WIP Expands Role of Field of 64 Winner Ray Didinger

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That’s probably the last way Ray Didinger would like to be described – Philly Sports Media Field of 64 winner – but for our purposes, it works.

WIP and CBS Philly announced yesterday that Didinger’s role on the station will increase. His Saturday show with Glen Macnow will be expanded to include a Sunday edition and Didinger will spend more time on the air throughout the year. From the release, which, weirdly, wasn’t initially sent to the most-read sports blog in the city:

SportsRadio 94WIP has reached a new agreement with Veteran Broadcaster and Pro Football Hall of Fame writer Ray Didinger, it was announced today by Marc Rayfield, Senior Vice President and Market Manager, CBS RADIO Philadelphia. Didinger has signed a multi-year deal which will expand his role on WIP and will include work on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT and KYW Newsradio.

The highly popular Ray Didinger and Glen Macnow show that has been heard on Saturday (10 am – 1 pm) will be expanded to include a Sunday edition heard on air and on line at www.cbsphilly.com or through the radio.com app on mobile devices. He will make more frequent appearances on WIP throughout the year. Didinger will also be heard with Chris Stigall on Fridays during the football season and he will be doing commentary on KYW Newsradio and on www.cbsphilly.com.

Good stuff. Honestly, and maybe this is something Didinger wouldn’t even want, but him and Macnow should have a weekday show.

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34 Responses

    1. Yeah but Didinger keeps him in line. Plus, it’s always good to hear Macnow pontificate on something he thinks is right then Diddinger will basically shut down his argument/stance in one or two sentences. Keeping Macnow with Diddinger is a good thing. It makes us appreciate Diddinger more.

  1. RD – “This sort of belays the idea of the dumb football player. I really don’t think you can be truly a dumb guy and play this game at the NFL level. There’s a lot of thought that goes into it.”

    Ike – “Ray lemme ax you sumtin? Where do you get dose ties? Have you eated these wings dey are real good?”

    1. That’s the great thing about Diddinger. Even when he is saddled with co-hosts far below his level, he almost looks at it as a teaching opportunity.

  2. Didinger and Macnow are very good together and I enjoy listening to them on Saturday. Very funny how the WIP press release describes the show as highly popular and will now include Sundays. Why would they want to put a highly popular show on during a regularly scheduled time during the week when they can force more of Gargano down our throats.

    1. You’re making the assumption that Ray Diddy WANTS to do more radio during the week. Which I think he doesn’t.
      Ray’s the best football analyst we have in this town and everyone knows it. He does tons of Comcast work, presumably leaving only the weekends for his own radio show. I doubt he wants to do more radio than what was just announced.

    2. SPQR….you are sooooo right on that one. I’m getting sick of Gargano….I can’t listen to WIP anymore, from Barkan’s overly fake excitement (can he be real for 5 minutes, maybe provide some insight since he’s been in philly forever and knows everyone) to Gargano and Ellis – I thought Eskin was sarcastic and condescending to people who didn’t agree with them, but yesterday they were horrible flippin out on callers who thought differently from them. Gargano was much better when he had Missanelli to smack him down or Glen to reign him in….I used to love Gargano when he was the side guy, but now that he’s the lead, I don’t like him at all on the radio. just can’t listen to wip anymore….I’ll take Josh Innis, he’s good. he just needs a co-host to help him navigate thru all the haters who are giving him crap b/c he’s from out of town and has a different perspective. WTF people 3/4ths of the morning show is from New England, Glen was from Buffalo, and the mid-day show guys weren’t from around here either at one point. relax and let him build his show!!!

