Your Monday Morning Roundup

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Good morning. The Phillies blew a chance to sweep the Mets. The Flyers aren’t playing hockey. The Eagles completed a solid draft and signed a guy nicknamed “Murderleg.”

Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:

Sheil Kapadia’s pick-by-pick draft review.

Chip Kelly is in love with wide receiver draft pick Jordan Matthews. Here’s why:

You may have heard the story by now about how Jordan Matthews broke down four Eagles’ game tapes before heading to Philly for his official visit. Chip Kelly said he was armed with a notebook for his interview with the coaches “and came in with questions for us.” Equally impressive to Kelly was the receiver’s recall when some of his own tape came on.

“Jordan Matthews could tell you the play that was being run before he ran it. We’d have the tape and he’d look at the screen and say, That is the Ole Miss game. I remember this. It’s 3rd and 13, here’s the play call. I ran a dig. You hit play and that’s exactly what happened,” he said.

Jimmy Kempski grades the Eagles draft using stick figures and animated GIFs.

Sexy GIFs that include Maria Menounos shimmying in a green bikini. [Do we think she and Mario Lopez have ever boinked? They had to have, right?]

Meet Casey Spear – Murderleg – who was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Eagles. No idea if he can kick, but he murders people:

And hey, he can’t be worse than Alex Henery, right?

The Eagles are interested in hosting the NFL Draft, and probably won’t get it because, by rule when Philly hosts a big event, an outdoor concert must occur on the Parkway or Riverfront and a fully-sanctioned Ben Franklin must be present. From the New York Times, via Philly Mag:

After Goodell said recently that the league would consider moving some or all of the draft to another location, he received calls from civic leaders in Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles, as well as Cleveland, Green Bay, Houston, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Orlando, Fla., the league spokesman Brian McCarthy said. Not to be outdone, the Dallas Cowboys called last week and offered their stadium in Arlington, Tex., as a site.

For a league bent on monetizing every potential opportunity, the response was an embarrassment of riches. Given the draft’s growing prominence, cities may even subsidize an event that is already swimming in network and sponsorship dollars.

Photo: Deadspin
Photo: Deadspin

Tipsters tell Deadspin that Mitch Williams went off on an umpire at a 10-year-old’s game:

He has been arguing balls and strikes and was upset about a play at the plate where his team was called out. In the top of the 5th while he was coaching first base he yelled to another parent that he would have the umpire fired. The Umpire confronted him and Mitch went off. He threatened the umpire called him a motherfucker in front of 10 year olds. They were faced to face inches from each other arguing. He had to be restrained by other coaches. The umpire rightfully kicked him out.

He refused to leave the field until speaking to he spoke to management. He left the field took off his jersey and watched the rest of the game from behind home plate without incident.

Mitch talked about it on Twitter:

Deadspin has the full story and more images.

Cliff Lee is officially better than Stephen Strasburg:

In fact, sabemetrician Tom Tango runs a Lee vs. Strasburg poll almost every year. Lee was a 3-to-1 favorite to out-WAR Strasburg in the wunderkind’s rookie season of 2010 and again in 2012 (Strasburg was out most of 2011 after undergoing Tommy John surgery in 2010). But in 2013, it was assumed the much younger Strasburg would finally pass Lee if he came anywhere near the 159⅓ innings he’d tossed in 2012. Dan Szymborski’s ZiPS projection system estimated there was better than a 77 percent probability that Strasburg’s park-adjusted ERA would be better than Lee’s.

It wasn’t. Strasburg put up an ERA 20 percent better than average; Lee’s ERA was 24 percent better than average. Lee also came out ahead in Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP), while also pitching 39⅔ more innings than Strasburg. That’s why Lee crushed Strasburg by two to four WAR, depending on which system you look at.

So the Chicago Blackhawks also ripped off the G shirt, and what a terrible job they did of it:

Voila_Capture 2014-05-12_08-41-34_AM
via (@BriMcL17)

The Eagles had been eyeing Marcus Smith for a month.

