Booooo, Kyle! Boooooooo!

    1. I’ve had an ebay saved search for my size since 2010, and a 2008 hat has literally never shown up. That’s a partial subset of results for making any grand statements in that my search was size-limited, but 7 5/8 is common enough that I think 4 years is a long enough time to call it “next to impossible.”

      In 2012, I offered someone $60 for the one he had on at a Phillies game, but he wasn’t having it. Someone had one on at Tuesday’s game (visible from the dugout shot of left-handed hitters stepping out of the batter’s box), but they are extremely, extremely rare.

  9. Shiit, da brothas ain’t be wearin dis piece o shit hat! When we’s stylin wit our backwards lids, at least we gets da hat of GOOD teams, not dem jive-ass phillies what be in last place for da nex 5 years.

    I ax you, wud Mikel wear dat? No way, even A.I. ain’t gonna represent for no losin squad, aight?

    1. Dat’s not the real fake Marcus Vick! Ay yo Mike if you seeing dis someone ate all the Yodels agin but it wusn’t me dis time can i hol fi hunnert? #funyons #ontheway2damunny

  10. Since when did going to baseball games become a statement on this country’s military policy. Shouldn’t going to MLB games be devoid of this. Do we want to become like rest of the world where football (soccer) pits one country against another.

  11. Wonder if these will be more popular in Delco or the Northeast

  12. Fuller, youre a hat wearing faggot ass jackoff and I hope Marv shatters your knee caps with a baseball bat.

    1. Yeah, and apparently he’s so proud of his “journalism” that he felt the need to comment twice on it!

  13. ah-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAAAAaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!! kee-kee-kee-kee-kee.

    Yo, cuz. My Aunt Flossy from Clementon used to sew together a bib for my cuz Antonio that had stripes on it. It was all cool-day-la and stuff. kee-kee-kee-kee-kee. When we played wire ball on the mean streets of Washington Township, we pretended we were actually from South Philly in the worst way! Like, we would convince each other that we lived on Mifflin or Shunk and, even worse, we would tell our classmates at Highland that we were originally form South Philly to impress AND scare them. I would cry myself to sleep at night at what a complete, 100% lie I was. kee-ke-kkkkkkkk……oh, who give a fuck (places gun in hoagie mouth and blows missing brains all over the lying wall).

    1. Hey daddy can you make me some more elmers glue from your daddy hose? I have a school project that needs lots of glue. Just dont get any in my mouth this time!

  14. The lights came on in the green room at the NFL draft in NY and Kacie McDonnell gave a kiss to Aaron Murray. The problem is as Aaron Murray keeps slipping in the draft and Kacie realizes that there isn’t going to be any money her feet are falling asleep. As Gordon Gecko told Charlie Sheen in the movie Wall Street “Exit visa’s are imminent”. Kacie was checking out the first rounders and is probably going to make a move.

    1. This can’t be good for Kacie-gate’s image. All these pictures of her just sitting around with Aaron Murray waiting for him to be picked in the later rounds.
      Meanwhile she posted a selfie (or is it groupie?) of she and Blake Bortles’ hot blonde girlfriend.
      Obviously, Kacie-gate must think she’s hotter or she wouldn’t have posted the pic. But who came out as the winner? Bortles is off celebrating with said hot blonde girlfriend after being chosen third overall while Kacie-gate and Murray just sit there for hours upon end looking at each other waiting for the call that may never come.
      Time to trade up?

      1. Wait wtf was Aaron Murray at the draft for? He was a late rd prospect

  15. Eagles took Jordan Matthews he runs routes the best and is 6’3 tall and doesn’t own a rapping company and was a 4 year starter and was a captain and he doesn’t make friends with murderers and weighs 214lbs ya dingus. Hey updating blogs is easy drangus!

  16. I should be a draft reporter. My job would be to monitor the green room with the draftees, and as long as they remained undrafted, I could be allowed to freely approach their hot girlfriends and whip my dick out and smack them in the face with it and grope their fake tits, while loudly singing Wrecking Ball. If the round ends and the player is not picked, I then get to mount all of the girlfriends, who by draft law must bend over and line up in a row. Somebody from NFL TV call me.

    1. I’m in now, Mikey. That loser twitter-boy friend of mine probably won’t get drafted, so let’s go…

  17. KC makes $50-$75K as a traffic girl. Murray still hasn’t been drafted. When he does get drafted he will earn a couple of hundred thousand as best and that’s if he sticks as a third string QB. This is not enough to support KC to the life she is accustomed to. One of them or both are taking money from daddy. KC has to trade her way into the first round. She knows it, Aaron knows it.

  18. Kacie will be doing traffic in Kansas City within the month.

    You are welcome, Philadelphia.

  19. Both of them thought they had a shot and now neither of them will be “Macking” Kacie.
    Back to Creekside for a burger with their ladies. All their left with is a photo of Kacie, some hand lotion and a big box of tissues.

  20. I hope to god he moves that annoying horse teeth attention whore to Kansas City with him.
    Get her outta philly

  21. I think Kyle owes it to his loyal page viewers to post a story of Aaron Murray & KC to Kansas City.

    Side note imagine how upset Katherine Webb is that aj went late also

    1. KS is not allowed to post any Kacie stories, so we are going to have to hijack other articles to have some fun with this.

      Off to the races!!

