The Eagles are Getting Rid of Physical Season Tickets Much to the Chagrin of People Who Run to Their Mailboxes to Retrieve Physical Season Tickets

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Interesting move by the Eagles to discontinue physical season tickets. Here’s the email they sent today, which was forwarded to me by several readers:

With the 2014 Draft now behind us and minicamps in session, our preparation for the 2014 season continues. In addition, our revitalization work at Lincoln Financial Field is in full swing.

We wanted to let you know that beginning this season we will be using electronic ticketing for your season ticket account that includes a print-at-home option, as well as smart phone integration. This will be similar to the process we used for last year’s playoff game against the Saints, but with the added option of using your mobile phone for entry into the stadium.

Please be aware that you will will not be receiving physical tickets in the mail as you have in the past. The electronic tickets will provide you with added features and conveniences. By downloading tickets to your smart phone, they can no longer be misplaced, stolen or left at home. In addition, you will have the ability to e-mail tickets directly to family and friends at any time.

Starting Monday, May 19, you will have the flexibility to:

• Print your tickets at home.
• Download tickets to your smart phone to be scanned at the gate.
• E-mail tickets to friends, family, clients, etc.
(or transfer them to another person’s smart phone).
• Post your tickets for resale through NFL Ticket Exchange.
• Donate unused tickets to charities.

Huge shift from four years ago when, lacking a suitable face for the team, they placed season ticket holders on the tickets. I like progess, but wonder: What percentage of Eagles season ticket holders are capable of figuring this out? Like, no offense to Bob the roofer who actually requests to sit in the last row of the stadium, but I just don’t have confidence that he’s going to be able to figure out this electronic mail thing on one of them touch phones his son picked up when his contract was up with Verizon. I’M NOT GIVIN’ THEM MY PHONE, PAT! YOU LOSER! THIS IS FUCKIN’ NUTS!*

*Jennifer Lawrence’s monologue at 1:40 is so hot.


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  1. Maybe the fans can use EXPRESS written consent to print out the tickets faster.

  2. So stupid. I’d pay extra for hard tickets. E tickets are lame.

  3. so how exactly do you prove, 30 years later, that you attended a historic game?

    also k@cie’s twat. just because you lied to us.

      1. umm.. if i can’t tag myself on facebook, or show someone my ticket 30 years later.. HOW WILL THEY KNOW HOW FUCKING COOL I AM

      2. I don’t, but I do need the eBay money from someone who does.

    1. You mean like the thousands of people who claim they were at Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game or that Phillies double header in ’93 that ended at 4:30 in the morning (the Mitchie Poo game)?

      1. and it ended @ 4:40. stayed for the whole thing. and no, i don’t have proof, because i turned in my stub so i could get a free ticket for the rescheduled fireworks night vs. the dodgers. most people who did stick it out for that game probably did the same thing.

        1. Whenever WIP brings up that game, dozens of people call in saying they were there. Bullshit. (I’m not doubting you, by the way. I’m just saying that is one of those legendary games that people claim they attended).

          In 10 years, thousands of people will say they were at the Snow Bowl.

          1. Probably because there were actually thousands of people at that game. Assuming a percentage of them are still alive in 10 years, you are correct.

          2. There were not “1000s” of people at that game…maybe 2000 hung in for the 1:28 game 2 start and fewer remained for the whole thing. I moved down right behind the plate.

          3. Hey dick (a/k/a “I was there”), if there were 2000 there, THAT is multiple “thousands”, so he is correct.

            You were probably loaded with Lurie’s watered-down beer, so how could you even make an accurate assessment of the attendance?

            Come back when you have something of value to contribute here.


          4. Lurie doesn’t own the Phillies dickbreath, and he didn’t even buy the Eagles til 1994, which was a year later. So ESAD.

  4. I’d rather watch the game at a bar or my nice TV anyway. Fuck that cheap f Jeff Lurie .

    Think K.c hits the tanning beds naked?

  5. Our favorite traffic reporter tweeted the picture of Wiggins jumping and asked if he was any good.
    Could this be the start of her search to upgrade from a 5th round backup quarterback?

    1. Can see the fox 29 traffic girl taking a page out of Howard’s wife krystle Campbell’s playbook & sucking black dick for $$$

  6. To those of you who don’t like this new policy, I can only say one thing: We don’t care about you. Don’t have a smart phone? We don’t care about you. We are cultivating our fan base to be more in line with what we want: Young professionals with money to burn.

