I Can’t Take the Trivago Guy Anymore

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This has been bothering me for some time, but it seems like the Trivago commercial has seen more and more airtime lately, and I just can’t hold it in anymore. I mean, look, I totally get that the rugged everyman is a thing right now. Mike Rowe has made a second career out of being slightly-undressed and looking approachable and non-threatening as Ford’s spokesman. Toyota’s got their woman-nextdoor doing commercials while pregnant. Brett Favre is just like you(!) in his Wrangler jeans. Jason Kelce walks this Earth. Not standing out is the new standing out. But in a conference room at Trivago’s headquarters, something went very, very wrong.

CMO: Hey, I know! Let’s get someone that you’d go on vacation with.

marketing exec 1: He should look relaxed.

marketing exec 2: And like a dad.

marketing exec 1: But it’s the end of the vacation and he’s tired…

marketing exec 2: … from keeping an eye on his three children!

marketing exec 1: He’s out of clothes (because he didn’t pack enough, obvi!), so he’s re-wearing those weirdly-too-hipster jeans he bought from Frank & Oak…

marketing exec 2: … with that Old Navy shirt he wears while paying bills!

marketing exec 1: But it’s unbuttoned because he’s been trying to sex things up for his wife.

marketing exec 2: Who doesn’t consider Disney World with three kids the second honeymoon he’s been promising her.

marketing exec 1: Has he shaved?

marketing exec 2: Not in three days.

marketing exec 1: Four.

marketing exec 2: But this is turning his wife off more.

marketing exec 1: Totally.

marketing exec 2: And now he’s just about had it since a blow job is nothing more than a faint concept at this point in his life.


marketing exec 2: Of course, he’s lowered his voice an octave to sound sexy.

marketing exec 1: But it doesn’t work and comes across as creepy. Almost rapey.

marketing exec 2: And he reaches his boiling point.

marketing exec 1: Crying baby.

marketing exec 2: I don’t know what happens next, but eventually a body is found and there’s crime tape at the hotel…

marketing exec 1: … more children crying…

marketing exec 2: … and the police just want to ask him some questions because he was caught on a security camera getting into the elevator with the victim and that was the last she was seen alive and the next morning a small child with mouse ears discovers her body when he chases a lizard into the garden and now he’s scarred for life!!!

marketing exec 1: HOTEL?

marketing exec 2: TRIVAGO!!!!!!

CMO: I can live with that. Who do you have in mind?

marketing exec 1: Tim Williams. He played a doctor in Valkyrie:

Voila_Capture 2014-07-25_11-00-03_AM

I get irrationally angry every time Tim struts across my screen in his tucked-in shirt, belt-less pants, and MURDERER BOOTS. Why in the world would you have a disheveled pitchman who looks like Jamie Moyer after a three-day bender? There’s just no way he’s helping the company’s image. In fact – and this is not a doctored image – this is what Google autocompletes for Trivago guy:

Voila_Capture 2014-07-24_03-25-06_PM

When the top keywords for your pitchman are creepy and homeless, you have a problem.

In my research, I was delighted to learn that I wasn’t the only one who thought this about Mr. Williams. And the evidence goes well beyond a quick Google search. There’s a fake Twitter account (@TrivagoGuy):

Voila_Capture 2014-07-25_11-17-35_AM

Follow that account. Now.

There’s a mommy blog that refers to him as “the kind of dude you want to keep your daughter far away from.” Mommy also asks: “What middle-aged guy has a 20′ waistline? And why is his torso so long? I don’t get it.”

But the best part may be that Williams’ unkempt appearance has worked on the ladies. He’s a musician, lives in Germany, and posts selfies on his Facebook page. Selfies like this:

Voila_Capture 2014-07-25_11-34-42_AM


Voila_Capture 2014-07-25_11-37-12_AM

And all of these:

Voila_Capture 2014-07-25_11-35-39_AM Voila_Capture 2014-07-25_11-35-50_AM Voila_Capture 2014-07-25_11-36-13_AM Voila_Capture 2014-07-25_11-36-26_AM Voila_Capture 2014-07-25_11-37-25_AM Voila_Capture 2014-07-25_11-37-34_AM Voila_Capture 2014-07-25_11-38-12_AM

They seem to be working, too. These are real comments from actual women:

Tim, you’ve done your job well, even have we seniors hitting the DVR to save your commercial!! Well, me anyway. Some of those silly girls and jealous guys are hysterical for not understanding that you are the sexiest man!!! You do remind me of a young Anthony Bourdain. (another rascal!) Best of luck to you.

