Media Shows Up at PCOM to See Andrew Wiggins, Gets Cops Called on Them

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Andrew Wiggins and Nerlens Noel are out on the town in a black Suburban* today. As mentioned before, Wiggins flew in to town yesterday, was met by Airport Johnny, will see the city today, presumably have many relations tonight, and will work out with the Sixers tomorrow.

A few media folks – from the looks of it, Dei Lynam, Bob Cooney, Keith Pompey and Andrew Albert – showed up at PCOM for a glimpse of Wiggins and potentially a sound bite. Instead, what they got was the ol’ GET OFF MY LAWN. They were kicked off the premises. Albert Tweets:

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I spoke with Andrew and he said that he was gathered with a handful of other media on PCOM property in a spot near where players would enter. After Albert and the others identified themselves as working members of the media, a security guard told them to get lost and move back to the sidewalk, which they did. A cop was called to the scene(?) and instructed them to move back farther… onto the street. They said “no.” The cop said “OK.” And so they remained on the sidewalk, waiting to see Wiggins, which they eventually did when he got in said black Suburban with Noel, who may be a deadbeat dad.

This is… odd. It’s unclear whether the security guard handled all of this on his own or if the Sixers were behind the draconian tactics. It’s not the media’s God-given right to walk in to the Sixers’ practice facility, but removing usually-welcomed press from the property is, well, ridiculous.

I guess the good news – for us, the Sixers? – is that we actually care about this right now.

*What is it with the black Suburban that makes it such a desirable car for dignitaries, spooky government agencies and other assorted notables? I get the fact that it’s big and offers great utility, but so do many other, nicer makes and models. Why not one of the big Lexus SUVs? Why not a fully-loaded mini van? Why not a cement mixer? It’s gotten to the point that when you see a black Suburban, you just assume that someone important (or who wants to kill you) is in it, effectively rendering the supposedly discrete black paint useless. Am I the only one who thinks about this A LOT? Should I just let it go, let it go, turn away and slam the door, the car never bothered me anyway? Fine. Be sure to look for two tall men in a black SUV today. And if you think they may already be parked outside your house… well, later.

If you’re looking for ongoing updates on Wiggins, Albert is a good follow (@AndrewJAlbert01).


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  1. Let it go Kyle. Come to the bar and spend all of your 6 figure money while pretending to be interested in the World Cup. Drink and suppress those feelings. No more cares in the world, no wedding, no blog, no worring about the dog…just drink. Become the alcoholic you are destined to be, like your father before you.

  2. Too bad Wiggins will be taken one spot ahead of the Sixers to the Milwaukee Bucks.

  3. Why should anyone be surprised about what happened? Have we forgotten the Sixers’ GM is Sam Hinkie who could teach the CIA a thing or two about secrecy. I suspect he probably called the cops to keep his meeting with Wiggins under wraps.

  4. “Should I just let it go, let it go, turn away and slam the door, the car never bothered me anyway? ”

    Well done, Kyle. Lots of straight dudes are quoting that these days.

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