Ruben Insists There Was No Clerical Error, Just Regular GM Error in Pence/Santana Deal

Someone get that man a mirror!
Someone get that man a mirror!

Just as we had all begun to accept the report that a clerical error had sent Domingo Santana to the Astros in the Hunter Pence deal, Ruben Amaro has denied the report because of course he has. Ruben told CSN:

“There were several prospects we didn’t want to part with in that deal but we were trying to acquire the best right-handed hitter on the market and that was the price. I understand we’re going to get picked apart because we haven’t had success for a couple of years, but this is not true … There was no mistake. If someone said that, they are misinformed because it’s absolutely, unequivocally wrong. It’s false.”

So let it be known, that Domingo Santana, 21-year-old potential big-league impact player, is not on the Astros roster because of a mistake. Oh no, it was all part of Ruben’s plan. Let it also be known that Jonathan Singleton, one of the other now-big-names in that deal, has two home runs in six games including a grand slam this weekend. It’s all unfolding as planned.

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16 Responses

      1. Apparently so did Arbuckle, since upon the hiring of Amaro, he essentially said “I’m not working for this clown” and took a lateral position in a somehow inferior organization.

  1. Also, Cosart has given up 3 runs or less in 8 straight starts. He gets the Diamondbacks tonight.

    Fuck off RAJ.

  2. Yeah, don’t worry everybody, this wasn’t a mistake, Ruben purposely put Santana in the deal, so all is good. He did it because Ed Wade asked for him and Ruben politely obliged. It would have been very rude of Ruben to say no to Ed even though Ruben was already including his #1 pitching and his #1 hitting prospect in the deal. Why in the world would Ruben say no to Ed even though he was already giving up a ton in the deal?! If Ed wants a all-star corner outfielder thrown in the deal too, by all means you have to do that!

    1. Indeed. Question Mr. North…How do you routinely lay down triple ropers on women’s faces? Is there a diet I need to get on? Exercises I can do?

      Follow up question…where do I find such willing women to lather their faces in my ejaculate?

  3. Of course Rube knew what he was doing… renting Pence even though the team was already on pace for a great season while completely gutting our future. You’re the best GM ever, Rube!

  4. Ruben has pretty much failed at mostly everything since becoming GM. He had a Championship team handed to him and more money to spend than 28 other MLB teams handed their GM’s. He failed miserably.

  5. Douchebag Adair,

    Didn’t your boy Kyle already post the story about the clerical error a few days ago?

    So what did YOU contribute, pasting a story that Amaro is denying it? Did anyone expect him to say anything else?

    This isn’t news. I see that this blog is easing further down the toilet, by hiring a lapdog to re-post what Kyle posted. If I wanted to see duplicate posts of the same story, I could go the

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