Is This Dom Brown on Tinder?

Voila_Capture 2014-05-05_01-48-05_PM
Pictured: Dom Brown’s pregnant girlfriend, Dom Brown’s mom

The Phillies are mediocre on the field, but crushing it in their Tinder game. A few weeks ago it was Phillies catcher Wil Nieves (figure I have to write that out since I’m guessing 42% of you had no idea he was a Phillie) – who, ostensibly, was using his adorable baby daughter to lure women on the dating app – and now it’s what looks to be Domonic Brown:

Voila_Capture 2014-05-05_01-52-31_PM

It is possible, as was the case with Nieves, that this is a fake profile. But, like Nieves, whose match was “15 miles away” in Southern California, Brown’s match, who sent this to me, lives in Collingswood, which, according to Maps, is exactly six miles from Citizens Bank Park and Philadelphia in general… which is where Dom Brown would’ve been “12 hours ago” from 11:35 a.m. on Saturday morning– about an hour after the Phillies game ended on Friday night.

As for the picture? It is of Brown and Luke Bryan (thanks, Twitter) from when Bryan visited the Phillies last year. It’s publicly available on Brown’s Instagram. But. But note that the Tinder picture (right) shows a poster next to Bryan’s right arm. The Instagram picture doesn’t. Which means that the Tinder picture couldn’t have been taken from Instagram by someone pretending to be Brown, and I can’t find the picture anywhere else online. So, all signs point to this being the real Dom Brown… or someone without access to un-cropped photos on his phone…  using a picture with country star Luke Bryan to lure women on Tinder.

Instagram pic (left), Tinder pic (right)
Instagram pic (left), Tinder pic (right)

I don’t get it. Possibly married Nieves using Tinder to stealthily pick up chicks? Fine. But when you’re Dom Brown – an all-star, young and single Major League Baseball player – using Tinder isn’t just weird, it should be outlawed. It’s like fishing with dynamite… in a fish tank. It’s not fair. Not only are you going to catch all the fish, but you’re also going to bring down the entire ecosystem. How is the common man supposed to troll for poon online when he’s competing with notable professional athletes?

UPDATE: A dedicated CB reader and known jersey chaser contacted me and said: “There was no mention of [his pregnant girlfriend] three weeks ago when myself and my friend went to his apartment after hours to hang out.”

H/T to (@KayTeeeOh)

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43 Responses

  1. Judging by where that dude’s hand is I’d say it looks more like D Brown’s on Grindr. NTTAWWT

  2. I looks to me like the poster is there in the one on the left. That photo just seems to be zoomed in a bit or cropped, cause I can see a bit of a blue line for the picture frame.

      1. How dare you ruin this young man’s life? Dom Brown is only 22. He has a family!

  3. I know of at least 5 NASCAR drivers that all use tinder– quick way to pick up girls on the road

  4. A dedicated CB reader and known jersey chaser contacted me and said: “There was no mention of [his pregnant girlfriend] three weeks ago when myself and my friend went to his apartment after hours to hang out.” >>>>if true the girl is a fuckin whore for e-mailing you stupid bullshit like that, then you throw him under the bus, who the hell cares who he fucks?

  5. Phillies took 2 of 3 from the nationals, by the way. I’d rather read about that, than Dom Brown’s online dating profile.

  6. Youre such a faggot Kyle… Hes a major league baseball player let him do this thing you fuckin geek

  7. Something doesn’t seem right with these Phillies players using tinder.
    They have access to so many groupies and discreet escorts, why take the chance of blowing it with your pregnant girlfriend. Even if he’s not that info her, it will still cost him a ton if she finds out and sues him for support. He can’t possibly be that dumb as to place an ad with his picture and name on a public dating site.

  8. He should be more concerned about hitting the goddamn ball than getting his dick sucked (by a dude or a chick).

  9. Photos on Tinder are cropped by the app. Lots of photos have feet chopped off at the bottom.

    1. THE INSTAGRAM PHOTO WAS CROPPED. The point: The Tinder photo couldn’t have been taken off Instagram. My word.

      1. How could you not crop the photo? It’s easy to screen shot the photo off instagram and crop it.

        1. The Tinder picture contains more than the Instagram photo. You have to be trolling, right?

        2. But you can’t add to it you fucking idiot. That’s what the guy is trying to tell your dumb ass. SMH….

  10. I don’t care about Dom Brown’s wang wetting methods, but I would like to know more about this athlete dicksucker broad you have as a source. Let this slut post a few articles/text messages/pics of her pregnancy test drawer like Carrie on Homeland. How big of a jersey chasing whore are we talking about? Like, as slutty as Princess Sass? Worse? Or did she give Bob Kelly a handjob one time?

    Does she sell t-shirts at least?

  11. I went to hs with a chick Dom Brown knocked up on a 1 night stand.
    He must hate condoms

    1. I worked with a 34 year old black dude who had 8 kids by 6 women. 2 of the kids were born on the same day (not twins). But the best part? When I met him he had already been a grandfather since he was 31.

          1. Budweiser is the best beer in the world….how am I a troll exactly? Just curious of the appearance of these women.

      1. I heard Dom brown would stick his Dick into anything with anything with a hole

  12. I wish dom brown would work on his fielding & hitting like he does trying to fuck these white trash chicks.
    Violation for a pro athlete to be on tinder. Smh

  13. kyle, this site is as horrible as ever. keep up the bad work.

  14. This site should just be changed to Stalking Social Media. Seriously, if you take away the articles based on tweets or Tinder or Instagram, what do you have left? T-Shirt shilling posts mainly. It’s a lazy tabloid. The subconscious homoerotic things the author posts are very telling, as well as his hatred for legitimate journalists. Like, he blasts the beat writers for the Flyers but all he does is cut/paste, shill awful shirts, and stalk Twitter accounts. And what’s up with the hatred of Did they turn you down or something? Try, just try, writing some legitimate articles, without basing it off of something another writer wrote, for just one week. No Twitter/Tinder/Instagram/Facebook stories. No pathetic t shirt posts. Write a lengthy article on the state of the Phillies. How about your thoughts on the upcoming NFL Draft? Prove to us that you are more than just a hack, who will never be recognized as a legitimate journalist. No one will ever take you seriously at the rate you are going. But hey, maybe you don’t care about that. Maybe you just want to be the Philly sports version of TMZ. Thing is, you’re too lazy to ever be that. Prove all of us commenters who rip you wrong. Show us you have some sort of writing ability.

  15. his girlfriend should get him back buy fucking rick vaughn the night before the big game.

  16. He does have a tinder, however I feel bad for him. He said his second baby mom’s is crazy and it’s the only way he can actually meet women with out her trying to ruin any new potential relationships before they even happen. He’s a good guy and shouldn’t be judged on how he chooses to date.

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