The Flyers Likely Won’t Play the Penguins at Beaver Stadium, and Howard Eskin is Likely an Idiot

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Howard Eskin is in throwing shit at the wall mode again. Early this morning he reported that the Flyers could play the Penguins at Beaver Stadium, something that has been rumored for years, as part of the Stadium Series.

Few problems with that, though:

1) The schedule came out yesterday and the Flyers play the Penguins only once in December, January or February– Tuesday, January 20. There’s about a 2% chance that the league would schedule a marquee matchup like Flyers-Pens at Beaver Stadium on a Tuesday night. [Of course, they once held the All-Star Game mid-week on Versus, so you never can be too sure.]

2) The schedule is set and there’s also about a 2% chance it will get rearranged to accommodate a weekend matchup with the Pens.

3) Hearing the Stadium Series game will be between the Bruins and Canadiens in Foxboro.

4) Eskin has been wrong on just about everything since the start of 2013. Him hearing something amounts to: I need to stay relevant this week.

I’d love to be proven wrong here, but I wouldn’t count on Flyers-Pens at Beaver Stadium. Not this year, at least.


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  1. Will somebody please give me this needle dicked willywackers home address so I can go all Space mountain on his ass? Whoooo!

  2. The only thing this guy can get right is what his freeloading crew had for breakfast at the diner he works on Saturday. My favorites part of show is when he is wolfing down his lox and bagels smacking his lips while he is talking to callers. It’s so professional.

    1. Then why do you listen?

      Here is my suspected answer- probably because anything. ANYTHING. is better than Jon and Sean Saturday mornings on The Fanatic.

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