    Why are we doing this? There are a myriad of reasons, but primarily:

    a) Cost savings means extra revenue for me
    b) Because I can
    c) Our 80,000-name waiting list means I don’t need to concern myself with any current ticket holders “boycotting” the Eagles
    d) See “a” above

    It’s a win-win situation for me, and as for you, “I don’t care” (see “c” above).

    If you want to stay aboard while we embark on multiple Super Bowls, that ‘s entirely up to you. If not, there’s 80,000 waiting for the chance to throw money at me to take your place.

    Bye now.

    1. Exactly. Deer Sheep—stop thinking this cocksucking christkiller gives two shits about season ticket holders (read:cash machines). My family has had season tix since 19fucking 64…the last 3 years we have sold every ticket to visiting teams fans. Fuck off Gay Jeffy, Nephew fucking Howie and every fucking one of them.

  7. “Post your tickets for resale through NFL Ticket Exchange.”

    ^ I’m guessing this is what the whole thing’s really all about. NFL and the Eagles probably get a cut of the resale price.

  8. My father in law has a smart phone and has been a season ticket holder since 1973. NO CHANCE he ever figures this out.

    Mike waiting for exasperating phone call on 5/19.

    1. We don’t really want older fans, who tend to be on limited incomes, and/or are not easily swayed by high-tech marketing schemes. Our target demographics are young people who have a lot of money to burn, and will spend it for all manner of beer, apparel, and other trinkets, without stopping to consider the value of a dollar. THOSE are the types most closely aligned with our revenue projections.

  9. I like what the eagles are doing. Good move to help get rid of all the riff raft & white trash eagles fans

  10. Would you buy a printed ticket from a home computer from a person outside the Linc knowing they could print the same ticket several times. Sure, when they used physical tickets you could get stuck with a counterfeit but it was rare. It will be funny this year seeing “The Brothers” outside the stadium with a ream of 8 by 11 sheets of paper saying anyone need seats. You have to be putting a lot of faith purchasing a printed ticket knowing that if someone bought that same seat before you, you’re screwed.

    1. Actually, this is going to open up a whole new can of counterfeiting worms. The first person through the gate with a valid bar code is going to get that seat. The other guy? screwed.

      1. step 1: print tickets
        step 2: ???
        step 3: profit

    2. that’s exactly what i said to my buddy when i heard this. the onsite scalpers are cut out of the loop now. stubhub and ticketshafter will control the resale market.

      1. “i agree”? who the fuck are you, sal paolantoniaiolio?

  11. Who wants to bet they won’t have card-stock tickets for premium seats, giveaways, charity auctions, etc.? It’s just another cost-saving measure by those pennypinching jerkoffs under the guise that they’re environ-MENTALists.

    1. It’s funny how you can type shit, fuck, cunt, clit, cocksucker, nigga, spermdumpster, and other words you wouldn’t want your mother to hear you say, but you can’t type the word that rhymes with hoarse.

      This place is messed up.

  12. Well, look at it this way. Eagles fans were never going to get a ticket that had the words “Eagles” and “Super Bowl” on the same stub. Lurie, Snider and the Duke Brothers….sorry, I meant the Middletons need to be in their graves to ever see these teams coming close to a chance to winning their respective championships.

  13. Fan is standing in line with his iPhone to get into Eagles game. Security: sorry sir we can’t allow you to bring phone into Lincoln Financial Field, Fan: But my ticket is on my phone. Security: Sir, you must be aware of the new edict sent down by the league offices. Phones are banned because fans were recording the games and putting the footage on the Internet. Fan: How can I get into the game. Security: You’ll have to get to a computer with a printer and come back with the printed ticket. Fan: I’ll miss the first half. Security: Sorry sir, there are no exceptions.

  14. “Like, no offense to Bob the roofer who actually requests to sit in the last row of the stadium, but I just don’t have confidence that he’s going to be able to figure out this electronic mail thing on one of them touch phones his son picked up when his contract was up with Verizon.”

    I was on the waiting list for 12 years before I was called last year. My seats are 4 rows from the top of the stadium. I did request them–mainly because they are 50-yard line seats that I don’t pay an SBL for. I can also figure out E-tickets, just like I did for the playoff game last year.

    So kiss my ass Kyle.

    That said, I like hard copy tickets better, but as long as the fraud issue is addressed appropriately (which I’m not sure it is) I couldn’t care less what my ticket looks like.

  15. will Delilahs or wherever still take my ticket for free entry if its printed @ home?

    1. You shouldn’t be going to those kinds of places anyway. Go home after the game and read a book, or call your mother!

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