Flyers Will Not Play in the Winter Classic After All


Though it had been long-rumored that the 2015 Winter Classic would feature the Flyers playing against the Washington Capitals in Washington, it has been revealed that it was only a rumor. According to Yahoo Sports Canada, the 2015 Classic will feature the visiting Chicago Blackhawks taking on the Caps. The Flyers rumor was a strong one though:

“It’s an interesting choice for a number of reasons. The Winter Classic has traditionally featured geographic rivals, which is why some outlets were reporting the Philadelphia Flyers would be the opponent for the Capitals in 2015.”

The only thing left to decide now is the venue. Though Nationals Park seems most likely, I’d like to know what we have to do to get a Winter Classic at Camden Yards.


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  1. Yah, haven’t they already been in two? I would think the league wants to spread it around to other teams.

    1. It’s funny you say that, because I would think the league would just hold it in Pittsburgh every year.

    2. Yes, that’s why the Caps and Blackhawks are each getting a second Classic (third outdoor game for the Hawks) when there’s 20 teams who haven’t been in it once.


      1. As I said, Flyers have had it TWICE.
        As YOU said, the Caps have only had it ONCE.
        Chicago is Chicago.

        You better stick to washing balls, since you’re ill-equipped to comment here, fuckbag.

        1. There wouldn’t be 20 teams without one if the NHL wanted to spread it around. I don’t care how many times the other 10 have each gotten it. Reality says they don’t care about spreading it around, like you claimed. It’s all about ratings and money. Philly and Pittsburgh will get their third before many teams get their first.


  2. “I’d like to know what we have to do to get a Winter Classic at Camden Yards.”

    Get Baltimore a hockey team…

  3. “I’d like to know what we have to do to get a Winter Classic at Camden Yards.”

    Yeah, or an NBA All-Star Game! Oh…

  4. What the hell?

    “I’d like to know what we have to do to get a Winter Classic at Camden Yards.”

    Go fuck yourself, Jim.

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  6. Camden Yards drops infinite amount of feces all over Nationals Park. What a concrete bowl of shit in the middle of the Navy Yard / Ghetto of DC. Where the fans sip on Peroni and have sweaters tied around the necks, with thigh high khaki shorts and are on their cell phones the entire time taking selfies — leaving in the 5th inning. At least Baltimore has a solid fanbase; DC is nothing but a transplant city full of vile and scum.

    1. that is exactly what john adams said when he rolled in to dc in 1800

      1. I just wanted to let you know that you and the person you’re attached to are underwhelming

  7. Hmmm, phils win 4 in a row, 8 of 10, somehow only 4 back and kyle doesnt say one word about it… And we all know ruben sucks u dont have to try and convince us. I hope the phils go on a huge run here so people like kyle (and u r one of many sadly) miss it becuz they are too busy being typical pessimistic fans

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  9. Im gonna have the winter classic at your mom’s house.



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  12. Sorry to report that Jim hanged himself after being called out on asking for a Winter Classic in a non-NHL city.

    The memorial service will be held tonight at Ortlieb’s. In lieu of flowers, please donate a pair of Warby Parker glasses to the homeless.

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