      1. Gargano is Eskin-lite. He has created a persona, ‘The Cuz’, much like Howard was ‘The King’. If you dare disagree with anything he says, you’re a ‘fraud’ or ‘fugazi’ and he’ll just talk you down until he ends the call. The whole South Philadelphia routine is sad. Didn’t he spend his formative years in New Jersey? I completely agree with the poster above who said he was a good side man. When he first came to the station, Macnow did a good job of keeping him in line. As a lead, he is just not good. The ‘4 for 4’ thing is just another way for him to show that he is a truer, better fan than all of us. If he went back to basics, and just concentrated on looking at things objectively, his quality would improve. He needs to drop his annoying habit of making it seem like the President is calling in whenver someone from South Philadelphia calls in (YOOOOOOOO!!!! ROCCO FROM 8TH STREET!!!!!! MY BOY!!!!!!). It’s annoying and no one cares.
        If WIP were smart, they would bring every host in for a one day in service, where they would just listen to Diddinger’s shows, then make them follow his discipline. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional sidebar about a non sports issue, but it’s clear that people appreciate and resepct knowledgable sports discussion.

  3. This is the problem with WIP and The Fanatic. With only two stations in town, there is no where else for us listeners to turn, so the stupid program directors can get away with putting people like Gargano, Brace and Marks on the air because they know we have no other options.

    1. I wish dickhead callers would start calling Gargano like they do for Josh Innes. Like him or not it’s great radio! It was great when Eskin was around, and it’s funny when Mike Miss gets into it. Gargano doesn’t even take callers who don’t agree with him, just leaves them on hold. I know i’ll fall asleep if WIP is on from 1-6.

      1. Steve – I just clicked submit on my comment when I saw yours just now……I agree 100%….douchebags need to call during 1-6 and give them shit too..

      2. I think Gargano only takes calls on the air from people he personally knows and who are grown men with absolutely pathetic nicknames. “Jimmy Head” “TastyKake Dom” “Coach Al” “Ripping and Tearing” et al.

        It makes your skin crawl.

        1. It’s a psychlogical thing with him. Since he really isn’t from South Philadelphia, he’s trying to create his own ‘South Philadelphia’ with the show, all the way down to the awful nicknames.

      3. Believe me…they (we) do call but can’t get on the air. Cuz only takes calls from the predictable regulars and guys he knows. Innes takes all callers – he doesn’t have as many. But he goes right back at the critics.

        I like Innes’ show, he’s not great but it’s at least a different perspective.

      4. Outside of Diddinger, Innes is the best host in the city. He’ll take his haters on, let the callers actually talk when they disagree with him, and most importantly, he is not a Philadelphia homer.

      5. At least the WIP guys aren’t in the tank for the Sixers. Now that 97.5 WPEN has the Sixers they just fawn all over and hype everything Harris, Hinkie and Co. do as nothing short of brilliant.

        The story the Sixers are peddling is all baloney. Use the Spurs as an example. In the 96/97 season the Spurs finished with a 20-62 record. They drafted Tim Duncan. The following season 97/98 they went from 13th in the conference to 5th and Duncan was Rookie of the year.

        One year later in the second season after they got Duncan they finished first in the conference and went on to win the NBA title. In all the years since that NBA title for the 98/99 season they have never finished worse than 3rd in the conference.

        My point is this who idea that you literally and deliberately have to “tank” multiple seasons while you draft wounded players is nothing short of pure baloney. That Spur season pre-Duncan at 20-62 looks almost identical to the Sixers 19-63 this year.

        I think the Sixers are engaged in a massive PR campaign ginning up “tolerance” for a lousy team in the midst of a multi-year rebuilding effort.

        Here’s more information to digest. While Sixer ticket prices keep climbing, the payroll goes down, down, down. This past season the payroll was under $53 million. For this upcoming season it’s currently at $31.5 million plus what ever new contracts get signed this year. The both those annual numbers include $3 million last year and this year for Noel who hasn’t played a game, and $6 million for another of Hinkie’s genius picks, Jason Richardson.

        Honestly, while a lot of people are drinking the Sixer Sweet Water, I think this new management is about as effective as Andrews Bynam was at bringing a competitive team to Philly.

  4. Macnow is awful and a fraud. I never heard a geeky square try so desperately hard to come of as a “man’s man” for lack of a better term….until Rob Ellis came along.

    Macnow should be put out to pasture though. Though if he keeps eating 34 cheeseburgers a month in a pathetic ploy to get airtime and free food, his heart will take care of that.

