Jayson Stark Argues Jimmy Rollins’ Hall of Fame Case


This is an argument you’re going to see a lot more once Rollins is the sole holder of the Phillies’ franchise hits record: Is J-Roll™ a Hall of Famer? Jayson Stark wrote about it today, asking if the so-called “good looking kid who comes to play every day” should be enshrined in Cooperstown:

“So what do you think: Is a player with this set of credentials a Hall of Famer?

We’re talking about an active player who is (or will be):

• His franchise’s career hits leader.
• The owner of the second-most Gold Gloves of any active player at his position.
• The only active player at his position who has won an MVP award.
• About to crack the top five for most extra-base hits in history by someone who plays his position.
• A man with a unique set of offensive and defensive credentials that is unprecedented in the history of his position. “

Stark says Rollins isn’t a HOFer yet, but lays out plenty of arguments saying he could be, like this:

“You won’t find a single shortstop in the history of this sport who has done all the stuff he’s done:

An MVP trophy … and four Gold Gloves … and more than 2,200 hits … and more than 200 homers … and nearly 800 extra-base hits … and closing in on the most hits in the history of his franchise.”

It’s an interesting argument, and one we’re sure to keep hearing more and more of in the coming months and years until Rollins calls it a career. In reality, there’s not much point to arguing someone’s Hall of Fame status while they’re still playing, but it’s going to happen anyway. My thoughts? I’m with Stark in saying he’s not completely there yet, but there are dudes at Rollins’ level (or below) who are already in there, so the debate will rage on.


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    1. The article says ACTIVE player. Tejada is not an active mlb player at the moment. The marlins signed him to a minor league deal last month.

  2. Let’s just ignore the fact that the gold glove and mvp awards are complete and total bullshit. IE Derek Jeter. How many gold gloves does Jeter have and his range is about a 5′ diameter circle from where he’s standing when the ball is hit? Ok, i’ll tell you. It’s 5. And he’s a terrible SS who was known to hit very well for his position. Any time a person uses these awards for an argument such as this, it’s a reach.

    1. I agree to an extent, but when you’re judging these HOF credentials, that’s pretty much the benchmark…

      I will say that I think the number of all-star game appearances should not be accounted for in MLB because the voting is a joke…almost as bad as the pro-bowl. Almost.

  3. I don’t think there’s any question that Jimmy is a HOF’er by the time he hangs up his cleats. He’ll probably play another 3 or 4 years. That’s not to say he isn’t right now either.

    I think the better question would be, is Chase Utley a hall of famer when he is done. I would love to see it, but I don’t know that he is.

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