Jonathan Papelbon Wants Out of This Hellstew

Photo: MLB Fan Cave
Photo: MLB Fan Cave

After closing out the Brewers for, inexplicably, the Phillies’ third straight win, Jonathan Papelbon spoke with reporters and did the only thing he does better than closing– opened his big, fat trap.

From CSN Philly:

He was asked if he hoped his strong performance would make him wanted by a contender.

“Of course, man,” he said. “What kind of question is that?”

Papelbon was incredulous that a player would not want to move from a losing team to a contending team.

“What?” he said.

“Some guys want to stay on a losing team?” he said.

“That’s mind-boggling to me,” he said.

So if a contender called, you’re ready to go?

“Yeah,” Papelbon said with an are-you-kidding-me laugh. “I think that’s a no-brainer.”

Papelbon was asked if he believed a contender would come knocking?

“I don’t know,” he said.



But Papelbon said he doesn’t have a gut feeling whether or not he will be traded before the deadline, although the Phillies have been motivated to move him. They tried to trade him before last year’s Trade Deadline and again this offseason.

“I don’t have that crystal eight-ball,” he said.

Few of us do have a crystal eight-ball.

Here’s the thing: Paps is a d-bag, and he should probably just shut his mouth, but I can’t blame him even a little bit. He’s having maybe his beat season ever, and, at 33, why would he want to waste the last of his effectiveness on this tire fire? Not only are the Phillies not competitive this year, but they have little chance of being competitive before his career is over. Say what you want about him – and we have – but he genuinely seems like he wants to win and is bothered by losing, more-so than some. Everyone in the clubhouse has got to be thinking the same thing – get me ouuuuut of here – so it’s not as if Paps stating what’s likely talked about on planes, trains and automobiles is offensive to his teammates. These guys are playing for a certifiable moron (Amaro) who, at this point, is akin to a small child who knocked over his alphabet-block tower and, in the absence of forethought, is tossing the wooden pieces around the room in a haphazard manner that teeters on the edge between petulance and tantrum. You can understand why someone would want to get away from that sort of thing.


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  1. he’s maybe having his best season ever? That’s a bit of hyperbole there my man. He’s had way LESS opportunites to save games, but yes the ones he has had he’s done real well. But I’m sure he’s done better than this over the same time period when he was in Boston, no?

    1. He’s got 22 saves before the all-star break and his career high is 41 and not to mention his 1.24 ERA is his best since 2006 (0.92) so believe it or not, yeah, he actually is having one of his best seasons ever. I’m quite surprised myself but the numbers don’t lie.

      1. Any contending team that needs a closer (hello, Angels!) would be insane not to at least try to make a deal for him right now. This is easily the best he has pitched in years.

      2. Actually, the numbers do lie. Well, the traditional numbers you’re looking at anyway. Some stats say Papelbon has been extremely lucky. Which I would say is a more accurate description of 2014 for him. His HR to flyball ratio is 0% which is extremely luck oriented. He’s always been 6-12%. His batted ball in play pct is ridiculously low as well (.229) saying, again he’s getting lucky here too. Batters have little control of where the ball is hit to, so to say this low pct is due to his ability would be faulty logic. Compiling the more traditional stats to judge the quality of pitching is kind of like judging a book by it’s cover. Traditional baseball stats include luck in the “quality” equation. When you break down why his numbers are where they are this season he is worth 1 win above a replacement level RP. Not worth the money. I’d trade him now before his numbers level out. He and his reduced velo should be let go before nobody wants to touch him with a 10 foot pole and he more resembles Heath Bell or Chad Qualls. It’s coming, it’s coming soon. As a Phan, you need to hope so.

        1. Wow, Mom, you would trade him now before his stats “level out”? What an idiotic statement. Please be on the same bus out of town that Ruben is on. I’m sure you two will love each other.

          1. If RAJ analyzed advanced stats half as much as the post you’re replying to, the Phillies wouldn’t have fallen as quickly as they did under his tenure. The Phillies’ FO needs minds that think that way.

          2. Yes “level out”. Meaning regress back to where they belong judging by his career, dropping velocity, and peripheral statistics which say he’s been so lucky he needs to just go play the lottery.

          3. The only stat I care about in deciding if/when Paps is traded is the 100mph Giles is putting up. Without a young closer with some raw talent like Giles, I want Paps to stay. He’s helping Phils win games. I don’t care what $ he makes (not mine) or anything else. And, please, enough with the sabermetrics BS. Paps is having a really good year because he’s been lucky? He’s pitching in front of a terrible defense and he’s still getting the job done. We can get something for him and it looks like we have his replacement. The second part of that is the only reason I’m OK with moving him. Rollins? Utley? Please tell me who is going to play SS and 2B if they’re gone.

