Sixers Brought The Media Doughnuts, Everyone Is Just Giddy Wiggins Is In Town


beer run

Andrew Wiggins is in town, and everyone is in a fantastic mood. Just one day after the cops were called on the media at PCOM, the Sixers are being so nice to the media that the media actually seems kinda worried. First they brought doughnuts, they swore the Sixers/Hinkie were not the ones who called the police, and Scott O’Neill even joked it was PCOM who called the cops because they’re salty about Camden. It’s like a holiday over there, and if this is a sign of what is to come if Wiggins comes here, I’m totally on board. We already know Kyle is.


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  1. The media is a bunch of pu$$is quite frankly. man up. The sixers peed all over you. s a couple donuts and you are all fine? Man up and boycott the team. when it coms time for them to call a press conference, dot show. But that’s where having extra large vaginas come in. too afraid someone else might get the story. Who cares. Its the sixers . And why does the media get all bent out of shape anyway? They like to think people care abut this crap an the sixers disrespected thefans. WE DON’T CARE

  2. i see the new guy is already fully trained in his new position. troll twitter all morning and cut and paste to the website.

  3. i actually hope sean brace kills himself when he finds out his fat girlfriend is cheating on him

    1. I just hope he kills himself, period.

      Kyle…..come to the bar and drink yourself to death… is on…..your favorite….craft beer….mmmmm……come, sit on me and drink while your employee does all the work…..spend your 6 figure salary…..

    2. That is true, she was with a friend of mine a few weekends ago, Brace is too dumb to figure it out

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