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I’m going to need some help with my swing before I take my bright outfits and 30 handicap to the CBGA Tour, which gets underway this week (still plenty of time to sign up).

With the help of reader Ed, who did his best to put up with me this weekend, and the Ubersense app (which allows you to record and annotate your swing in super slow-mo), here are my four different swings with four different types of clubs:

Driver— I thought the swing looked majestic, if I’m being honest. Like a rainbow of perfect cascading from my shoulders. But I’m pretty sure the ball wound up in someone’s backyard. Apparently I swing it like a baseball bat. And I guess the ball isn’t supposed to hit the club here:

Voila_Capture 2014-05-13_09-51-30_AM

High and to the right, that shot was.

Wedge— This was my best shot of the day on Saturday– a gorgeous 40-yard approach that landed in the center of the green. Once the video stopped I tipped my cap to the nonexistent gallery. Birds chirped in approval. I’m fairly decent with wedges and high irons, usually because I don’t feel the need to muscle the ball and can just take nice, easy swings. Look at the wrists break in this shot– my club was like a midwife escorting a baby out of the womb… and onto the green for a par putt two-putt.

Iron and hybrid— I’m the worst with low irons and hybrids. Where I can usually hit the ball well with a driver because the swing path makes sense to me (like a baseball bat, right?), hitting down on a ball to get distance with an iron doesn’t compute in my head and I wind up chunking the grass.

Here’s the feedback I got on Twitter and from reader Ed, who is like a three handicap and pisses me off:

1) My takeaway is too steep.

2) My arms and hips are out of sync.

3) I swing a golf club like I’m trying to pull a low, inside fastball.

4) The orange pants are awesome.

What else am I missing?

The CBGA Tour officially began yesterday, but there’s still plenty of time to sign up. It’s rather simple: Join our league at Tour Golf Revolution, input your average score on a par 72 to figure out your handicap, and schedule tee times like you normally would. The schedule is as follows (subject to change with notice):

Event 1: May 12 – June 1 at Westover Country Club

Event 2: June 2 – June 22 at The Club at Shannondell

Event 3: June 23 – July 13 at Pennsauken Country Club

Event 4:  “The Open Championship,” July 14 – August 3 at Lederach Golf Club

Event 5: August 4 – August 24 at Springfield Country Club

Event 6: The CBGA Championship, tenatively scheduled for September 13 at RiverWinds

Before playing your round, be sure to enter your scheduled tee time into the league interface so other league members can round out your foursome if they so choose. You have to play with at least one other person in the league to verify your score. You have three weeks to play each event at your convenience. Participants of all abilities are welcome since scoring is based on your handicap. The final event, the outing, will be open to all readers.

Sign up here. It’s $15 to play, but you may sign up for FREE and will receive an email within the next week or two to pay.