My husband has been teasing me….he said, “you have a crush on the Trivago guy”. I said, “yeah, so what?!?”…lol


Just saw trivago bloopers…..tooo funny! Your wife/girlfriend must laugh a lot at home…

Tim – I like your commercial. You look so cute when you finish talking, smile and strut off

Lovin it… always watch your commercial! Its hard to remember the add, because I cant take my eyes off of y ou!

I don’t care what anyone says you’re HOT HOT HOT !!!!

The joke’s on us.

Hotel? Trivago.

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73 Responses

    1. i wouldn’t stand next to this guy no matter how many showers he took. i haven’t seen the commercial with him in the shower and i hope i never see it!

  1. The Google search should be “Trivago Gay…’ Then this post would show up.

    What the fuck.

    1. Of the National Rapist/Wife-Beater/Dog-Torturer/Double-Murderer Hand-Egg League? I thought I heard something about that…

    2. Why the fuck would this site cover the start of football season when there’s hilarious posts about the Trivago guy to be shared?

      1. dont know about others, but im am so sick of looking at him on those commercials three and four times an hour that i immediately change the channel when he comes on

    3. And don’t forget, it’s Friday and time for everybody’s favorite segment… “Movie reviews!!!” Today, I hope they review Rocky VI. It looked like a piece of shit when it came out 10 years ago but now Kyle can let me know for sure.

    4. Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually one of the few that still like this site, but all Kyle does is complain about no good sports stories/topics going on in the city now. So finally football season starts, and we get fucking posts about Trivago and Korean baseball robot fans. Fucking stupid.

      1. Did I miss something? Did “the day dudes show up to do token interviews” become “first day of football season?” I don’t need film from everyone walking into the Novacare complex and saying inane clichés about “taking it one day at a time” or “the road to the Super Bowl starts here.”

        This isn’t like spring training, which is more about getting out of winter than anything. Kyle’s gonna have plenty of time to tell us how much he would go gay for Jason Kelce or Evan Mathis… this does not need to start today.

  2. Ummm, I’d fuck him silly. But not before i drugged the hell out of him so I could shave off his stupid facial hair after going nighty night. The brim is a bad look, it really says, “Hey I’m a total fucking tool and I’m an idiot to boot.” Just look at Jason Peters mugshot.

      1. Oh man. He makes me sick up in my mouth. Who the hell told him to dance?? He can’t dance!! I dvr everything so I can’t see or hear him anymore. I’ve deleted my app for Travelocity’s site.

  3. Hey Kyle, just a friendly head’s up that you aren’t required to post every stupid thing that comes into your stupid, oddly shaped pinhead.

  4. Marketing Exec 3: “Should he be wearing a belt, ya know like every male should always do with pant with loops?”
    Marketing Exec 1: “Nah, he left in in the room while sneaking out, so as to not disturb his barely sleeping- soon to be ex-wife.”

  5. I actually enjoyed this post because I think the same thing everytime this creepy asshole shows up on my tv.

    1. Me, too-he is a total scuzz bucket with less than zero sex appeal. Yuck! Trivago needs to rethink its marketing strategy–it may get a lot of attention, but I suspect it works against Trivago. I am a woman, but when Iook at him all I see is BO, lice (and who knows what other undesirable contagions), and a baseless inflated ego. Dump this dude, Trivago, and do your company a favor!

      1. he gives me the creeps reminds me of my gym teacher who liked to watch us get undress for a shower

  6. Agree with all comments, but no one mentioned his apparent inability to pronounce Trivago….Chreevago, Shreevago, Chrvago, and so on. He’s obviously on something or half snapped. He even slurs words and talks out one side of his mouth. It’s really appalling that a company would use this guy as a pitchman. Certainly lacks attention to detail. I’ll stick with Hotwire.

