Joel Embiid Moves on to Rihanna, Continues to be Great at Twitter

Joel Embiid tweeted today, shifting his focus from Kim Kardashian to Rihanna — good move Joel —  and then he reported on his own tweets. Embiid continues to be great at twitter, and that’s really going to come in handy when he’s not playing basketball.


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  1. You clearly cared enough to look at the story fuckhead. Get some positivity in your life you fucking negative piece of shit.

    1. I didn’t look at the story. I saw the headline because…… pops up when you open the blog.

      Still don’t care about it. Plenty of positivity in my life. Hope you do too.

  2. Barkass posed this question for tonight’s Pick and Click poll. It was a spirited debate between Marcus Hayes and John Smallwood. Sixty thousand votes came from one bot program and Lee won 99% to 1%. Another awesome show by Barkass and his producer.

    Who farted better, Papelbon or Lee

  3. You do realize that it’s only a matter of time before it mistweets and he blows up on him.

  4. I love these Embiid tweets. Does anyone else get the impression that he is very intelligent? If he gets healthy, I think we may have the next Olajuwon.

    1. There is part of the fear I have: the Sixers now have a couple players known for social media presence (Bynum last year with people doing selfies with him and this year Embiid tweeting).

      I don’t know, but I’d like the Sixers to have some players known more for…I don’t know, playing some fucking basketball?

  5. Does anyone else get the impression this is a slow sports news day? Who gives a flying Nun who this twat is tweeting. Carry on, bitches!

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