Dave Montgomery is Against a Full Rebuild Because it May Lower Attendance Numbers


After already putting his faith in Ruben Amaro Jr., Phillies team president Dave Montgomery told the Bucks County Courier Times over the weekend that a total rebuild of the team could have a “negative impact on attendance” — no shit — and that’s a risk he may not be willing to take. Part of Montgomery’s thoughts on the idea to the Courier Times went like this:

“‘In 1998, what were we drawing? Where were we ranked of the franchises in the city? We were last,’ Montgomery said. ‘When I took over, we thought it was a moral victory to go 44-46 in the second half and still lose 97 games, drawing a million and a half and we couldn’t get into a new ballpark.

‘Some people say that the Phillies worry too much about attendance. Yes, we do. When you are low in attendance, the risk is only on the upside. When you are (drawing well), the risk is dropping any further. And that’s what we’re trying to avoid.'”

For the record, the Phillies are only filling CBP an average of 69.7% every night, and according to Baseball Reference, can boast about having the largest negative change in attendance from last season to this season. Through 45 games, the Phillies have brought 370,367 less fans to the games than they did at this point last year, which comes out to about 8,230 lost per game.

How Dave Montgomery thinks that isn’t a problem worth addressing is well beyond my comprehension. Then again, so is giving Ruben the stamp of approval.

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pic via local mystery writer Allen Schatz


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  1. Anyone that pays their way into CBP to watch this clownshow franchise is a fucking knob.

  2. The Phils are in a tangled web of catch-22-confuckdum. Let’s play the hypothetical game here: Who on this team will land you a quality prospect? Each player comes with his own baggage, whether it’s a steep contract, age, or both. They’ve unfortunately become essential mercenaries that will project to do well and improve another ball club’s roster on paper, but will that ball club gamble its future prospects for a crapshoot run at achieving a above-average stopgap at SS, 2B, relief or starting pitching? In fantasy baseball? Sure. In real life? Idiotic and nonsensical. Hell, when Prince went down in my fantasy league, I traded my 1st and 2nd round pick in next year’s 2015 draft for Paul Goldschmidt cause I. DON’T. GIVE. A. FUCK. Real life? Not happening.

    What MAJOR prospect could you realistically get in return for our guys?

    Utley & Rollins are on the wrong side of 35. A team acquiring them would approach their acquisition of these guys as a favor to take their salary off of our hands.

    Howard is the Vernon Wells of 2014 – 2018. IF he’s ever traded, the Phils are eating a large chunk of his salary. I don’t see him being moved before the final year of his contract, perhaps to a AL team where he can DH against RHP. The Phils will still have to eat half his salary and will get dogshit in return.

    Papeldouche is just a redneck who is the last at his position to cash in on a big pay day. I’d be willing to bet the turnover rate at the closer position is over 40% of MLB. No closer should ever make more than $10 mill a season. This is worse than the Howard signing in my opinion. I think this signing is the reason RAJ should be fired.

    Hamels and Lee both have $100+million contracts. Any team taking on their talents will be consuming their salary. Again, we will not get a Boegarts, Polanco, Springer, Taveras, etc. for either of them.

    To make matters even worse, their farm system is fucked. Maikel Franco AT BEST will be 25 – 30 HRs a year with .250 AVG, .310 OBP. FUCK FUCK FUCK. He is not our saving grace. He is a nice complimentary power hitter, who needs protection in the lineup. And that’s his CEILING.

    Darren Ruf is 28 years old. We’re grasping for straws here if we think he’ll really be anything.

    Jesse Biddle’s CEILING was always projected as a #3 SP. Why do we get so boned up about him?

    Crawford is 19 years old and is not the next Trout.

    Oh, and forget about acquiring, unflawed talent via free agency anymore cause those days are no more. Teams are locking up players until they are 30+ years old (Posey, Goldshit, Rizzo, Singleton, Carpenter, etc.). So any players hitting free agency will be thirty years old and looking to be severely overpaid. The future is not bright for the Phils. The future is the Houston Astros — except we don’t believe in sabremetrics, or you know, on-base percentage.

  3. Good thing you included your own personal fantasy baseball tie in. Good Job!

  4. You took all that time to type that? What the fuck is wrong with you.

    Kyle will come back from his honeymoon to the shreds of what was a decent sports blog.

  5. You really didn’t/don’t need a total rebuild. But you did/do need to have a GM who knows what he is doing.

    Between Kendrick and Hernandez you have $12 M locked in to 2 horrible starting pitchers. With this anemic offensive those 2 are a guaranteed 2 game losing streak everytime the rotation turns over.

    Your GM had to know that Ben Revere is not a starting outfielder.

    You had to have a backup plan for Dom Brown.

    You play in a bandbox. RH bombers like Nelson Cruz,Mike Morse,Mark Trumbo were all available last Oct and Rube came back with the same pathetic outfield save Byrd.

    Same terrible bench

    Same mish mosh bullpen which hurt them early, admittedly they have finally come around.

    There was plenty of help in the free agency market the past 2-3 years but Rube botched things up severely.

  6. Using a pre-game photo showing the stands well before a game starts to underscore a game attendance assertion is fucked up. And it’s not the first time you tools have used this photo for that same reason. What the fuck is wrong with you.

    1. not sure how much pre game it is. the umpires are taking the line ups at home plate.

  7. As the handle says, you have to be senile to attend this poor excuse for a franchise. The Phils have their Comcast money and if you want cable in the area, you have to pay Comcast who pays the Phils whether you watch them not.

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