    1. I’m 100% with you. Macnow is like an anchor around Ray’s neck. I’m not even sure he cares about sports at all.

  5. Ayyyy, c’mon now, cuz. Cuz you got to cut me some slack, I’m a true South Philly native my brother.

  6. I know that Stigall is a teabagger and all, but I like his show. He’s funny and does his best work in non-political segments.

  7. Didinger could never do a weekday show because he doesn’t possess the ability to fill all that time. The “Eagles Insider” never ever breaks a story or even a rumor, is fine with regurgitating general football concepts and axioms, but when veering anywhere out of that cornhole he’s horribly wrong about his subject. Look at how he butchered the end of the Reid era….every single thing he editorialized about for two years turned out to be embarrassingly inaccurate. A fossil looking to keep up in the fast digital world can’t handle a regular full-time gig. Stick to 4-minute fluff bites Ray, that’s your skill set.

    1. If you were to take all of his football knowledge and compare it to your football knowledge it would be like comparing an ant to a blue whale.

      1. You thought about responding for two hours and that’s the best you could come up with? My 3rd grader wants his burn back.

        Fooyball knowledge doesn’t mean shit if you use it to reach inaccurate conclusions and predictions. Ray has offered nothing truly insightful for several years now, and has maligned many with his aloof assertions regarding “what’s wrong” with the team. He’s terrible.

        Go ahead Ma, paste up a link to any show or article where he’s led the way with genuine personal insight.

  8. Ray Didinger is from my part of town(Elmwood Section of Southwest Philly),so any of you suburban clowns talking shit about Mr Didinger will have to deal with me.

    Tired of you sheltered suburban chumps living off of our city,when the only time you dudes come here is to barhop,buy drugs and make and #ss of yourself in old-city and on South st.

    1. LMAO! Loser. Typical Philly nutjob mouthing off at people they don’t even know. (Nevermind me mouthing off at you, who I don’t know)

    2. Wha are you talking about??? Diddy is from Folsom in Ridley Township in Delco. He says it all the time on air. He went to OLP for elementary school and St James high school.

  9. Like Glen and Ray but now expanding to both Saturday and Sunday that old fart Chuck will be calling both days. Someone should tell Chuck that 1940 died 70 years ago.

  10. You yahoos act like y’all can’t download the ESPN radio app or the I (Heart) radio app. All y’all do is bitch and moan and LISTEN to folks you supposedly hate. I don’t know where the rest of the nation got the stupid idea that Philly fans are some of the most knowledgeable. Mikey Miss is a pompous asshole who is thisclose to becoming as douchey as Eskin but he’s the best thing we have going and his little quizzes really expose how dumb Philly listeners can be. And get off the new guy’s dick. Let him do his job. That being said, y’all need a new shtick. Oh, and tell your moms I said ,”Hi!”. CB fo’ life, Mitches!!!!!

  11. The WIP weekday line up only succeeds because the other station is beyond unlistenable. This week proved how old and out of touch the main crews are at WIP. Angelo’s started a show saying he had no idea how to address the Sixers or World Cup but then proceed to give a bunch of moronic old man opinions. Him and Eskin screaming about how they hate Hinke, because he disrespects “the fans”, was the biggest load of bullshit I’ve heard in a long time.
    Mid-days are a train wreck. Barkann is ridiculous and the constant yelling is bizarre.
    Cuz has transformed Ellis into a complete Bro. I actually turn on Rome instead of that mess.

    Innes I’m no fan of, comes of as a typical wacky edgy radio guy but at least it’s something different. To be fair I couldn’t take more than ten minutes of his schtick and haven’t gone back.
    How about one damn show during the day with decent hosts. I guess it could be worse, they could hire Bruno.

  12. Kyle, your last sentence says “but HIM and Macnow should have their own weekday show”, Come on, you’re a writer, it’s HE and Maconow. You should know better. It seems everyone in Philly uses Him wrong. I hear it on the radio all the time and I drives me nuts. Sounds so awful.

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