Video: Freddy Galvis Broke His Shoulder Yesterday

Voila_Capture 2014-05-12_10-21-17_AM

So that should help his struggles at the plate.

Ryan Lawrence of the Daily News broke the news that Galvis fractured his left clavicle and will require surgery:

Galvis suffered the injury in the sixth inning, when he collided with IronPigs third baseman Maikel Franco as both converged on a foul ball down the third-base line. Galvis slid in an attempt to make the catch and Franco’s right knee hit the shortstop’s left shoulder as the ball dropped into foul territory.

It’s the latest bad break for Galvis. He began the season on the disabled list after suffering a MRSA infection at the end of spring training. Two years ago, he missed the final 3 1/2 months of the season after suffering a pars fracture in his back; he also served a 50-game suspension for a failed drug test related to PED use in 2012.

And here is the video:

Not Freddy Galvis
Not Freddy Galvis

Galvis will reportedly be out 6-8 weeks.

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18 Responses

  1. I feel bad for him. However, also incredibly relieved knowing that we’ll now definitely never see him in a Phillies uniform ever fucking again.

  2. Thankfully it wasn’t the other way around with Franco getting hurt. Thanks for taking one for the team Freedy

  3. The dumb fuck almost took our only decent hitting prospect above AA ball out too.

    I still think this loser is Rube’s bastard.

  4. Good. I’ve always hated that fucking midget. If anyone is going to be dead roster weight around here, it’s me.

  5. I think this is great for Galvis. He can spend the first 4 weeks on the roids – get him back to the animal that he is, and he’ll be good to come back in 8.

    In Galvis we Trust!

    1. “It’s not negative comments, and I hardly police anything, but there’s a difference between funny and writing completely vulgar things about someone with no real humor. It’s one thing when it’s about someone who’s not from around here or will never see it, it’s another thing about a local, what, 22 year old girl?, who likely will see and whose family likely will see it. There’s no rule that you can say the most vile vulgar stuff about someone anonymously. I simply just blocked the comments on that post. It was ridiculous. There’s funny and then there’s nasty.”

  6. The only person that is heart broken about this is Amaro. The same guy that built our bullpen is the same guy who looks at Galvis and sees the second coming of Mike Schmidt.

  7. None of u no what Ur talking about. Freddy was just in a slump. Y’all did the same thing with Dom brown. then he got a full season in the big leagues and he produced. Freddy is a good baseball player and will be a started someday in the bigs.

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