          4. Bob, when you read the news and it says that” it rained yesterday” because it did. Do you also say this is BS too? “advanced stats” really just mean “history”. Don’t you understand that keeping guys past their prime while paying them more than anyone in the game actually hurts your team in many ways? You ARE a Phills fan right? You ARE seeing this before your very eyes. The Phillies will need to cover most of his salary if they want anybody decent in return for a trade. That’s how valuable he is right now, and if he regresses before he’s traded, forget it nobody will want him. As far as Jimmy and Utley are concerned, i love them, they’re good. Papelbon is good too, (just not as good as some of his stats say) But If they can’t even play .500 ball in one of the weakest leagues in the game they have to go to help restock some young talent for the future.

          5. Mom, I’m sorry, but it isn’t as simple as that. From a marketing standpoint you can’t let homegrown guys like that walk if you have nothing in the farm system pipeline to take their place. The Cardinals can let guys like Albert Pujolz walk because they have a solid farm system, have had one for a long time, and put winning teams on the field every year as a result. The Phils don’t have that and didn’t when those contract extensions were done. Please tell me who from Phils system would be playing 1B now if Howard isn’t there. Yes, Phils would have more $ (why do you care?), but you’d still have Rube in charge of replacing Howard. How do you think that would have worked out?

        2. THIS. Get him out of here while his value is high and before the regression back to his average numbers.

          It’s smoke and mirrors…the guy is not going to sustain these numbers or even close to them.

        3. Regardless of the reason, results account for maybe his best season ever thus far. But if you want to do numbers, his WHIP, which is still widely useful, is 0.85, which would be his best since 2007, his WAR, at least as calculated by Baseball Reference, is 2.1. At the end of the day, his job is to close games, and he’s done so 22 times for a terrible team in half of a season. And he’s clearly lost some velocity on his fastball and is pitching more to – weak – contact. He used to be a strikeout pitcher and was less concerned with a fastball left up that went over the monster. No doubt there’s been some luck, and I agree that the Phillies should sell high, but he’s a different pitcher today than he was two years ago, so the dip in babip and home run rate is at least partly a result of him changing his approach a little bit.

          1. Or luck. ;>) He’s not a bad pitcher by any means. He’s just not the best closer in the game like he’s paid to be. That’s all I’m saying. The Phillies need to cut the guy loose for whatever they can pull off. Try using fangraphs over BR BTW. As they include 4 different calculations for WAR which include slightly different measures. Just for info anyway as no stat tells everything.

            WHIP includes luck as well Son, it is a traditional stat just as much as ERA is. It also includes the luck I brought up above. HIS WHIP IS THE BEST since 2007 BECAUSE of the FB to HR PCT anomoly as well as his low babip %. It is directly related just like era. Son, please, listen to your mother.

          2. Again, why do you care how much $ he makes? What if his contract was for less $ and he wasn’t ‘paid like he’s the best’. How would that factor into any decision now to keep or trade him?

          3. Because he IS going to decline rather quickly. That’s why. Spend the money elsewhere, on go OF’s maybe? Look at the shit we trot out to the OF every single night. The only one any good is Byrd. Revere is OK, but I can toss a bowling ball further than he can throw a baseball, and Brown is just terrible in most ways possible. Tell me the Phills couldn’t use that money Paps got to better use.

  2. I’m not going to knock the only guy on the team (or organization) who has not accepted losing.
    He hates to lose.
    What Phillie has played better since he’s been here?

    And don’t look at last year’s 7 blown saves – at least 4 of them were defense related, errors, passed balls, bad plays that should have been errors.

    If this team had more guys with his sack, they might actually be contending.

    Keep in mind that turd on first base makes double and then some was this d-bag makes.

    1. ^Well Said! never understood the paps hate, does he do some stupid shit? yeah… having someone around who tells it straight, no chaser, is refreshing.

  3. Has anyone seen Sean Brace play Softball? Please check it out – It like watching Steven Hawkins having a catch with Christopher Reeves. I’m serious, it’s pathetic.

    But he sure looks good with shiny leather cleats and his straight brim hat. Dude, needs to grow up and realize he is old. He should stop shoving mozzarella stick in his face and get figure out he is a joke.

    What a Toad.

    1. Forget softball, have you ever heard him try and talk about sports on the radio? It’s like listening to a high school version of Eminem with the sports knowledge of my wife, what a disaster.

  4. I don’t think Papelbon is having his beat season ever. perhaps his best.

    You have an employee now. Have him do a proof read. Otherwise, its hypocritical to go after the Inquirer/DN/

    1. Perhaps because they are your/our team? Because fair-weather-fans suck, and die-hards are what Philly’s about. Because you just don’t give up on someone or something because they aren’t doing well right now.