Sidney Crosby consoles (CONSOLs?) Ranger and former Team Canada teammate Martin St. Louis over the death of his motherand later he gets squirted by Henrik Lundqvist.



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17 Responses

  1. Hated Mitch in ’93 but have to side with him here. Anyone who humps kids around to practices and clinics 24/7 knows there’s nothing worse than a terrible self-absorbed ump incompetently deciding a game.

    And Kyle, hate to break it to you but helmet-designed shirts have been around much longer than your cheesy attempt to profit off G. Everything in life’s not an attack on your income model.

    1. “Two different observers told us Williams had to be physically separated from the umpire by other coaches. Williams then refused to leave the field, causing a 10-minute delay in play; as a result of his antics, he was initially banned from the tournament.”

      i dont care how self-absorbed the umpire was on saturday. while williams has every right to disagree with a call, it does not entitle him to be a huge jackass in the process!!! nothing more classless than carrying on like this in front of a group of 10 year olds. mitchie poo is a jackoff!

      1. We were not there. Seen cases where Mitch would be totally justified and others where he wouldn’t, umps can be bigger assholes than coaches. And there are no “objective observers” at U10 kids ballgames. These two observers may have been opposing team’s parents jumping at chance to trash opposing coach or “famous guy”, who knows. We don’t.

        Remember few weeks ago the fast-pitch softball chick & her catcher who blew up home plate ump with high cheese after he cost them a game? That’s hilariously more excessive, but umps can suck and shit happens.

        1. Lumpy, Lumpy, Lumpy… Cal Ripken prohibits any arguing of any judgement calls by an Ump. You can’t even give written complaint on that. You need to show the kids to take the call as it’s called no matter how bad it is, it’s the call. More than likely in most cases Mitchie Poo would be banned for the season. But since he’s an entitled jackwagon that may not happen.

          Talk about showing the kids how to be a poor sport huh Mitchie Poo? And you have the audacity to criticize those who are vocal about you blowing “THE” Game? Ass Hole.

    2. #1. Its a fucking 10 year olds baseball game, should be enough reason to not give a shit right there.
      #2. While it might not be fair, mitch is in the national spotlight, and maybe that fat ass ump targeted that. But just cause hes an ex ball player doesnt mean hes exempt from the rules when it comes to getting good or bad calls.
      #3. I dunno, obviously wasnt there, but this is not the first time mitch has made a fuck head out of himself in public. The dykstra incident (not saying it wasnt warrented I dunno what happened between them, but mitch is definitely in a better place in life than dykstra so fucking drop it.) There was also an incident where mitch lost his shit on a girls basketball ref at a game between two friggin Catholic schools. The dude is a great analyst, but he acts like a fucking smegma towel sometimes.
      I’m done.

  2. Mitch Williams is an asshole and always will be. What a role model for the kids! All washed up and nowhere to play!

    1. Kacie tweeted that she’s had her KC phone case for three years.
      And then her boyfriend gets drafted by KC? Of all the crazy coincidences! I mean, what are the chances???
      #fate #swag #yolo

      1. I’m so glad she blocked me on twitter. Can only imagine how annoying she was on there this weekend

      2. This really isn’t a laughing matter. Horse rustling still happens out there on the plains. Stay safe Kacie.

  3. Mitch is the man. Heard that ump deserved it.

    – wtf nothing on Aaron Murray & kacie getting drafted by Andy??
    Nothing on Michael Sam ??

  4. I wasn’t a fan of the Eagles’ 1st round pick, but the more I read about Matthews, the more I think he might be the steal of the draft.

    Has training camp started yet???

  5. Okay, so they signed a kicker whose nickname is “murderleg”, yet he can’t seem to kick the ball out of the endzone…strange.

    1. he also has an 81% field goal efficiency his last year at vandy. turrible. but his name is murderleg so philly fans love him.

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