Chase Utley Says He’s Never Envisioned Leaving Philadelphia

Photo Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Man this is how Samuel Kim must’ve felt: In a pre-Mid-Summer Classic media session, Chase Utley was asked about the chance of being traded. What Utley responded with was just about the best thing the Phillies could give fans this year– sincerity:

“I love playing baseball in Citizens Bank Park. I love playing in front of the Philly fans. There’s no better place to play in my opinion. Obviously winning is important and I would like to do that in Philadelphia …

I haven’t ever envisioned leaving Philadelphia, honestly. I feel like I’m wanted in Philly. I feel like the fans appreciate the way I play. I feel like the front office appreciates the way I play and I appreciate their support over the years. I don’t plan on going anywhere, but again, if someone comes up to me and says, ‘You’re no longer wanted in Philly,’ then I’ll have to change my tune … I’ve talked to guys who have played for the Phillies and gone on to other organizations and the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.”

The sentiments expressed by Utley aren’t entirely dissimilar to those expressed by Jimmy Rollins, but I’ve always felt that Rollins has been closer to the door over the years than Utley ever has. And based on what Utley says here – basically that he’ll stick around until the fans, or GM, push him out – it looks like he’s staying away from the door until he calls it a career. And when that time comes, the Phils can warm him up a spot in the broadcasting booth, front office or dugout. Because he’s never envisioned leaving Philadelphia.


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      1. Don’t worry we wont be world fucking champions for a while so you wont hear that again anytime soon!

  1. It is not worth it to trade Utley. They won’t get much of anything, and rest assured that whatever they do get will be complete garbage because Rube can’t tell the difference between his ass and a hole in the ground, let a lone a good prospect vs. Tyson Gillies or Tommy Joseph or Ethan Martin or Phillipe Aumont…

    Utley wearing another teams uniform will be just as bad as seeing Brian Dawkins wearing a Broncos jersey. Nauseating.

  2. Wow jimmym you really broke this story how the hell did you get this information so quick. What an astute and poetic journalist you are. Breaking news breaking news

  3. Jim has never written his own piece, it literally is always someone else’s tweet, video or tweet.

    Jim you are awful, and the gayest thing to ever be on this site. Which is amazing because this site is literally filled with gay shit.

  4. I love the racists in this town that deify this mediocrity. He’s been, at best, an average fielder. At worst, a liability. Yay! Chasey Baseball!

    1. Oh, you mean when he went straight up Chase Knoblauch in the 09 playoffs? No one seems to remember that.

        1. Of course you do. Yet you people obsess over the 3 times J Roll didn’t sprint to first on a ground ball. Hmmmmmm. Wonder why???

          1. The 3 times J Roll didn’t sprint??? That’s being generous, Jimmy does that 3 times a season. I think most people’s gripe with Rollins is that he really never tailored his game to the player he should’ve been. Never became a good lead off hitter. Never worked counts, never walked, was always swinging for the fences. Jimmy probably should be closer to a career .290 hitter. I think most people embrace Utley because of the work ethic. He works hard, watches film, and steps to the plate with an approach. He has an idea of what he wants to do and he knows how the pitcher has pitched him in the past. Why Utley’s teammates, mainly Rollins & Howard, never adopted this type of work ethic is beyond me. Utley isn’t going to carry a team nor should he be expected to but if there is one player on the Phillies I want young players coming up modeling their game after it’s pretty much a no brainer.

    2. He’s the 3rd best 2nd baseman in the game right now douchenozzle. He is well above average, so before you spew more nonsense learn a thing or two about the subject you’re talking about, mmmkay…

      Jimmy is the 5th best SS in the game too btw.

  5. If anyone tries to trade me I will sic by rescue Pitbull on them and he will rip their throat out.

  6. I love Chase but all of utleys homers that WS were insignificant! None against CC and Burnett!

    1. Not sure if this is trolling, but just so everyone else is aware Utley hit 3 homers off CC Sabathia and one off Burnett. The other was off Phil Coke.

  7. MISSYMIKEY loves Chase and has been fawning over him for a week. He was talking about his body and his hair and what it would be like to do him AND Lebron at the same time. Never knew he rolled ghey like that but I guess his lisp and makeup kinda gives it away. Whatever floats your sperm boat Mikey. Can you do some more Patrick Swayze trivia Girlie

  8. My fake tits know more about sports that he does. He only talks about stooopid crap like if he is peeing in a mens room and he gets embarrassed because he is so tiny. He only has problems with guys that are hot like Chase & Riley Cooper ( my faves ). WHY would he have a problem if a guy is sexy. He doesnt really say anything about sports, just plays strange trivia games. I have to go and blow Hurricane Schwartz. MWAH

  9. Of course you think Rollins is closer to the door than Utley, Jim. You racist SOB. Anyone who says Utley is better than Rollins is racist. Also if you think Peyton Manning is a better quarterback than Mike Vick, you’re racist. Oh also Ryan Howard is better than Babe Ruth and Ted Williams put together. The greatest baseball players of all time are Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Reggie Jackson, Bob Gibson and Jackie Robinson. Lou Gehrig and Mickey Mantle are also very overrated.

    1. I think this actually is the real Marcus Hayes, quick Kyle check the IP address

  10. Realist is a douche.

    Jimmy’s act of trotting down the line and hitting fly balls got really stale after 2006. Don’t act like it’s this new found revelation and white people are victimizing him for his lack of hustle. Jimmy’s a great player, but it honestly all depends on which Jimmy shows up to play that day.

    Chase has been a top 5 2nd baseman in baseball many of the last 10 years and is probably the hardest baserunner this town has seen in years. The guy gets hit by more pitches per year than almost anyone, and doesn’t bitch or whine about it. He doesn’t try to put on a show or act out when anything good or bad happens, he just acts like a professional on the field. “World Fucking Champions” was the icing on the cake because he said exactly what most of us were saying after they won the World Series.

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