      “Hey, sweetie.. I know we’ve been raising this kid for years now, but he’s starting to get bad grades and isn’t doing well right now”… “what’s that? Throw him in the river and adopt a new one? Sounds fantastic! I’m such a great dad and no one can tell me different”

      #BitchAssBandWagonJumpers #SissyCryBabies #Waaahhhhh

      1. you’re comparing watching games to being a parent. one is the most important thing a human being can ever do and the other is just a way of not having to deal with your sad life.

    2. You’re probably some d-bag who tooled around CPB in one of those ILL shirts and foolishly got the Phillies logo tattooed on his body because you’re a “fucking diehard, bro!”– forgetting that they have sucked for most of their existence.

  5. “These guys are playing for a certifiable moron (Amaro) who, at this point, is akin to a small child who knocked over his alphabet-block tower and, in the absence of forethought, is tossing the wooden pieces around the room in a haphazard manner that teeters on the edge between petulance and tantrum.”

    You’re actually a worse writer than Jim.


    1. Just because you can’t understand a word longer than six letters doesn’t mean it was a bad sentence.

      1. Dear Kyle,

        I know you think you’re so much smarter than everyone, but that’s still a sentence that reads terribly. It’s not because of the word choice. It’s because you have appositive stacked on top of clauses on top of modifiers. For the love of Christ, split that nonsense up into two sentences. You and Jim need to scale back on the commas big time.

        Your Editor

  6. It’s a shame that Utley and Hamel’s are the only ones that are going to be stuck on this pathetic team. My illegitimate step great great grandson Ryan will be the first to go.

    1. Wait where is Ryan Howard going? Do you seriously think someone will trade for him and his albatross of a contract? Howard isn’t going anywhere except laughing his ass off everytime he goes to the bank.

      Blow it up, but start it off with Rube so he can’t oversee the actual trades.

  7. @Bob

    “And, please, enough with the sabermetrics BS”

    I’m totally with you there, man. Fuckin nerds. I don’t pay one bit of attention to SABR, and look at where that’s gotten me. I’ve been immensely successful in my tenure as GM here and I’ve definitely drafted and acquired a ton of great prospects 🙂

    1. Call me when Billy Ball has actually won a World Series title. Oh wait, they haven’t made that movie yet you say? Rube’s biggest failure as GM (and why he should be fired) has been the farm system/draft. You have to have young home-grown GOOD talent to support aging players you would like to keep or to replace the aging players you don’t want to keep (or the ones your sabremetrics tell you to dump). It really isn’t that hard to see. Open a Dictionary and go to “St. Louis Cardinals” for an example of how it is done. Over and over again.

      1. Please see St. Louis Cards. Read about John Mozeliak (Their effing GM) and his use of stats. Just because the movie is about the A’s doesn’t mean they are the only team employing advanced stats for creating their rosters. LMAO, talk about open mouth insert foot. The Cards are very deep in Sabermetrics, up to their eyeballs. Too funny, your example of the Cards, lol!

        1. Again, the stats are meaningless without the farm system to back the Cards up. What Phillie has come from farm system since Hamels, Rollins, Utley, and Howard that is worth a damn. The difference between the A’s (no titles) and the Cards (lots of titles) is their farm systems.

          1. They use advanced stats for building their farm systems Bob. They both do. There is a big advantage to the Cards because they have much deeper pockets. They are also more willing to spend more money on good FA’s for the same reason. MLB teams are not operating on the same playing field and some teams can use the advantages of stats more usefully. The A’s are on a shoestring budget which really hinders them. The fact that the Phillies farm system pumped out little to no talent since Hamels, Rollins, Utley, and Howard just bolsters my point.

            To ignore any of the tools available to you for building a winning team just because you don’t fully understand them is just plain ignorant. I think it’s a GM’s job to use every tool at their disposal to build a team and if they don’t you need a new man for the job.

          2. Mom, we both agree on Rube needing to go and Phils need to start over. I’m just not willing to part with players I have an World Series honed attachment to until a new GM is in place and I start reading good things about the prospects in Phils farm system from people who do that for a living. I’m resigned to the fact that it is going to take a while to get there. The last thing I want is a new GM who is going to ‘wheel and deal’ just for the sake of change. Thanks for the lively discussion today. Your loving son.

          3. You’re welcome son. The feeling is mutual. I always enjoy a good hearty discussion.

          4. Speaking of hearty, can you bring some food down to the basement? I’m hungry! Ok, pass that bong boys!

      2. Dear Bob,

        The Red Sox rely heavily on sabremetrics and even have SABR pioneer Bill James as an advisor. I’d say they’ve done fairly well in terms of winning World Series recently, no?

        Love ,

  8. Nice way to take his words out of context. His real response was on the order of “Yes and no.” He explained that he liked how the bullpen was really coming together, and that it was going to be very good and he would hate to miss that. But the chance to contend for a ring at this point in his career is something he would not pass up. In other words, he was slamming what Rubes has assembled for everyday players. But of course, a reasonable answer like that doesn’t generate clicks, does it, d-bags?

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