    1. Bingo! I agree with a lot of the comments about this guy’s appearance, but what really gets me is his speech. And God knows the Trivago ads are on tv often enough to analyze every painful detail.

  7. Omg I’m crying of laughter ! Me and bf have been watching abc spark , yes you can laugh but that commercial is on every break sometimes twice !! Why a pre teen station feels the need to use this as an advertisement I do not know but me and bf decided to go on a google hunt and everything you said made us die because we were thinking the exact same things ! Lmao love it !!!

  8. This guy is not real, He is so LA I cant’ stand it. Get a belt and a hair cut. Come on
    Ad people need to come into the real world for a min. See what the rest of the world is doing.

  9. In addition to all of this, he suddenly acquires an accent during the phrase, “and with 2 clicks,” WTF is that about? He’s dirty and skeezy, and has a strangely long torso that the are highlighting by tucking his shirt into his jeans. I’m glad I’m not the only one bothered by him.

  10. I think he’s hot! better than some of the pitchmen who scream at us at the top of their lungs. I’d marry him in a minute, now that it is legal to do so in PA!

  11. you must have a love-hate relationship with yourself… if you don’t like the commercials… press the mute button… it’s sad you feel like you have to hate on/grab some handfuls off of someone else’s plate just to eat… it’s also hard to believe that you don’t know that he doesn’t choose his outfit or his look for those spots… and this is on a sports blog? what? no one follows you on Facebook?

  12. I’ve absolutely love finding stuff like this on the web, don’t care what site it’s on, its just plain awesome and hilarious. Keep up the good work and don’t let haters bring ya down. P.S. I laughed for at least 10 minutes.

  13. OMG!! My husband sent me this in my inbox msg on FB because EVERY time I see a Trivago commercial i cringe! He looks so dishevelled. This article kills me! At least I know we’re not the only ones who don’t get it. lol

  14. I too am totally mind F#d by this nimrod who invades my bedroom nightly. They play the commercial incessantly – and it’s so long and demeaning, as if the viewers do not know how to to “click search.” I think he should be brought to justice!

    1. I work retail and this is spot on! People are fucxing stupid… So yes, him telling the sheeple to (click search) is just validating the fact.

  15. I’ve formally complained to Trivago. Get a haircut, IRON your shirt, get a belt, pull up your pants, bathe just once, if that was a woman it wouldn’t be acceptable. What is with Canadian slob looking people in their ads. There was a bank commercial with a guy with greasy hair too.

  16. Not that it means much, but my dad was an award winning commercial creative director and I’ve worked with some of the most prestigious Ad Agencies in NYC. My immediate thought when watching this commercial is that this actor is badly dressed ( the colors are drab and disheveled), and he’s not even wearing a belt – something so obvious for someone with a long waist. It’s really poorly cast or poorly art directed and it makes me feel as though it’s a cheap website with a small advertising budget…which makes me not take their sales pitch seriously. I book hotels and international itineraries for a medium sized company and would never consider Trivago even based on their ads. And the name isn’t that great, either. It’s difficult to remember unless you have a photographic memory.

  17. Can’t stand him; every time the damn commercial comes on I cringe. Got so bad that I had to google the Trivago Guy , and sure enough he creeps most people out, so it’s not just me. Aside from his weird looks and stupid clothing, there is something in his attitude that is a major turn off. Smarmy. Repellent. Not someone I would feel comfortable riding an elevator with. Eeew, Eeeww, EEEeww!! I might need to complain directly to Trivago. How dare they keep that damn commercial on the air, when it grosses so many people out to the core???

  18. You seriously have this much time on your hands?

    Guy seems like a nice guy, you on the other hand, seem like a baby.

  19. Lol, this is such a trivial thing to complain about. He looks just like any other random white guy. The amount of anger/hatred/irritation people seem to have towards him is hilarious.

    1. The amount of anger/hatred/irritation people have towards this random “WHITE GUY.”

      There’s your answer. Throw in middle-aged and (ostensibly) heterosexual and it’s a hat trick.

      You’re welcome.