      1. Haha love how every article on cb gets hijacked with kacie comment all because Kyle took down those kacie Gate comments

  22. I can’t believe she actually tweeted a picture of her “KC” phone cover. What is she, like 12 years old?
    I also don’t think she realizes that now he actually has to make the team, not an easy task for a 5th round pick.
    Sorry Aaron, she’s gone.

    1. She is 22 and has a fam…oh, wait, that is another thread. Nevermind.

      You are probably right. She won’t find any fun in tweeting pics of this scrub holding a clip board with his hat on backwards. If he even makes the team.

      But, remember, Reid liked Kolb, so ya never know.

      1. I don’t see how she could get pissed at Kyle if he posted a story about it.
        She’s the one who won’t STFU about it and has posted tons of pics of her and Aaron Murray at the draft.

        1. No doubt kacie wanted to be the next Katherine Webb & pulled that twitter creep a top college program QB for a bf. glad she failed

    2. Man I wish she didn’t block me, I want to comment on that kc cell phone case tweet so bad

  23. Well here we go again. I just posted and used the name of a certain qb girlfriend along with a certain morning sports radio female and the post is pending approval. Who is approving? This kid isnt even updating the blog on draft weekend

  24. I set Kacie and Murray’s relationship to end around Labor Day when he doesn’t make the team.

    1. This site is a complete waste on the weekends. Would of thought he would of at least had a post on the big John stud clone they drafted from Wisconsin

    2. Let’s Hit It!

      But first a word from our sponsors:

      (a bunch of shit no one ever needs, wants or would use)

      Picture of Michael Sam
      3 sentences and some quotes

      Eagles draft review
      picture of that guy reacting to Marcus Smith
      something about Chip Kelly drafting Oregon players
      links to scouting reports

      Maybe a Phillies blurb

      t-shirt reminder


      There’s the update you can’t wait for. Was it worth it?

      1. Malcolm Jenkins’ Mothers Day tweet to all of his “baby mommas” will probably make the update as well. It’s actually pretty funny.

  25. FYI i posted a link to the FB page of Taylor Lewans mom, Kelly Riley where she is in a bikini. The comment was not approved.

  26. Jesus have the wheels fallen off this trainwreck site or what.

    Not updating your site even once on NFL draft weekend. What the fuck, this is a sports blog?

    Then again how many updates do you think there would have been if Kyle’s t-shirt was mentioned on any blog anywhere or a article this wknd?

  27. Someone send that horse-toothed cunt a Big Balls Chip shirt next weekend so we have something to read Fri-Mon.

  28. so how much did the Phillies pay you to ensure their hat would be your top headline for 2 full days?

  29. My Guess:

    Draft Week-end-Gate was orchestrated to make Kacie-Gate go away.

    Not only won’t it work…it is going to get worse on here.

    Good job.

    1. like… did I miss something SPECIFIC? ’cause now I need to know.

      1. A local traffic news girl was caught on camera drunk getting spitroasted behind a Denny’s in Chester County, and she happened to be wearing one of Kyle’s t-shirts. Just google, they have the full video.

    2. Kacie-gate posted a ton of pics this weekend in her endless pursuit of national fame (including the cringe worthy pic of her KC phone cover).
      But at the very least, Kyle should post the pic of she and Blake Bortles’ hot blonde girlfriend.
      There’s no way she could get pissed at Kyle for posting it, as SHE is the one who posted it on twitter, and obviously she thinks she is hotter than Bortles’ girl or she never would have posted it in the first place.

  30. Kyle fucked Kacie. Thats why the comments were taken down. Lol jk like that would ever happen. “Is it in yet” “i came”

    1. I’d love to meet some of you guys in person. Just to see who writes this stuff…

  31. A few months ago there was a pic of Bortles’ chick ripping out of a bikini top with her implants. The best part was the chick she was with had(say Bortles’ girl had DD tits, this girl had GG implants) the largest most luscious breasts I have ever seen on a girl that young. I mean I’m not even sure she was 21 yet and they were the best looking bolt ons imaginable. I think she was another UCF player’s girlfriend. They both had the “Marissa Cooper” sunglasses on so who knows what her grill looked like, but you guys need to see that pic.

      1. Not at all my friend. Keep in the pirating for the big booty the give a salty sea.

    1. Still waiting for Crossing Broad’s in depth NFL Draft analysis…..

  32. Cliff’s Notes version of Kacie-Gate:

    A story was posted about a twitter-pic of Kacie’s desk, upon which a Wolf of Broad Street shirt was prominently displayed. After the way Kacie was slaughtered in the comments of the FO64, not sure why Kyle thought she would get off easy, but she began getting appropriately slaughtered again…as well as KS getting mocked for whoring the shirt in the pic/post.

    Did I mention Kacie is a twitter whore???

    Anyway, the comment section was shut down, and some lame half-explanation was given about Kacie being 22, having family, should be subjected to this type of stuff, etc.

    After that, every post about anything has been hijacked by Kacie comments and slamming KS for his explanation. Plenty of people are put out on this site for brutal ridicule……the chick that got proposed to on McFadden’s bar…..the Penn Women’s Lacrosse team…..The dopey Eagles fan that fell asleep at the draft…..that don’t seek out attention like Kacie does that the whole thing was bullshit.

      1. It is pretty funny. I think Kyle has a self-contained comment meme on his hands for life.

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