The Eagles Will Use Google Glass This Year, Whatever That Means

google glass

According to USA Today, there will be a bunch of professional glassholes at the Linc this year:

“Google Glass is slowly becoming more common in sports as teams and broadcasters try to bring fans closer to the action. The Philadelphia Eagles are going to test the Internet-connected eyewear for in-game use, and a company with a key application for the technology says it has secured a new round of financing that will help roll out its Glass program to sports, entertainment and other fields.”

The report goes on to say that the Eagles’ approach to using the technology will be much like the way the Indiana Pacers used it this season, “who used the CrowdOptic program to provide multiple courtside perspectives over the videoboard during games.” And now that the Linc has those big, fancy, new screens, everyone can enjoy new hi-def angles on giant family fights.


4 Responses

  1. Sweet, I can’t wait to use this to get a better view of the players getting changed in the locker room….

    I mean the cheerleaders on the sidelines! Crap, I hope no one saw that.

  2. “Google Glasses…what is the highest percentage play the Giants run on 3rd and ten?”

  3. Great. Bruno gets his ass up and resigns, now we get 4 hours of these fucking morons for 2 days because Mayes is off having a liver transplant or something???

    As a side note, how are Brace and Jim both gainfully employed???

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