Audio: Talking Ocean Sex with Big Daddy Graham

Photo credit: Poop McDougle
Photo credit: Poop McDougle

Good morning. I’ve already disposed of a dead squirrel – that my dog found in the backyard at 8 a.m. – with a pooper scooper. About six hours before that, I was a guest on Big Daddy Graham’s show and spent a solid 12 minutes talking exclusively about the couple that had gross sex in the Sea Isle City ocean. How’s your day so far?

Audio here.


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  1. You better post facebook screenshots from that poor squirrel’s mom’s account and other family member’s posts.

  2. You shut down the comments on the Guy dying….and removed some of the more revolting bullshit.

    Guess that’s progress around here.

      1. …no…just rite after him and his girls personal info got out there.. Zero to do with him getting ripped..

  3. Glad to see that you closed the comments on the other thread. Good or bad, The Kid Who Puked on the Little Girl at a Phillies Game is an infamous (albeit minor) footnote in recent sports news. Someone usually brings him up right after they talk about how we throw snowballs at Santa (sigh). That being said, I think his death was worth of a one-sentence mention on the site. And that’s it. He did a complete shitbag thing, but he was punished (and got a pretty good black eye) and life moves on. We don’t need to treat him like Jean Valjean.

    Interestingly enough, I went and checked out the dude’s FB page. On June 5, he posted something about someone he knew getting busted for weed, and people started slamming him for getting up in other people’s business and posting it online (just like this site was doing…and I guess I’m doing the same thing). His last comment on the thread was “I’m sorry I was informed by some I really respect and admire that it’s wrong to post public info.”

    Last point on this, looking at his FB thread, he was complaining about being sick for a few weeks.

    1. Wow, what did everyone expect would happen when Kyle posted that? That everyone would offer heartfelt condolences and tributes to someone whose only previous moment in the spotlight was as an ass-bag, puking on a little girl? Please!

      And now comments are removed “out of respect”? “Respect” would have been not posting this on a notoriously free-wheeling sports blog in the first place! People can go to a news site to view obituaries.

      1. I forgot to say:

        Kyle knew EXACTLY what he was doing when posting that. I’m sure he just underestimated the extent of the non-politically-correct commenter(s) and the resulting backlash from the apologists.

  4. Is there a barking dog video with a lame explanation in our future????

    probably not. The comments were deleted because they veered into personal stuff about Kyle….Fiance’s name, wedding date, etc. That is why the comment containing same on this thread was deleted.

    I do not condone dragging his soon-to-be-wife into this mess, I might add.

    Respect for the family my ass.

    1. The guy’s sister was fielding comments shredding her recently deceased brother. It was very much to prevent that sort of thing.

      Honestly, I don’t understand anyone who is mad about the post yet watches when news stations show up to interview grieving mothers or TV stations play frantic 911 calls. Clemmens and his family posted about this stuff, publicly, and continued to do so after he died. Hell, that sort of thing might be a story if he wasn’t someone who, unfortunately, is quite infamous. And there’s only one real way to identify him, so it’s not like the headline can just say “Matthew Clemmens,” again unfortunately. Still, I didn’t crack any jokes about the kid, unlike some:

      1. So you honestly had no idea that the comments section would be a disaster? You could but a post about a mountain of dead puppies crushing an orphanage and it will eventually turn bad. If you pay me 3 of those 6 figures, I’ll be your consultant to tell you when it is a bad idea to enable comments.

      2. No, you yourself didn’t bash the guy.

        If you took the comments down because, at least in part, you found out they were upsetting his family, then kudos to you.

        But, you know your audience. There is no way in hell you didn’t know what was going to happen.

        Do you still not get that the real outrage was that you shut down the comments on traffic girl’s desk story after 10, and you let this go to almost 90????

        Posting the story wasn’t the problem. Letting the comments happen in the first place was.

        1. I posted it at 1 a.m. , half asleep, before catching an hour of sleep to wake up and do the radio thing at 2. I woke up this morning, saw the comments, and deleted them, one by one. They were up from 1 am until about 10 am. And no, I actually expected most self-righteous commenters to not completely shred a dead guy to his sister. I was obviously wrong.

          1. Some ass-bag dies, and his sister is spending the next several hours fielding comments on Crossing Broad? She needs to get her priorities in order.

      3. Lame..weak…and then you play the its not me its them card…look how bad these guys are..and post links…fuckn weak

  5. I’m surprised there was 5 uninterrupted minutes on Big Daddy Graham’s show where he didn’t mention one of his shitty Quiz-O locations and times. Fucking shill he is and his show is a 3.5 hour commercial for a shitty, unfunny comic.

    By the way, does anyone find Dom Irrera funny? The morons on the morning show had him on again today and declared him funnier than Seinfeld. Add him to Graham and Conklin and you still have 0 funny Philly guys.

    1. Spot on Irrera, he is one of the least funniest comics I have ever heard. His schtick on Preston and Steve which seems like once a month is terrible, his voice is a whiny chalkboard like.

    2. Their attempts to be a morning comedy show is the main reason I don’t listen much anymore. Dom Irrara and Big Daddy Graham are embarrassingly non-funny, both dinosaurs. I have never understood BDG having a talk show on a sports station but I guess for that time period it doesn’t matter much.

  6. Very good that Kyle gave credit to for breaking this story. Andrew Kramer of CBS/KYW broke the story and wrote the initial article on that site. I may or may not have been the witness quoted in the article.

  7. Preparing for another video post, in an attempt to tamp down Pukeymongate outrage.

  8. i bet 12 minutes talking about sex, is about 11 minutes more than it takes you to actually have sex with your dog.

  9. Because their borders are sealed to prevent anyone of color or ethnicity from entering the town. Riley Cooper couldn’t find anyone to fight there.

  10. Comments disabled to protect family, but Pukemon tag/link remains in order to up page views.

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