The Phillies are Really Terrible and So, Too, is Freddy Galvis, Who was Sent Down to AAA Last Night


Rough week for the Fightin’ Phils, who were riding high (relative) with a slightly-over-.500 start. They dropped four consecutive games to the Blue Jays – two at home and two on the road – to fall to 15-18, good for… carry the .002 OBP… last in the NL East.

May 5: Lost 3-0

May 6: Lost 6-5

May 7: Lost 10-0

May 8: Lost 12-6

That’s a combined score of 31-11 with Kendrick, Hamels, Lee and Burnett pitching. Ew.

And last night they sent down Freddy Galvis, who is batting .048 with a .109 on-base percentage and .048 slugging percentage. To put that in context, Lee, a pitcher who is 3-for-14, is hitting .214/.214/.214.

Ryan Lawrence on Galvis:

The Phillies optioned infielder Freddy Galvis to Triple-A Lehigh Valley following Thursday’s game. Galvis went 0-for-3 with a walk and a run scored in the game, but is just 2-for-42 in 16 games this season.

Among the 386 major league players with at least 25 plate appearances, Galvis ranks last in the major leagues in hitting (.048), OBP (.109) and OPS (.156).

This is why players take steroids.

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36 Responses

  1. AAA, what the fuck. Just cut him. American League pitchers swing a better big league bat and that’s not even hyperbole.

  2. “I missed a lot of games,” Galvis said. “I missed a lot of at-bats. That’s why I’m going down, you know?”

    No. You’re going down because you fucking suck, you MRSA midget. Good riddance.

  3. And another 2 KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKs by the Big Piece of Fucking Monkey Shit last night……..I hate this fucking team

  4. Man, that was brutal! The equipment guys just picked him up, strapped him into an infant carseat and threw him in a little box marked SHIT.

      1. Nah, I’m the best 3B this team has for like 3 more years! Pitchers will be hitting 8th soon, but whatever.

        1. I don’t know why Sandberg won’t play Kevin Frandsen there more, instead of you. Franny did so well for us last season. (Maybe Ryno doesn’t like vdeterans?)


          1. Frandsen is on the Nats, and don’t worry Smache, we’ll take good care of your hot little Midwestern girl when you get your demotion ticket!

          2. Mikey Miss Producer,

            It was schtick, in-character, designed to poke fun at the clueless Rube! Try to keep up (and why do people begin a comment with ‘uhhhhhh’ ? Just makes you look dumb).


    1. Hey Andy, which one was Freddy’s good season before this season?

      2012 – .226 BA / .254 OBP

      2013 – .234 BA / .283 OBP

      1. No! Dom Brown has been, and will continue to be untouchable. He’s the cornerstone of our franchise (along with me) for years to come.


  5. Freddy Galvis = Kim Batiste = Luis Aguayo

    I’m better than all you guys!


  6. Thank you Comcast (Scumcast) for taking the Phillies off of PHL17 and making people pay to watch this sorry excuse for a team! You saved me a lot of aggravation and freed up my Sundays to enjoy the things I missed out on! Also, thank you to DirecTV for not giving in to the ransom that Scumcast wanted to broadcast CSN!

    1. My signal never goes out asshole! Even with two inches of snow on the dish! Only a power failure knocks me off!
      Eat shit and keep feeding Scumcast your money for low class service!!!

  7. Hey Mac. YOU’RE the fuckin’ moron if you think rain blocks satellite TV! Stop showing your IQ. You’re embarrassing yourself!

    1. And YOU have embarrassed YOURSELF by first saying “freed up my Sundays to enjoy the things I missed out on”, but after your incessant chatter, it’s clear that all you’ve done is switch from sitting on your fat ass watching Comcast, to sitting on your fat ass watching DirecTV.

      How is that “freeing up your Sundays to enjoy the things you missed out on”?

      Looks like YOU are the “fuckin’ moron”.

      1. Hey dickhead! I’ve never had Comcast in my life! I despise Scumcast! My Sundays are now free because I can’t watch the stinking Phillies anymore! Is THAT clear to you now asshole or do I have to spell it out for you? My ass is not fat. I watch very little TV. I was responding to Mac. Get your fuckin’ nose out of my ass and mind your own posts, MORON!!!

        1. Aww, is little DirecTV fan-boy sensitive? Was it the comment about your fat ass, or the comment that you are a fuckin moron?

          Don’t be mad Dick, just go back to your couch and continue stuffing your piehole with popcorn while you watch your Comcast highlights.

          What a tool….

          1. Ha! Ha! Fuck you and Comcast! Sounds like you’re the one that’s mad! No matter how hard you suck Comcast’s dick, they will always keep charging you more and you and all the other lemmings will keep paying it! Ahh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

        2. Hey Loyal Dickhead, it looks like after your weak-assed attempt at a verbal beatdown on Mac, the CBM guy exposed you for the whiny little bitch that you really are.

          You can dish it out, but can’t take it. What a pussy.

          1. Fuck you too! You’re just another asshole that wants to put his nose up my ass! Apparently, CBM can’t take it or assholes like you wouldn’t be sticking up for him! Tool is a cool word. Can I use it to be cool like you guys?

          2. I see that the truth hurts you, douche. Don’t be mad, little Dicky. Just check your whiny, childish bitchy self at the door before commenting next time.

            If you’re too sensitive, just say so, and we will go easy on you next time.

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