  20. hahahaha hjhahahahaha hahahaha hahahahaha I’m not a teenage girl but I can honestly say I rotllmao hahahahahaa hahahahahaha hahahaha the google suggest pic was hillarious I never thought of homeless before hahahahaah hahahaha


  21. He looks like my asshole musician neighbor.
    Another nutbar who thinks he’s god’s gift to humanity.
    These guys are so full of themselves.
    Maybe if they actually contributed to society instead of being role models for drugs, booze and bad behavior.
    We have lowered our standards to accept a new class……. The low class!

    They have no values and care even less about you and your rights.
    It’s the “me” generation and to hell with you!

  22. I think the problem is that the guy is just too unambiguously male (read: not metrosexual or a complete flaming homo). If he was one of the above, or both, you haters would have zero issue with the guy. Period.

  23. I m laughing hard, lol, the real question though, is the hate working as marketing, meaning are people hating to the point of getting curious and checking the site trivago to search hotel rooms ? not for me though, i tried it once and didn’t get comfortable using it, went back to expedia… oh wait , i know their plan, make us hate it so much, than they will put a good looking men or woman and replace it, so we start a business relation with them.

  24. Maybe they can get someone that the uptight panties, guys and gals crowd can ride in an elevator with and feel more comfortable amongst like Willam Defoe, Christopher Walkin, Steven Tyler, Marylin Mansion, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, David Bowie, Elton John, Lady Gaga, or Bill Clinton whom people might pay to see. Or better yet, rasta man with unwashed dread locks, and shades covering his bloodshot eyes.

  25. I am SO sick of the Trivago guy and Trivago in general that I could puke. I mute my tv everytime I hear his voice and will never use Trvago. Besides the fact that Trivago is owned by Expedia and Expedia owns all the sites except those owned by Priceline, the BEST way to get a reasonable hotel rate is to call the hotel directly. Trivago, Expedis, etc. make as much as 30% to 40% of the room rate that you are paying. Call the hotel, ask for a deal, and don’t take NO for an answer. You’ll get it eventually.

    1. i agree with you totally. i too am so sick of him and now to make it worse they have him dancing around, which only proves some people will do anything for the almighty dollars. i guess this guy has no pride in himself or he wouldn’t act the fool for millions of people to see.

  26. I change the channel when the trivago guy is on ! Even his lisppy voice turns my stomach! I mean he looks like some homeless guy they paid to do the ad with a soup kitchen pass! Trivago wake up!

  27. The first 4 or 5 times he showed up on my tv, I fully expected he was hawking viagra or cialis and I muted the tele. On the 6th viewing or so, I noticed the word “trivago” behind him and instantly thought of Dr. Zhivago and wondered what in the world this guy with a 24-inch waist and 25 O’clock shadow could possibly have in common with the great Omar Sharif. I regret un-muting the tv to find out. Creepy.

  28. I am late to this thread but LMFAO. He irritates me to no end so today (I clearly have too much time on my hands) I went Googling and was astounded by not only the autocomplete but the sheer volume of hysterical posts written about him.
    Some real gold in these comments ~ I cannot stop laughing at some of your summations of Trivago Guy.
    p.s. about two weeks ago, I saw a new Trivago commercial featuring Trivago Guy showering in a hotel bathroom. Damn near puked at the thought of him lathering up in front of our eyes (although it was good to see him get acquainted with hygiene). Haven’t seen it since thankfully, just the once.

  29. Really funny, maybe a bit cheesey I’ll admit, but those “awkward moments” by Tim on the Trivago commercial did make me laugh & laugh. Didn’t imply I identified with him though, . . . . well.

  30. ENOUGH of that unbelievably sickening dumpster diver dude in your commercials. Every time I see your ad, I automatically lunge for the remote. I swear, just the sight of that revolting little creep makes me itch. I will NEVER use trivago as long as that thing is your spokesman.

  31. He triggers the “Keep that pedophile away from the kids” reaction in a lot of people. Something skeezy (pedo, rapist, flasher, criminal) vibe from him. But trivago knows it and cashes in on it b/c he’s memorable. What I remember is NOT to use the service the creepy guy promotes. that’s why “Trivago Creepy guy”, “Trivago rapist”, “Trivago Pedophile” all get high searches.

    Switch the channel right then when he is on.
    Hit the pocket of the TV station.

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