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Now that Claude Giroux got all of his public butt-grabbing out of the way, he’s got himself a nice big place to do all of the private butt-grabbing he wants. According to Philadelphia Business Journal, “Claude Giroux, captain of the Philadelphia Flyers, paid roughly $2.2 million for a unit on the 29th floor of Ten Rittenhouse Square at 130 S. 18th St., according to Philadelphia property records.” That unit on the 29th floor may be the one listed above, unit 2901, which is a penthouse (other sites list the sale price of that unit as closer to $2.2 than the image above). The floorplan for 2901 is below:

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 12.37.02 PM

G’s new place is a quick jaunt across the park from current (and likely future) Phillies Jonathan Papelbon, Cliff Lee, and Ryan Howard in 1706 Rittenhouse. But Ten Rittenhouse has its own cadre of powerful people, including Comcast’s Brian Roberts and Eric Foss, CEO of Aramark Corp (putting three of the most powerful people in the Comcast-Spectacor universe in the same building). Maybe next time, Berube can just give his cable box to Giroux, who can then just drop it at Roberts’ place.

If you want to live in a unit just one floor above Giroux, that can be arranged for just over $2.6 million. And if you were, like Foss, getting a bunch of money from all those $11 beers at the Wells Fargo and CBP, that wouldn’t be an issue for you either.